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  • I am sorry but experience and coming from a former temporary judge that presided in Chuuk Election contests (more than once), I foresee Chuuk's results to be done not too soon. Perhaps one week minimum. Also, they had a State Election with the National elections for 2-year senators. Good luck either way and hope for the best there in Chuuk.
  • Thank you Sir!
  • In Pohnpei, live results begin to be made public by the public radio around 7 p.m. which can be monitored at and I know that Chuuk's radio can also be listened live. Try

    Good luck to us all.
  • Governor:

    Johnson/Akapito - 12,812
    Frit/Enlet - 11, 929
  • Congressman Bonsiano Nethon is defeated by challenger Derensio Konman.
  • First woman to be elected to the House of Senate in Chuuk State is Gardenia Aisek.
  • Thanks for the updates!image
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    What happened to the Dual Citizenship ballot? I understand some Chuukese communities in certain states in the U.S, such as California, Oregon, etc. only received the candidates ballot but not the dual citizenship ballot. As a result of such undemocratic intention, their legal right to vote on this important constitutional amendment on dual citizenship was denied. National Election Commission, what happened? How come the ballot on the dual citizenship amendment was not sent to some Chuukese Communities here in the U.S? Who was responsible for such misdemeanor? Or should we rightly call it misdemeanor?
  • All Chuukese who have registered to vote on March 07, 2017 deserved the right to vote, not just on the candidates, but especially on the dual citizenship amendment. Whatever result the Chuukese election comes up with is not accurate since some of the Chuukese communities here in the U.S were denied their right to vote on the constitutional amendment on dual citizenship. The national election commission, or whoever is responsible to send these registered Chuukese Communities in certain states in the U.S the Dual Citizenship Constitutional Amendment ballet needs to send them ASAP.
  • A plea in vain, Auchea Nasako. The travel was done, the money was spent and the elections were over. Everyone is MIA.
  • Simply unfair and unjust. May the God of justice deal with them accordingly, for their good and the good of the F.S.M and its dear citizens both home and abroad.
  • And I am afraid to say such injustice might lead to a possible legal action-in court, its rightful place to be dealt with.
  • Most unlikely. Micro people are not court savvy yet. Don't push them. They might lose interest. Give them time and they will respond accordingly. For now, we keep turning them quarter pounder patties and see how they pan out.
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    flipping them burgers without devouring is all that is happening
  • at least has not turned to shit yet
  • Good to see you brother sinbad. Did Pingaw make it and what seems to be Anta's problem?
  • If you mean Bino Rafael, YES. The line up as of this evening is Karson Billy in the lead, followed by Bino Raphael and Maka Sananap, respectively.

  • by the way, pwipwi kinen, been a while. Sure am glad to be home again.
  • Yes, Bino. Congrats to them our Nouwis. Your absence was felt across the forum. Welcome back.
  • congratulations to the victors. and thank you all for a peaceful election.

