where do micronesians & other pacific islanders live/communities in america?

where are the pacific islanders communities in america?? or where there is a large population.??

540,013 alone (.2% of US population) (2010 Census)

i'm from new york.. and i just want to meet people from pacific islands.. that's all..


  • In New York alone may be 5per. Some in Albany, buffalo, ...etc
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  • There are Micronesian communities in Oregon, Washington state, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas and Nevada. The 4 states with the largest micro population are Oregon, Washington and Arkansas and Hawaii.
  • Thanks @Factsmatter. Government officials dont look for people on public forums. They have access to DMV records and can easily get current address from wireless billing.

    Giving out locations here is a violation of privacy and can be prosecute in court. Do not share personal information esp. location and names!
  • NYC

    Believe it or not - Toronto Canada
  • There are Chuukese living on Wake and Palmyra Islands near Hawaii.
  • New chuukese community just moved to fiji
  • We live in Idaho near a potato farm where some of our relatives work. The farm grows about 5% of the french fries that McDonalds sells. I work at Walmart as a shopping cart attendant. Our neighbors are from RMI and they all have better jobs and cars because they're all educated and are members of the Mormon Church.

  • Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas have large number of Micronesian also
  • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next to porn star.
  • Coconut and brother,

    Ochei Fiji and Palmyra. Why pick on Chuuk?
  • Sorry Sinbad I am serious about that achuukese lady married a guy from Fiji they have their own land and some family members just moved there from the mainland
    This Fijian guy is also a prominent chief over there.
  • Fiji is not in America. And that family does not even have any significant figure to call out. smh...
  • One is asking for Micronesians living in America
  • At some point in the past you spoke Chuukese, brother. Could I ask you if you have the Chuukese shit in you? Yes or no, lay off the Chuukese people please. I, for one, don't appreciate it.
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