I am writing this letter as I am concerned with much of the verbatim that you put forth in regards to Micronesian immigrants in Hawaii. I currently live in the public housing on the island of Oahu, and I live next to Micronesian families 'mostly Chuukese families'. I am concerned at how they act and how filthy and dirty they seem to be.

I live next to them, and their staircase is filthy, and every staircase where they live is severely dirty. The uncleanliness of these neighbors is a concern for me which I have brought up with on-site management. I am confident that other Micronesian families are as uncleanly as these families as I have seen them throughout the community.

These families whom I live next too, they litter all the time, and they seem to continually break the rules. Many individuals within the Hawaii community are struggling and living homeless;' many of yours, and my personal friends and family members.' To see an organization such as the Japanese American Citizens League advocating for individuals like the families whom I live next too is an interesting phenomenon for me to ponder.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up much of the filth that these families make I had one of these individuals who is continually aggressive ask my friend if he wanted to engage in a physical fight/altercation. I have had this person ask me on one occasion if I wanted to participate in a physical fight/altercation as well.

I have been threatened by male Chuukese individuals, and it seems if they continually want to intimidate people and come across physically aggressive. These people whom I live next too drink all the time in open view of the public, and they also smoke marijuana in plain sight of an elementary school.

Many Micronesian individuals that I see seem to have no respect, and they are highly discriminate, racist and prejudice in my belief toward sectional Hawaii views, beliefs, customs and mind states.

I believe that the people in power within Hawaii that they need to think up a strategy in how to work with this ever growing population toward helping them to be respected and dignified in their interactions and dealings. I firmly believe that the way that they come across is not of a connection manner and not with a dignified demeanor.

Many of them I strongly believe come across intimidating and in the instance that they will resort to violence. Many seem to be utilizing crystal methamphetamine, and I have seen many of them abuse their wives and family members. I have seen Micronesians fire slingshots at individuals I have seen them assault individuals with weapons and it is scary a lot of the times to live next to them.

In regards to them coming across racist, they seem to think that many residents are weak and they put forth this persona in regards to local people being of softer nature than Micronesian people. I have also been threatened more than once by Chuukese males as well.

I have also spoken with family members of individuals who were severely beaten by many Chuukese males while walking through an elementary school at night who felt like victims and that no one was there to help them to work through their trauma.

I have another friend who was also attacked by many Chuukese males and has permanent injuries. I have seen Micronesians shoot people with flying projectiles, I have seen Micronesians render people unconscious in front of my home and engage in numerous physical altercations.

Something needs to be done to make certain Micronesian individuals act in dignified and respected manners in their encounters and interactions with locally born and raised Hawaii people.


  • Michael,

    I understand your concern and I apologize for that, I sure hope we all could work and live together in harmony and peace as Micronesians...Let's leave aside all our differences and come together to build a better and brighter future for our young one's.
  • I am not Micronesian, nor am I a racist or bigot. Something needs to be done to make valid, certain and sound that your people Micronesians 'espeially Chuukese' though all Micronesians, that they act respected and dignified in every interaction, business transaction and dealing.

    Something needs to be done to get them to stop littering, being filthy, dastard and profane. Local born and raised Hawaii residents would destroy Micronesians in open battle.

    Local born and raised Hawaii residents use utter restraint in interacting, engaging, and intermingiling with Micronesians in our homeland.

    We do not need to help Micronesians, we local Hawaii residents never bombed no one. The United States government bombed Micronesia.

    With no knowledge of the politics involved in the atomic bombings in Micronesia local born and raised Hawaii residents today as I write
    presently, day in and day out have to day deal with the negative, dastard and madness on behalf of Micronesians.

    I believe Micronesians knew back when the bombing was going to occur that their islands were sinking. Something needs to be done to curve Micronessian negative attitudes, sentiments and profane actions and interactions with local born and raised Hawaii residents.

    Many of my friends and collegues believe many Micronesians have no ALOHA and that they 'micronesians' have poor attitudes. Something seriously needs to be done to curve their gangs, dastardness, profane and nasty behaviors immediately.

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    Last time I was in Hawaii all I saw were japanese,Chinese,Koreans and flips who said they were Hawaiian. What you said about Micronesians can also be said about the so called Hawaiian. Sorry bud but Hawaii OCCC is filled with so called Hawaiians.
  • Me I'm a native Hawaiian family from Kohala you should get educated! Was that OCCC you were making reference too, you need to get educated!

