Herr Drumpf sure likes to live YUUUGGGE!

I hope this turn comes out as a link to the story. If not, cut and paste into your address line. Just a small factual account of what Herr Drumpf cost per month. Don't think this will show up in Breitbart.



  • Liberals when did you guys care about the taxpayers? Remember this.
  • What about the infamous $100,000,000 trip to Africa for 3 days? Where were the liberals concern for the taxpayers?

  • Oh how many times did he went to Hawaii on vacation? Where were the concerns for the taxpayers?

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    Where were those concerns for taxpayers @Sarem

  • Obama family 'costs taxpayers $1.4BILLION per year' (that's 20 times more expensive than British Royal Family)

    "Politicians looking for savings to deal with the national debt crisis should perhaps start by abolishing the President.

    Barack Obama and his family cost the taxpayer $1.4billion per year, according to a recently published book.

    By contrast, the British Royal Family costs less than $60million each year"
  • Liberals still whining and pulling that double standard BS.

  • The difference, my ignorant foolish irrelevant adversary, is that the article I posted is based on real, factual, provable numbers and sources, while everything you have cluttered this space with is provably FAKE NEWS! The picture of Mrs. Obama is from Politifake.org!!

    FAKE NEWS! Provably false made up bullshit propounded like the Third Reich did to convince "poorly educated" Germans that attacking and annexing neighboring countries was necessary and proper.

    Still at work, PoS Tiny Hands? Or did you scurry home to your hole at lunch so you weren't breaking the law intentionally?
  • Trump forgets his Obama criticisms

    The new president, who attacked Obama for golfing and personal travel, spends his first month outdoing his predecessor.

    Donald Trump regularly assailed President Barack Obama for playing golf, then spent the first weekends of his own presidency doing just that. He attacked Obama for using Air Force One to campaign, and did it over the weekend just a month into the job. He mocked Obama for heading out of Washington at taxpayer expense, but appears to have no qualms about doing so himself.

    One month in, Trump is using the presidency to boost his political and personal goals — not breaking laws or ethics rules, experts say, but ignoring his past criticisms and vows.

    "Donald Trump has zero worry about contradicting himself, because he does it all day long," said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian who has met with Trump. "He figures he can get away with it because he does it all the time. There is no worry about it. He says one thing and then does another, and his supporters don't hold it against him."

    The new president has taken three weekend getaways in the first month of office, spending millions of taxpayer dollars in Secret Service protection and about 25 percent of his time away from the White House. The Secret Service has also paid for security for expensive business trips for his sons' business ventures to foreign countries.

    The actions seem to fly in the face of how he mocked Obama's travel. "President Barack Obama's vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars — unbelievable!" he wrote in one of many tweets criticizing Obama for taking a trip.

    Trump has headed to the golf course at least six times since he took office, another favorite criticism against Obama. Trump mocked Obama more than two dozen times for golfing amid problems in the White House.

    Trump said last August that if he became president, he wouldn’t have time for golf. "I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go play golf," he said at an event in Virginia.

    Aides have tried to block reporters from seeing Trump play in recent weeks, even covering a basement room with black plastic bags to obscure views of what was happening on the course outside.

    His spokespeople have frequently refused to confirm he was playing, even as he stayed at the course for almost five hours — the usual time it takes to play a round. They have sometimes said he is playing a "few holes" of golf.

  • Here is a story from the liberal Washington post below.

    Obama's trip could cost the federal government $60 million to $100 million
  • Its funny when liberals use the fake news card when they are the ones who are always putting out fake news. Hahaha
  • Lets not forget this now shall we.

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    1789-2008= 6.3 trillion dollars
    2008-2012= 6.5 trillion dollars

    Man of the people indeed and that's just 4 freaking years.
  • Here is another story from a liberal media outlet.

    Obama’s Hawaii Christmas vacations cost taxpayers $35 million over 8 years
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    Here is another liberal outlet about what the taxpayers paid for Obamas vacation.

    Obama Family Travel, Vacations Have Cost $85 Million
  • Heroes another.....

    Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year, perks questioned in new book
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    Liberals get off your fake azz high morals and fake standards bull shit. You snowflakes didn't care what the taxpayers forked up for Obama and his trips in the last 8 years he was POTUS. But now trump is POTUS you libetart care about the taxpayers. No one is buying that bull shit.
  • Buried in the Washington Post article you linked to above was this little gem:

    While the preparations appear to be in line with similar travels in the past, the document offers an unusual glimpse into the colossal efforts to protect the U.S. commander in chief on trips abroad.

    I had forgotten that trip, and you are right about the costs of any US President making official trips abroad for public, not political purposes. The same article makes reference to a trip to multiple countries in Africa by president George W. Bush which cost US taxpayers an estimated $48 million.

    The propaganda lies not in the assertion that it costs a whole lot to send presidents abroad, but to imply that Obama's costs are somehow special, somehow wrong and improper.

    The same with your bullshit arguments about increases in public debt under Obama's administration. While the numbers are accurate, your implication that this huge increase in debt was somehow due to Obama is a lie of gigantic proportions. Obama inherited an economy in freefall where trillions of dollars of wealth were lost due to the economic policies of George W. Bush culminating in the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the virtual collapse of the automobile and financial industries.

    The lie that somehow the increase of debt was a result of Obama is contemptible. Especially since the numbers since the bottom of the recession are incredible, given the circumstances existing in January 2009.

    But you know that. It just doesn't fit in your neat worldview, the totalitarian, neo-nazi, alt-right worldview. Herr Piece of Shit.
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    @Sarem When Obama vacation is O.K because its all spend to protect him but when trump does its not o.k .......double standard MSM balls deep sucking liberal sodomite.

    STFU you admitted the numbers are accurate. Now you blaming others for it. STFU and go eat a bag of foreskin. You admitted their correct now go and eat your bag of foreskin.
  • Don't put words in my mouth. I never said it was OK for Obama to incur government expense on vacation, nor did I say anything about Herr Drumpf other than to point to an article about his expenditures during his first MONTH in office. Obama's vacation trips according to your numbers were about $35 million over eight years, and even if it were $35 million over four years, and you double that, it still comes out to less than $10 million a year.

    Herr Drumpf's three weekend golf trips to Mar a Lago cost the taxpayers at least $10 million. Keep up the good work, Herr Drumpf, and you may spend more than Obama spent over 8 years in your first six months if office.

    That is if the Republican Congress doesn't impeach the son of a German immigrant first.
  • Take it how you want but it took $1.4BILLION a year to maintain Herr Obama and his family.


    How much of that was allocated to Herr Obamas vacation.
    Obama Family Travel, Vacations Have Cost $85 Million
  • Typical libetart @Sarem takes what he wants and dumb the rest. Lets not forget the $60-100 million trip to Africa.
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