    congratulations Chuuk!!
  • The F.S.M Citizens in the U.S who were denied their constitutional right to vote on the F.S.M Dual Citizenship amendment are still waiting for the ballots on this amendment to be mailed to them, so they can exercise their given right to vote on this very important amendment. They are calling for a re-election on the constitutional amendment on F.S.M Dual Citizenship before they file for a lawsuit against Chuuk State, or the F.S.M government, especially the Dept. of National Election Commission-whoever was responsible for such a crime-yes, for a state, or nation to deny its citizens the right to vote on something as essential and important as a constitutional amendment on dual citizenship is a crime! This is not something to play dirty politics with. How could we expect other nations to respect our citizens and treat them with justice and integrity if our very own government wouldn't. For a state, or nation to deny its citizens their constitutional right to vote on a constitutional amendment on dual citizenship deserves legal attention before something worse takes place in the near future. Are we already practicing communism? Again, those wanted to vote on the constitutional amendment on dual citizenship but couldn't because this ballot was not sent to them are calling on a re-election on this amendment. They must exercise their right to vote on this; otherwise, they will file a lawsuit.
  • I understand your plight and I feel for your concerns but hardly think that you will prevail in court because you had the absentee ballots available online. We need to close these expensive special voting places and do absentee ballots. Millions of Americans around the world are doing that. I am sure that thousands of Micronesians can do the same.
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    Microspring2014 "We need to close these expensive special voting places and do absentee ballots," until that happens, the negligence on the part of the F.S.M National Election Commission Division and Chuuk State election representatives deserves a lawsuit. Doing absentee ballots online? Wouldn't that be nice? Unfortunately, the registered F.S.M citizens here in the U.S were never informed about voting online. Voting online for this past election wasn't available. As a matter of fact, the task force members told them the ballots will be sent to them, and indeed the only ballot sent to these registered constituents was the "candidates ballot" not the one on the dual citizenship amendment. They should have included it on the same ballot, otherwise, send it on a different ballot. Again, nobody said anything about doing the absentee ballots online. These registered F.S.M citizens need to vote on the dual citizenship amendment, or else this injustice will end in court. By the way, this past election of March 7, 2017 in Oregon took place in a run-down, old and closed down private business building. Even the homeless shelters in Hawaii are more suitable for a voting place than that run-down old building the election took place at. They probably used it with no cost. What happened to the money to rent a voting place? Only the all-knowing God knows what happened to the rental money. Here is another issue that was just brought to my attention: certain registered voters didn't even get to vote because no ballot was sent to them. It looks like some of our government leaders need to improve their organizational skills, or step down from their positions for the good of the nation and its citizens.
  • Enletin kinisou ngeni ami kinen me sinbad tori Mel me Neken pwe Bingaw a kan win. Kinisou chapur.
  • Ka kuna a'? Namoten ekkewe kapasen enukunuk nge Bino emon ate reepi
  • Nepong last94. Sipue sopweno anisi nouch Nouwis meinisin.
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    Ekena nouwisin Chuuk remi lakuk, together with those from the F.S.M National government, please step down, or amend your lives, for your own good, the good of Chuuk and the F.S.M, as well as the good of all of your citizens and the citizens of the whole F.S.M before the just God steps in. Remember, government leadership is a call from God; you must lead the people whom God has entrusted to your care with holiness, justice, goodness, integrity, and honesty. Please, live a virtuous and holy life in your political call to lead before you bring wrath unto yourself/yourselves and the F.S.M nation, or Chuuk State. Again, a re-election on F.S.M Dual citizenship is necessary since many of the Chuukese Community abroad, especially those residing in the U.S (and it looks like elsewhere, as well) were denied their democratic/political/constitutional right to vote on this important amendment which is beneficial to them and their children, etc. and family back on the islands who rely on them when it comes to financial support. Since, they were denied their constitutional amendment to vote on the dual citizenship constitutional amendment on March 07, 2017, some of the Chuukese here in the U.S are in the process of applying for a U.S citizenship and give up their F.S.M citizenship in order to keep their well-paying jobs here in the U.S and support their families here in the U.S and on the islands. Chuukese leaders are contemplating having Chuuk State to become independent, or go with China down the road. Many of the Chuukese here in the U.S have American citizen children whom they can not neglect if deportation for F.S.Mers/Chuukese become a reality down the road. May God bless the Federated States of Micronesia and Chuuk State and all the leaders. May God also touch the hearts of those elected government officials/leaders and certain citizens of Chuuk State, as well as the F.S.M who are lost in their sinfulness of greed and love of money and grant them the grace they need to experience a conversion of heart, Amen. Again, denying your citizens their political right to vote on the amendment on dual citizenship is a crime, not to mention in a Democratic Government. I can't wait to talk to Tony Otto, authorized F.S.M National government officials, and Chuuk state government officials about this sad and heart-breaking matter on denying their citizens their political right to vote on the dual citizenship amendment.
  • Slow down Nasako please. Tony can not help you now. The elections are done and forgotten. Make sure you request your ballot way before hand next time around.
  • I am calling Tony Otto and those in-charged about an impending lawsuit if F.S.M and Chuuk State are not going to give their citizens here in the U.S a chance to exercise their political right to vote on the Dual Citizenship amendment. They have a legal right to vote. These registered citizens were only given the ballots on the candidates to vote on but none for the dual citizenship amendment. Enough for monkey business.
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