    Hawaii's kingdom was illegally overthrown by another government with an illegal invasion into a peaceful nation.

    A nation which wrote its own laws, had its own constitution and everyone in this land 'Hawaii' wrote, spoke and read the native Hawaiian language.

    We are still peaceful with the aggression of foreigners like yourself in Hawaii who line their pockets are filthy, dastard and profane.

    Who believe that they can allow other dirty, foul, dastard people from other lands to be disrespectful and negative like yourself toward locally born people with long histories in Hawaii and also toward native Hawaiians.

    Your writing skill showcases your lack of knowledge and your ignorance toward sensitive issues.
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  • Get educated, live next to Micros than speak on these sensitive issues/topics.
  • Most people in Hawaii and abroad are mixed raced today even 'native Hawaiians' but these people you call 'so called' Hawaiians still have the 'blood' line descentary of the native aboriginal people of the Hawaiian islands.

    They also have the pride, dignity, and aloha of the original inhabitants of the Hawaii islands. You need to acquire some education and you should be respectful of sensitive topics.

    What was done and what continues to be done to what you called 'so called' Hawaiians is out right wrong, profane, dastard as well as horrific!
  • Thank you Michaelthearchangel. I take that as a means to help us correct the filthy mistake we make which makes your people's lives a living nightmare, if that is how you would see it. I am truly sorry.

    One little bit of wisdom, my good friend. Kindly force a smile for just a split of a second and try see what feedback you get. If this will cause you a heart attack, please refrain from it.

    Again, Archangel, I am truly sorry.
  • You are a conquered people dude get over it. In human history and it shows that the weak get conquered by the strong. You guys didn't adapt so you Hawaiians got conquered. And another thing Micronesians&Polynesian share the same ancestral roots. Your so called Hokulea wouldn't be on T.V if it wasn't for a Micronesian who got the Hawaiians to get i touch with their lost heritage and knowledge of Navigation. Educate yourself.
  • You seem uneducated Pawnstar and friends and family members sailed on the Hokuleia and Hawaiian people were never conqured and are not conqured.

    I have a bachelors degree and am a graduate student. You need to be educated Mau Piaalaug, Nainoa Thompson are friends and they and many more would be disgusted at Micro filthy, disgusting neighbors.

    They would also be disgusted by Micro ignorance, racism, and aggression toward peaceful people.

    We native Hawaiians still endure the nightmare of colonization and ignorant people like yourself. "You need to be educated' please prove critics wrong by being respectable and refusing to live in filth.

    Like I obviously refuse to live in filth and ignorance. Muslims will continue to burn, blow up and destroy American ignorance. Many more will do their best like myself to destroy American's lack of education and ignorance.

    Please prove critics wrong and learn to be respectable, decent, clean living law abiding tax paying excellent neighbors.

    Native Hawaiians never were, and will never be a conqured people. Learn and stop the ignorance!

  • 'Kumoltata, thank you marshalese', 'Kalangan, thank you Pohnpei', 'Kiliso Tapu, thank you very much Chuukese', 'Hafaday, equivalent to Aloha Chamoro'
  • 'Kulo, thank you Korsae' and Micros still need to learn aloha!
  • Michael: I'm not Micronesian, but I agree with you that more people need to learn aloha.

    BTW, in Chuuk they spell thank you "Kinisou Chapur," or "Kilisou Chapur." The L and N in Chuukese are interchangeable depending upon what part of the state you are from. Not criticizing, just giving you a bit more information.

    Aloha, friend.
  • • Michaelthearchangel Message Michaelthearchangel
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    I am writing this letter as a response to your earlier statements regarding the Micronesians. I am concerned with much of your misunderstanding about the Micronesian people. Your statements about the Micronesian are totally false. I am confident that the statements you made were to trap the Micronesian to an issue which you prefer that your officials in Hawaii should believe in your favor.
    I feel sorry for you that you are the few unlucky one that you paid for the price of your own doing. Some of the Micronesian did what they have to do in return of what you did to them in this land, directly or indirectly.
    First of all, none of the Micronesian ever have an experience of using drugs. Until the Peace Corps came to Micronesia they introduced drugs to Micronesian.
    Second, some of the Micronesians who arrived in US during the later years have been introduce to the drugs activity in US. Many of them become the new customers for drugs.

