US Veterans of Pohnpei, FSM's letter to Trump

U.S Veterans of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941

President Elect Donald Trump
New York

Dear Mr. Trump

We were delighted to hear of your victory!

We read and hear about your promise to help veterans and we are elated. Although most of us are not US citizens, we served proudly alongside our American brothers and sisters in arms, a privilege given under the special Compact between our countries- with a common cause, to protect our beloved America and the vast Pacific ocean and the islands we call home.

We kindly ask that you don't forget those amongst our ranks whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives for the love of freedom! We appreciate your level of commitment to veterans across the world and we will stand behind you ready to further protect both our interests in time of peace or conflict -We pledge our further support.

We look forward to a productive cooperation between America and our country, meeting the needs of all veterans. A particular oversight that we’d like to direct your attention to is our un-qualification due to jurisdiction - for housing benefits. We served unquestionably and we believe we deserve unquestionable housing benefits regardless of where we live after we’ve served.

With Best Regards,

Eugene Kohler
U.S Veterans of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia


  • Nice letter. Any planned events for the upcoming summer?
  • sorry what's so sad about nesianlore?
  • Yup. Even US citizen VA get the run around from the govt. There's a negative stigma we all have to go through. I suggest we use the money to get a gun range and drag racing track. Burn some rubber to release stress and perhaps help with team building!
  • Meeting this Saturday at President Eugene Kohler's
  • can't make it. I'll be in Madolenihmw
  • why would Pohnpei veterans forego all protocols and write directly to Trump. The treaties and protocols should always be followed as you were well aware of when you were serving in the military, you had your protocols that you could not go pass. first, get your FSM government on board or write to US Ambassador to be your vessel. who do you think you are to forego all these since you are not even a national association? you only represent PNI, what about the other three States since this is US, it should be country to country.
  • good point @errr. I was hoping to see a VA club, not NGO. Official business between FSM and US gets complicated. The main issue is no publication of anything. FSM citizens start enlisting a long time ago, most are my dad's age. early 60's now. How come this is still a confusing? Just curious. Not trying to discourage anyone. I agree with the local group.
  • May be a local chapter like the Hell's Angels.
  • lol... hey wait a minute... The roads have too many potholes and the island is too small for a nice road trip. Been to the Elko Motorcycle Jamboree a few times. It's not a bad idea.
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