Who would win in war between Liberals and Conservatives?



  • “Among papers taking a position” is a significant qualifier: Only 34 percent of the papers Cook examined expressed any opinion about anthropogenic climate change at all. Since 33 percent appeared to endorse anthropogenic climate change, he divided 33 by 34 and — voilà — 97 percent!

    “only 41 papers — 0.3 percent of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.0 percent of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1 percent,” endorsed what Cook claimed. Several scientists whose papers were included in Cook’s initial sample also protested that they had been misinterpreted. “Significant questions about anthropogenic influences on climate remain,”.

  • I'm still convinced he doesn't actually know what a peer-reviewed study is or how to cite one, since he keeps returning to articles about them instead of the actual studies.

    I've cited dozen and he keeps returning desperately to the same one.
  • And he has some names listed on the previous page, but still no studies.
  • I don't think you know how to look for the studies written by those names i wrote above. Not smart after all ha.....Hahaha

    So much for liberals are smarter claim. Another liberal bs debunked!

  • Finally a discussion where no profanity is used.
  • Two more flakes to added to the crown of the troll king. Hail o hail the troll king of micsem forum.

  • Epilogue:
    "Global Warming is a hoax!" Pawnstar cried, throwing his tinfoil hat in the air and fleeing off into the forest to search for bigfoot.
  • Shithead mcorange face shutdown. Lovely gift to America on his 1 year anniversary. Impressive negotiating skills mr. Draft dodger. Lol at porn stars butt hole lips leader.
  • Too bad he didn’t go on his record breaking vacation days this weekend. Had to actually stay working and blaming everyone else except himself. Must have forgot he is the president. What a moron
  • @SeeminglyNefarious

    If global warming is true then big foot exists. If global warming is true the toot fairy is real. Of global warming is true then Hillary won the Presidency. But only in a psychotic mind or alternative universe will these things, 1)global warming 2)Bigfoot 3)tooth fairy ever ne true.

    @redsnapper, thanks to the socialist liberal democratic party of the US we have a Shut down.
  • Failure to lead is the problem. Orange baboon is President. By definition the leader of this country or. Is it Nancy pelosi?
  • Aw FM be quiet before they ban you again.
  • The same narrative democrats are using to blame but reality is democrats voted no even when republicans gave funding to CHIP and DACA in return for a wall but they voted no. Trump is right along with half of Americans when they lay the blame at the door step of rhe party of progress.
  • Did not know the minorty Democrats controlled things in DC. The universe must have flipped over just like orange baboons hair in the wind.
  • You are stupid like you sound. Votes! Like CNN political commentator said: "Democrats may be a minority but they have 49 votes in the senate while republicans have 51 and to claim democrats don't have power is false".

    Democrats voted to shutdown government by not passing the bill. All over what people ask well is all over some fucking immigrants who are in the country illegally.
  • The shutdown will end today. Democrats have folded to Republicans/GOP. They will vote yes to continue resolution to open government minus daca given citizenship.

    Couple of days ago

    Democrats-Schumer: We will shutdown goverment unless Trump and GOP give us DACA and No wall.

    GOP: OK we will give you DACA and CHIP for the wall.

    Schumer: No! Lets have a shutdown.

    Trump: OK i have a royal flush, hey now we won't give you DACA unless you open the government and give me the wall and agree to stronger migration changes.

    Democrats-Schumer: I have 3 pairs i can bluff my way out of This.


    Schumer-democrats: aw shit we are losing voters and the media is blaming us for this. Lets go negotiate.

    Trump-GOP: we will vote to open the government for 3 weeks and daca is not included in this CR bill.

    Democrats-GOP: OK OK OK. You won.