    Third, many young Micronesians shipped back in coffin after being murder, torture, and killed in US. The relatives may have been hurt so much and can not take any revenge instead they become to act violently to any one that are not Micronesian.
    Look around you very carefully, most of those who liter the streets and the parks are the famous US teacher for the Homeless people. You were once one of them. But, because of the fat funding from the Micronesian Compact Impact you would not have a chance to have a better and improved programs in your areas.
    The Micronesians are not the only Nationality breaking the rules. Some of the least educated Micronesians may be the one who break some of the minor rules. But the major one were mostly not respected by your own people.
    I believe that your unhappy faces trigger the Micronesian bad attitude toward some of you. You claimed that Micronesian drink all the time in open view. Are you blind not to see other people drinking with the Micronesian as claimed? Turn around and talk to your behind to work toward our common solutions.

    If you deserve to be respected, please do the same to the other as the bible says, “Do on the others as you want them to do on to you”. The Micronesian always have respect to those who respect them as well. We could have not give up our tradition and teach the Hawaiian how to sail on the canoe if we do not have respect. We honor and respect our own neighbor, not like you. Without discrimination we want you and the Micronesian to share the same values in life.

    I share the same believe that the people in power within Hawaii need to think up a strategy in how to work with this ever growing Hawiian population, who discriminated against Micronesian, toward exercising respected and dignified in their love of their visitors. I firmly believe that both sides expectation should be observe.

    Many of the Hawiian I strongly believe that they come across intimidating and in the instance that they will resort to violence. Many seem to be utilizing crystal methamphetamine, and supplied the Micronesian with it. I have seen many Hawiians abuse their wives and family members too. The slingshots is not as bad as the guns. You shoot your own people point blank at individuals. The US New was full of that kind of stories every day. I have seen them assault individuals with weapons and it is scary a lot of the times to live next to them as well.

    Please see to it that you do remove the foreign particles in your own eyes before you attempt to remove one from your neighbor.

    Something needs to be done to make certain that you do not hate Micronesian individuals with the same color of your blood. Act in dignified and respected manners in your encounters and interactions with the Micronesian people.

  • 'Kulo, thank you Korsae' and Micros still need to learn aloha!
  • I am sorry Saramen Chuuk but I disagree with your statement. You should say, More Hawaiian should learn more Aloha. Many Hawaiian do not applied Aloha to the Micronesians. Why? I don't know.
  • Of course you are right, melvin, and I did not mean to imply that all Hawai'ians know aloha, and the Micronesians should learn it. What I meant to say, inartfully, was that everyone needs to learn more about aloha, just as everyone could benefit from learning a little about the Buddhist or Native American or traditional Micronesian way of living, before the advent of moni.

    The reason why some Hawai'ians don't apply aloha to some Micronesians is the same as why some whites hate blacks, and some blacks hate whites, and some Micronesians just don't mingle well with other races. We are unfortunately human, and thus imperfect.

    Aloha pwipwi
  • pwsipwi sinbad, ita mout kepwan afasa na antuk ren om kapasen asamonoch ngerni. Kose sinei nge iei met na rta fori pwe ra set the nests to find means ar repwe ne dismantle our compact pwe ra kuna pwe we have the best ever exist so far?
    Nenenong non an kana fos, mout epwan uwanong kapasen sou-emwen ika nouwis non? Sap an fori met epwe fis ren pwe pisekin akangang an kana kapas?
    Ekkoich chon kei fonu rese weweiti pwe met ar mochen pusin feiengawen fonuwer ei Merika. Nge ar kei akakis osupwang ina ar feioch.
    Iwe repwe kan fos pat pwe kopwe pineano setum na setin chon wokum me om kewe neo, Rongosich me Nichuchumataw? hahaha. Ranalim pwipwi. Long time no hear from you.
    Amo ufen tori en natuk pwe epwe ani pien Fenepi. lol
  • I am no racist or bigot, native Hawaiian and locally born Hawaii residents are plauged and haunted by the sudden bombardment of Micros in health facilities and fight for scarce resources with Micros whom have utter aggression and ignorance.

    The US bombed not native Hawaiians or locally born Hawaii residents yet we are plauged and tormented daily with Micro filthiness, lack of concern and uneducation.

    Native Hawaiians and locally born Hawaii residents are afrraid and concerned with more aggression, ignorance and ill regard. Many fear for their safety.

    Prove critics wrong and live respectably and live as law abiding tax paying excellent neighbors and friends.
  • In today's news, from the Honolulu Advertiser, a story about KPT and aloha. Felon guilty in fatal stabbing of Farrington High athlete.
  • The housing prices and rental prices is out of control with more influx of Micros due to be in Hawaii in a blink before we know it.

