(HAHAHA) Hillary clinton says "Sexism" is why she lost Election

Misogyny is the reason she lost the presidential election last November, according to Hillary Clinton on a interview a couple of hours ago. She blames prejudice against women, her followers blame the electoral college and her collegues in the Democratic Party blame the Russians. Fucking liberals can't make up their mind. They can't deal with the single fact that they have lost touch with the American people and are out of touch with reality.


  • It wasn't sexism, her corrupt past started with Nixon. She is worst than Trump! Wipe your nose man and cheer up, Friday here/around the corner at EST and it's mighty sunny and beautiful in the Florida Keys! Take a vacation or Staycation and quit picking on liberals. Spring joy or easter...@nesian691, not sure who believes in religion anymore around here. Spreading a little sun beam from the sunshine state.
  • Wait im going to post the video interview which Hillary blames misogyny behind her lost last November. Shit got me laughing like crazy.
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