Arabs praise 'Abu Ivanka' aka Trump for Syria strike

Abu Ivanka al-Amreeki

Arabs on social media are showering US President Donald Trump with thanks and praise after he ordered the first direct US military action against Syrian government forces.

The US conducted the strikes on a Syrian air base in the early hours of Friday following a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town.

Shortly after, some Arab social media users started referring to the president as Abu Ivanka - Father of Ivanka, as a sign of respect and endearment.

Others referred to him as Abu Ivanka al-Amreeki - Father of Ivanka the American, complete with a religious beard.

One user gave Trump an Arab makeover, with a meme of him wearing a traditional tarboosh hat (similar to a fez), with the words: "We love you."

He was also described as a "man of his words", with one user telling him: "You did in a few months what Obama couldn't do in 8 years."

"Fifteen warplanes that would have killed thousands of Syrians" were destroyed, one user said, changing his Facebook profile picture to an amalgam of Trump's face, the American flag, and the Arabic words: "We love you."

A media activist in Idlib wanted to see more action, calling on the US president to keep going and "hit Assad down".

And while some said they "never thought" this day would come, they thanked Trump for doing "what no cowardly Arab ruler could do".

"Hope is slowly returning to our hearts. Thank you, Trump," one Syrian posted.

"For the first time in six years, the Assad regime has been held accountable for its crimes," a London-based Syrian said.

A Houston-based Syrian Facebook user shared an image of love for the US president.

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