    There seems to be no aloha for native Hawaiians in their homeland or aloha for locally born and raised Hawaii residents :)

    With Micro islands falling into the sea a bulwark forward, or something needs to be done to curve Micro aggression, ignorance and lack of education.

    Many native Hawaiians and locally born Hawaii residents are forced out of their homeland fighting for scarce resources with Micros coming in and plauging and haunting the public housing in Hawaii.

    The welfare system, and public health facilities are also haunted and plauged by Micro aggression, lack of education and ignorance.
  • image

    That's old glory flying above the Hawaii state capitol building. 124 years ago the kingdom of Hawaii got overthrown or conquered in 1893. Its called manifest destiny! Like the Native Americans you guys for rolled over. Native Hawaiians make 33% of the homeless population in Hawaii. Most of the drug related crimes in Hawaii are committed by Native Hawaiians.

    You lost your aloha 124 years ago. Yeah Mau and Nainoa were friends and also Mau was Nainoas teacher. Without Mau hokulea wouldn't be on T.V. Without Mau the so called "Hawaiian navigation renaissance " wouldn't be happening. Without Mau Hawaiians wouldn't have rediscovered a lost link to their past. Without Mau Hawaiians wouldn't have the pride they have now due to the papa Mau giving them a hand in finding it.

    The Hawaiians have lost they're ways and identity. They forget Micros and Polys identical DNA. The Hawaiians have forgotten who they were and are. Micronesia was first seen by the Europeans in the 16th century. Hawaii was seen by the Europeans in 1778. But sadly Hawaiians lost their ways due to being conquered. Micronesia endured the Spanish later the Germans then the Japanese and now the Americans, 4 eras of colonialism yet still kept their roots and identity and culture is still intact. The only way Hawaiians can get in touch with their past is thru Bishop museum and google or through a book. Sad but true.

    The only racists in Micronesia are conservatives voters and thinkers like me. At least that what a white man said to me in the other discussions. Anyways all culture and race have their bad apples but that doesn't mean the whole tree is rotten. And the Hawaiians arent immune to that. To imply that all micros are like that is no different then me saying and thinking all Hawaiians are crack heads and dead beat women beaters. See my point.
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    You wouldn't welcome your austronnesians cousins but will welcome a punch of Muslim refugees. You should read uncle Toms cabin. Cause brah you are a uncle Tom. You have what is known as internalize racism/ racist.
  • Propaganda based on Facts. Cash me out how bou duh.
  • The Micros land is sinking and Micros believe its okay to come to Hawaiian land! Native Hawaiians never were conqured and are not conqured now.

    I have a bachelor degree with double honors a cumulative 4.0 in the graduate program currently and 93 percent reading comprehension. I am way smarter than you!

    You are ignorant cannot write complete sentences and lack keen knowledge of Hawaii politics.

    Mau Piaalaug was not the greatest navigator and hated studying in Chuuk he dreamt every second at night of being back on the shores of his island home. He fought with Chuukese regularly and from what I comprehend begged to leave his schooling in Chuuk.

    Many native Hawaiians have just as close ties with 'Pa Pa Mau' as Micros do. If not more ties with 'Pa Pa Mau' than Micros do.

    Native Hawaiians never lost their identity, they practiced LUA a native Hawaiian martial art in secreat. Native Hawaiians hid hula so all would be able to enjoy the beauty of hula far into the future.

    They composed musical compositions in native Hawaiian and produced far more written language news papers, periodicals, musical compositions in Native Hawaiian than any other oceania people in the days of the native Hawaiian monarchy.

    Native Hawaiian Kings traveled all over the world and spoke 3-5 varied languages. They built hospitals 'Queens hospital' where too many Micros visit with aggression and ignorance.

    Hawaii is also a dream place for everyone the world over to visit and vacation and the Micros land is sinking and falling into the ocean. Where God knows no one ever dares to visit due to crime, aggression, poverty and political coruption.
  • Mau Piaalaug hated studying in Chuuk and would cry himself to sleep and he would dream every night of the sandy shores of his home island.

    He faced aggression and violence continually when he studied in Chuuk and also bullying.
  • Today the poetic written composition and stories of the native Hawaiian newspaper 'Ku O Koa', Nu Pepa, and others are studied and worked on toward interpreting the phenomenal stories and poetic native Hawaiian written compositions.

    From David Malo, Samuel Kamakau to David Poe Poe :)
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