Top 10 FATTEST countries in the world


10. United States 31.8%

9. Mexico 32.8%

8. Qatar 33.1%

7. South Africa 33.5%

6. United Arab emirates 33.7%

5. Jordan 34.3%

4. Egypt 34.6%

3. Belize 34.9%

2. Saudi Arabia 35.2%

And the fattest country in the world is (Drum role please)....................................

1. Kuwait 42.8%

The reason for this is.


  • FSM is #10 on the list of nations with the highest percentage of fat people, two places above the U.S. at #12.

    Palau and the RMI rank #3 and #4.

  • Pacific Islanders mainly Natives of Micronesia&Polynesia are the younger sibling next to big sister USA(NPI).We import American based diet.We've changed the the culture of consuming food.We aren't eating the way like our ancestors did.It's mostly American influenced.We islanders didn't purposely carved a different way to eat.Amurica did that for us.Rather "encouraged" It.

    Setting aside us pacific inhabitants geographically.America still hold the world title of being the most obese people on the planet.30% is a lot of numbers we're talking about 160 mill Americans against a merely 800-900k(nearing a mil) overweight islanders.They outnumber us therefore should stay on top.For a foreign tourist to wonder around America that person wouldn't miss a chance to spot a walking blob of jello.I'm surprised this land isn't sinking(it's a joke calm down).Not to sound like an a##.It's all truth.Land of the red white and blue has lost itself.Attempts were and still are being made to stop this pandemic.Yet the index still grows.

    We islanders have programs throughout the pacific that are already in existence.To make the natives aware of the dangerous effect of obesity.In my homeland(RMI) people are shown a much more healthier diet such as fish,fruits,or other source of nutritional necessity.Our ancestors diet.A vital part from the culture.It's been a recent movement.Theres still a lot of holes to fill up.Much more work needed in order for it to be successful paving a path for islanders to take.Years to come hopefully the numbers dwindle.
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    I feel strangely fat :( image
  • @Bull02/ Aren't we all.I feel bad for America really it's just people here seem to not care.We're notorious for being ignorant.
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