21,000 illegals immigrants in Hawaii face deportation

The Migration Policy Institute estimates there are 21,000 illegal immigrants in Hawaii. Nearly two-thirds of them are listed as being from the Philippines or Japan.



  • Section 8 is going to have 5000-10,000 housing units illegal immigrants free. These illegals are mainly from the Philippines and Japan. Don't feel sorry for these 21,000 because they are illegals they came to America/Hawaii illegally. They broke the law.
  • Illegals and Deportation. This issue tears me apart. Those who entered USA illegally, less their children, are criminals, by our law. Regardless if they have not caused a crime, besides illegal entrance, they should be permitted to get a work permit, MUST pay taxes, and after 3 to 5 years of criminal free residence may apply for citizenship in accordance with USA immigration law applicable to their home nation, without departing USA. Children of those illegals should be permitted to gain education and limited medical care. Full medical care could be granted by USA withholding funds from GRANT AID to their home nation. A similar withholding should be done for parents who have not achieved the full 40 quarters for Medicare.
  • How do we relate this to us, Micronesia, so we will not repeat the argument of "not a Micronesia Forum" topic to discuss?

    Will this help the FAS citizens have better chances to housing?

    Our own FSM citizens in Hawaii have been under so much scrutiny and discriminated against at almost all systems because some don't know how to behave themselves properly and appropriately.

    Hopefully FSM/FAS should not have to be categorized under the illegal group.
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