Responsive, Efficient and Effective Government

How do we achieve a Responsive, Efficient and Effective Government with limited revenues


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    think and operate like a business!



  • Travel is a must. How do you expect friendship without travel? Operate like a business? It is business -been, has been.
  • I agree Travel is a must to expand our wings, learn new things and maintain international relationships but I wonder what some do with the knowledge they gain
  • biz e did not say STOP ALL TRAVEL for government officials. He said STOP NON ESSENTIAL TRAVEL.

    biz e answered paki's question, "How do we achieve a Responsive, Efficient and Effective Government with limited revenues?" I agree with biz e. Non-essential free travel by goverrnment officials is widespread and wasteful.
  • I think non-essential travels are just issues on the surface. Dig deeper in the inner happenings and influence of those higher up. Audits are done but whats being done about the findings?.. nothing!
  • I agree with Biz e.........stop non essential travel. We need outcomes and results. When we travel, we come back and roll out training to our folks so that we share the love of what we learned?
  • Why are we so keen on travel? How much does the nation spend on national funded trips? Are we positive nothing beneficial came out from those trips? How would we categorize wasteful and not wasteful trips?
    Let's all gang up on "pork-barrel" projects and see how we can streamline it to palatable taste. That's where the huge waste is at.
  • Easiest way is to get rid of the current regime,
  • Let them all travel....but only with one-way tickets.
  • That is the hardest ccrider. We tried many times but failed miserably each time.
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