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    You want a good MOS focus on the GT part of the ASVAB. That's Paragraph comprehension, Word knowledge and Arithmetic reasoning. Throw in the mathematical knowledge for a good line score. With A 100+GT score you can switch mos and branch within the army easily. Not to mention a GT mos will get you a federal job in the US government if you so chose to leave the military.
  • Something useful from PS??! wow... maybe I'm not reading this jking man! Great input and a good 110 GT to get my MOS Information Systems Analyst/Opr. 25B or get 25S for Satellite. These are high in demand anywhere even in Pohnpei.

    Get the TOEFL prep test free online to get up there. Reclassing from one job to another takes a while and another AIT training. Waste of time if you like to live in the fast lane. Good luck future cherry pickers!
  • Beware of Bonus scams!!! Do not take any if you can avoid it. Those who separate early need to pay partial of their $10,000. Outside the military, technology jobs offer plenty of bonus, way more than $10,000 in two years. Think of NBA suite tickets with endless food and beer & wine. A little perspective before signing away your freedom.
  • Dont you need clearance for that MOS?
  • The Army is now allowing 2 years contract and 10,000-40,000 signing bonus if the MOS you choose is in demand.
  • Yup. Secret after AIT and TS before any sensitive assignments. Easy peesy.
  • PS, i gotta get reading classes fon or the 2 year contract read. Can't believe they got smart after all these years. So you serve that short term and lose your GI bill. hmmm.... interesting. Best part about the service was the education money. A full free ride through college and extra for Vegas... I mean vacation.

    Requirements is 36 months of active duty for 100% benefit. Anything else the newbies need to know? Oh if you're not running now, you might wanna start. My Yapese battle buddy got promoted in Basic training for killing her PT test. We train every night before lights out.

    Focus on promotion points too. More training goes to promotion. 18 months and you can be fast tracked to E4 if you happen to get a good assignment and company assuming you finish 60 college credits at COMFSM and got to E3 during enlistment. If not, not to worry, you can earn that in a few months.
  • There is a program in the Army that allows you to go school while you are on active. After 2 years you can either go to the guard or reserve and pursue your education. There is a program in the guard that pays for your education and if you are smart you can take that if you know how apply the loopholes in place. Like I say if you know how to work around those loopholes.
  • Wormholes is what they call em. Doesn't loop anywhere but yes... I am aware of the tuition assistance program which is a reimbursement rather than a scholarship/grant payment. Not everyone wants that. Fast a furious without juggling and full time on campus unless you want extra cash, you get a job and go to school at night.
  • Use it to their advantage is what Im saying and the best way to use the G.I bill is thru the national guard or reserves.
  • I dont believe you. Never like the weekend warrior or slow guard status. They take years to get promotions. Most of the people I know in guard and reserve doesn't even look like they serve. Just saying... Go active and finish fast, go to school and find an easy dream job or come back to FSM.
  • @lihndahnpei The guard is the most deployed branch of the US Army. Over 65% of the units that were sent to Iraq&Afghanistan were not from the Active Army but from the National guard. The most decorated unit within the Army is the 442nd infantry Battalion which is a reserve unit. The National Guard as of now its rank and file are all former regular Army vets. The Guard won the best Tanker competition along with best ranger competition. They made the Regular Army look like boots.

    Id recommend National guard as your first stint, get a college degree through the guard then go regular Army with a college degree you will be eligible for OCS.
  • That is news to me then again, been out for almost 10 years now. Old ladies like me have terrible memories
  • Hey DF, I thought you knew your military units. The 442nd is an infantry regiment withing the 100th Battalion. And they won a vast majority of their decorations, including 21 Medals of Honor, fighting Nazis like you in Italy and Germany. Made up of foreigners. Japanese who were let out of US concentration camps to fight the Nazis.

    Crawl back into your hole until you can say something intelligent in Pohnpeian. In fact, crawl back into your hole until you can say something intelligent, in any language. PoS Loser.

    You fail.
  • lol... and i thought i was losing my mind. Your feud is like the old civil war. Not quite over in peace time.
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    @Sarem ain't you a navy squid? The 442nd and the 100th are two different units one was formed in the mainland the other in Hawaii. They were later merged together. It was the democrats who out Japanese in the internment camps. Sieg Heil!!!! Long live the Fuhrer!
  • @lihndahnpei as you can see @Sarem is obsessed with me. The regular Army now is manned by boots and officers fresh out of OCS. All the men and women who led the Army and have experience are all now in the National guard and Reserves.
  • According to this book, your sons and daughters are not reallying fighting for freedom or liberty, they are instead fighthing for the interest of this secret group
  • @coconuts... links are not as good as quotes. Over 90% of malware infections are from clicking on links. We all known Uncle Sam's agenda and still have our moral compass. Don't make the military sound like a bunch of machines following orders 24/7. Many are smart individuals and still have their personal values which contradicts with the military.
  • moving thread up the current list.
  • Honolulu Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) will be visiting Pohnpei on February 19- March 2, 2018 to administer the U.S. Military Test.

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