FSM CONGRESS - a bill for an act, making the terms of all members of Congress 4-year terms


  • This too needs 75% and like the dual citizenship, it will flop due to stupidity. Good luck with Yap and its efforts "not to lose its identity." That statement is the oxymoron of the 2010s as I do not recognize the youth of today from my days in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The ship sailed long ago.
  • Why don't we just have two rep from each state and get rid of the excess "yes/no" members. This should save us some money in the long run.
  • Ngaan, I sure love your comment though I am a bit scared of your chuukik? name?
  • The idea to reduce the members to save some money is not a bad idea. But if it is to secure the term without contributing to reduction of expense then it should not be pass.
    The congress term is not the a problem now. The problem is how the funding is distributed to the non priority projects.
    I am afraid to say that this funding distribution process tent not to help the citizen to stand on their own feed as they always relies on the government to support them. Supporting non revenue generating project is not healthy for the Nation.
    Social services for the people is ok. But a support system needs to establish within the State and the Municipal support services.
    Supports for the needy families should not and will not distributed directly by the officials control support team. It should be the responsibility of the local government and the non profit associations. The public have been miss lead for a long time with how the public funds are name and use by the officials. Those kind of project have no control means to give us a good picture of how we should improve the system.
    I am not against the reduction of the regional representation in the congress. But, I am against this proposal overall picture of how it will positively increase revenue and provide for full confidence of economic stability in our Nation.
  • Fair representation is what we need. The more people the more representatives, and it's the democratic way. It won't be fair for the state of California to have the same number of congress as Idaho and Rhode Island.

    for the 4year term, i totally disagree. I believe it should be 1 year instead of 2 because fsm congress nowadays think they own the government and the people and they can get away with anything, especially the one introducing the bill and his cohorts.

  • The federation is 30 or so years old. Time for reapportion of Congress members. Or ABOLISH it totally. It ain't support viability of the nation.
  • Madness in its purest form. Like Microspring said will not pass. Don't Congress has better things to do rather than re-cycling old ideas to save their seats? Very disappointing!
  • Yir,

    Thats the perception then and still is now. Every state should reduce head counts of lawmakers...3 Chuuk, 2 Pohnpei, 1 yap, 1 Kosrae..all 4 yrs. All eligible to run for President. Yea in my dream....they pitch, and they catch....same game now as then just different outfits.
  • That is why the cry for 2023 is a fake. If its surely a cry for love of the people, stop the abuse first and cry afterward. That's how or National officials should do,.shovel the money into the problems, not in the bucket, left or right.
  • Another way is to put term limits on these greedy so called leaders to two terms each. This will procreate new faces in the assembly and new ideas for the nation. I agree the way the funds are distributed is pathetic and self-serving. I urge the Attorney General to look into this and enforce existing laws to stop them from streaming funds into the so called Authority(s) that they control and direct.
  • Answers to all your concerns is really depending on yourself. If you enjoy both high quality of life as well as justice, then you can build a strong and powerful nation, then I said your nation is politically matures. The problem we are facing right now is that every words comes out of each and everyone's mouth, just remember that life is short, and the vanity of the world is lasting for only a short time, there is no need for correcting others. Remember that everything revolving around you CHANGED by EXAMPLES, not by your OPINION!.....
  • Ngaan & PepsiCola, Idea To Save Money - Yes! but reducing congress term is not the answer. Term limits don't make sense in a body that deals with many complex issues. If terms are restricted they wont have the time nor the incentive to develop expertise they need to be good at their jobs.

    In an effort to save money... Might look at reducing the number of State Legislatures. Look at Pohnpei - 23 Legislatures represent Pohnpei and only 4 in Congress representing Pohnpei as whole including outer islands. So the question is.. DO WE REALLY NEED THESE MANY LEGISLATURES? Key points to consider when answering.. COST, EFFICIENCY & REPRESENTATION. In my view - Larger legislative group costs more and tend to have more committees resulting in overlapping and fragmentation of work making it difficult for them to formulate coherent policies while in a smaller body, there will be productive discussions, clearer debates and much more coherent policies reached at a lesser cost. Smaller group increases each members responsibilities and allow them opportunity to represent the views and voices of the people that vote them in office and much less time in sakau markets where they seem to voice their concerns with no action to correct the issues.
  • I understand any member of congress can introduce any proposed act or bill to call for a constitutional amendment, but it doesnt nenessarily mean it will be passed by the full body of congress. This proposed amendment to make all members of congress become 4 year term was put to the people in the election of 2011, it fell far short of the reguired 75% threshhold. Let's not bend out of shape since this proposed act has not passed the full congress yet. The dual citizenshship amendment was more popular, yet it failed 4 times including in the recently concluded election last month.
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    Likewise, Chuuk state should follow the other states and become unicameral and I fully support a 4 year term for all congress--another way of cutting gov. operating cost and more time for senators to focus on real issues at hand other than re-election.
  • Now I just realize that these ideas for Dual Citizen, Congress 4 yrs terms, Chuuk Secede were fail cause there were not enough public education. There were a lot of sensitive question that needs to be address and gives the proposal a chance to pass.
  • hmmmm

    Great idea, ngaan! I will have the chance to run when my friend Tiwi of Faichuk's term is up. I think he is the only one in Faichuk I cannot beat if we run against each other. All the rest I can defeat.

    And if I make it in, I will buy me the biggest speed boat, build me a solar power system, build me a great seawall, travel a lot to earn my mileage, buy two nice trucks and some other stuff.

    And if I can finish the given terms, I will give my relatives what they want. The rest of my allowance and appropriated mini project funds for Faichuk will all be siphoned into my bank account.

    Wouldn't that be great!
  • I will enrich myself first until I am fully satisfied. But like one once said, "Big Bad Boys never get satisfied."
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