  • image

    The look on the face of liberals when their leaders caved in.......priceless
  • Obstruction of justice coming soon. Like orange monkey said, this Russia thing, that’s why I fired Comey. Lol. Provided his own rope for his lynching. Hahahaha. Oh before I forget, when did this super wonderful funding run out? Morons, porno and repo.
  • edited January 2018
    Where have you been? The investigations are going nowhere. FBI team is tainted, Mueller is trying now to save whatever credibility his team has. Hahaha
  • Is a civil war what you want? Well thats what youre gonna get, guess what? You dont want that, because: most combat arms in military, not talking about liberal S shops, we are talking infantry, tanker, scout, artillary, snipers, airborne, rangers, and marines are all mostly conservative and lead by conservatives, most police forces in country, much of the middle class(who are made up of conservative hunters, veterans, CHL carriers, men who love to shoot, women who love to shoot, list goes on) then theirs veterans with guns, then there are the good conservative black men with guns, then all american born mexicans in texas who are armed, then all the teenage men and women raised in all these families, NRA, all poor southern country folk, you get the picture: now on the liberal side you have all liberals who gave guns up in 1960 till now lol, feminine gays lol(we will have masculine gays, trust me) MADD, the 147 genders(or however many there are according to idiots) and crips and bloods, and some cartel.... the gangs just run out in the street with pistols sideways(they will be easily dealt with using true tactics and superior firepower with suppression, if you even know what that means) oh, and you have half of the millenial i deserve everything for freeloaders, which you can have em, youll need them for bait and distraction if you can even cultivate a tactic like that lol, which make you no better than jihadis lol, which the arabs will be on their own side for rapist pedophile Mohamed, they hate both of us cause yall are gay and cant keep it in your pants and we like bacon lol, and Jesus... so think about that and let it sink in, the american veteran and patriot will be brutal and unscathed by your feminist tight jean wearing men, or boys rather, so you might wanna pipe down on this whole whites are racist for everything, because youre poking a well funded, well trained, and well armed bear.... or as Isoroku Yamamoto (Japanese Marshal Admiral of Pearl Harbor bombing of ww2) put it: I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
  • Only fools will want a civil war.
  • Thing is, frdmfghtr1776, conservatives have the majority of the military, and most of the blokes with shotguns. Liberals have the vast majority of the scientists who design missiles, fighter gets, and advance military technologies. But as someone mentioned previously, in the end none of this matters: it's about who has the most $$$.
  • @SeeminglyNefarious said: "scientists who design missiles, fighter gets, and advance military technologies."

    As you can see this is obviously false. There is no evidence to suggest or verify that. Just another fantasy liberals make up. In fact 31,000 americans scientist disagree with climate change.

    Are Democrats the Party of Science? Not Really.

    Also here is a article the liberal left as ignored.

    Sinking island is actually growing
  • This is ridiculous. SeeminglNefarious, so the Military Industrial Complex which profit of wars is Democrat? Did i get that right? The companies behind the push to invade iraq and Afghanistan are democrats?
  • It is ridiculous, IronYouth, that any would deny something so well demonstrated. Facts are, IronYouth, poll after poll find scientists are by and large liberal. Certainly not extremely liberal. It appears an education leads more to be center leaning liberal.
  • Again this is false. There is no hard data to prove this fantastic liberal fantasy. But its true that majority of the wars started by the US in foriegn soil are started by democrats. Polls the reasons why nefarious claim scientists lean liberals. There us no hard data on the 6 million scientists in the US being liberal. There are polls and polls are conducted on a small percentage and the results are guesstimation based on the small pool that was polled. Polls are not accurate. Remember the polls that said Hillary will win?

    Most social scientists do lean liberal. Social scientists are the equivalent of the liberal arts graduate in the scientist world. They study social behavior. Social scientists is no expert in war or climate or medicine.

    Also note that 31,000 american scientists disagree with global warming.

    War is about violence of action. Logistics and numbers of troops one has. Majority of the guns in the US are owned by republicans leaning people. Majority of battle hardened and battle tested veterans lean republicans. There are also more conservatives in America than there are liberals. Majority of the Armys combat arms troops (infantry,Armor,Calvary, Air cavalry, airborne, special ops, field artillery, air defense artillery, combat engineers, Rangers) lean republicans.

    Who ever said the ben is mightier than the sword obviously has never encountered automatic weapons.

  • Can a party that need safe space and protect its member for things not politically correct win a war? Can a party that claims there are 3 or more genders claim to believe in science when science say that there are only 2 genders. Can a party that shun weapons and hate weapons win a war?
  • I'll let the polls speak for themselves. Additionally, I'll let the opposition's lack of sources speak to Pawnstar's validity, or lack therefor, as well.
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