Hawaii volcanic smog blankets Marshall Islands & moving west

Kilauea is the world's most active volcano and one of five on Hawaii's Big Island. (Photo: AFP/Handout)

MAJURO, Marshall Islands: Haze from the Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii blanketed the Marshall Islands 3,700km away on Sunday (May 27), as officials warned it would continue moving west.

The haze, a phenomenon known as "vog" or volcanic smog, "is spreading across Micronesia", the US National Weather Service based in Guam said.

The volcano on Hawaii's Big Island is now in its fourth week of eruptions.

Meteorologists advised residents on the Marshall Islands with respiratory problems to stay indoors while airlines and shipping companies were warned to be aware of "lower visibilities".

The Guam weather office said haze produced by Kilauea would spread farther westward and reach Kosrae, Pohnpei and possibly Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia over the next few days.

Kilauea is the world's most active volcano and one of five on Hawaii's Big Island.

It started erupting on May 3, prompting about 2,000 people to flee from their mountainside homes.

Scientists believe the volcanic activity may be a precursor to a major eruption similar to the one that shook the island in the mid-1920s.

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  • "Local weather observers at both Kwajalein and Majuro have reported haze at the airports today," said the Guam weather office.

    "This haze is expected to spread farther westward and reach Kosrae, Pohnpei and possibly Chuuk (in the Federated States of Micronesia) over the next few days."

  • what has been advised about rainwater which is the only source for us in kosrae for drinking water
  • Could someone upload pictures of the haze in the Marshalls-islands?
  • You still drink rainwater in Kosrae? Here in Yap, we already graduated from rainwater to soft drinks and coconuts.

    Kamagar, Kulo, and Si Yuus Maase!
  • We can't do much of anything besides to endure the event. I don't understand why religion comes into the picture. Giving ''offerings'' won't help. No god is here to stop it.Way before we came along. This has been happening throughout earth's history for millions of years. Least mankind could do is to stop being a#%holes towards this beautiful planet.
  • @visafree/ Climate change for starters,enviornment pollution,human population,resource management issues,animal extinctions caused by us, the list goes on. It's a sad world we're living in.
  • I wonder if heavy rainfall will help in clearing the sky and air of the haze, vog, or whatever the name is.

    Nature, or God, has a way of taking care of the earth with natural phenomena.

    I hope the ash is cleared up soon and that there is very little adverse affect on the environment and the health of the people.I
  • edited June 2018
    You think nature and religion will stop the destruction humanity will bring upon itself. All this shit is caused by human, nothing will stop the great war that will soon to come.
  • This confirms that FSM was also affected immensely by the nuclear tests in the 1950s and on. The normal winds travel west (easterly winds) and the positioning of the Bikini, Ewenetok, etc. are ideal for our fathers/mothers to have been contaminated. I wonder if this contributes to the high cancer rates also. I wonder if our so-called leaders should be conducting studies so the U.S. can also give money for victimization to FSM citizens especially Kosrae, Mokil, Pingelap and Pohnpei. This is worth talking out instead of Reaper contaminating this forum. Red Snapper really needs to get a life and stop feeding the troll.
  • That'll be called piggybacking without no proof.
  • JUnIAIR,

    Please read, "narural" as in natural occurrences. And I agree with you that mankind is mostly responsible for polluting the earth.

    Also, man's destructive behavior came about as a result of sin - disobedience to God 's will.

    But the earth through God's providence can regenerate new life and restore what has been lost to natural disasters.

    But I agree eventually God will cleanse the earth through fire and brimstone.

  • happened back in 90s no body victims until today? far as I know but I maybe wrong? My heart goes out to Hawaii n my home land. BTW, that fire n fury is about to take its place, the world can replenish its self according to some, and people are getting attack for practicing what they believe in, its their own culture, so why not? its their history and their right,

  • @TruthIsThat

    You do know satan has many forms right, how do you know it didn't take on the form of Jesus. How do you know it didn't create the ancient bible manuscript. Is it because you see everyone around you talk and put their belief in the bible that you choose to do the same thing. What if the bible was meant to brainwashed us all from seeing the truth. It's kind of like Kim Jun UN brainwashing his people to believe they have advanced weaponry and that sort.
  • jUnAIR,

    Thank you for the questions. Genuine faith is not based on what you see, touch, smell, head and/or taste.

    The other side of the question is how do know it is not the truth. What evidences do we have, and how certain are we that those so-called evidences are legitimate?

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