Poluwat - (Polowat/Alei) - Seeking World War 2 Information


I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to who I could contact regarding WW2 information and the plane that is in the lagoon in Alei (I believe). Any information would be greatly appreciated.




  • Ask Micronesia Seminar about the WWII and Alert.

    The plane is gone. Not there. We tore it to pieces and sold them to the recycle company.

    Just kidding. I am certain only the people on the island or from the island would know. You go there and find out first hand information at the same time see for yourself.
  • Astnpwrs, My mother is 96yrs old now. She is still able to tell me stories of the past. Her memory and communication is still good till today. But I think she may have none for the location of where you want.
    She have many accounts for the Chuuk Lagoon past including the WWII. She was there from the beginning to the end. She was in Tonoas with one of the Japanese High ranking officials as a maid, after attending the Japanese school.
    As the war broke out she move from Tonoas to her home Islands. She said that she watch with others the first attack of the lagoon, especially Tonoas and the ships around Tonoas.
    During the later years of the TT government I was with some US military people on a project that we remove all the life ammunition from the ship. Thanks God that I had a chance to see all the ship she talked about.
    Couple years ago I visited most of these libraries in Hawaii to verified her stories. I have a lot of pictures and clips about the Truk Islands with me. I have read a lot about the various administration of the Chuuk Islands. I love the past than the present of Chuuk Islands. The Custom and Cyulture is a bit forgotten.
    Go to the public libraries and find what you may want for WWII in Alei.
  • Hello Esananap,

    Your mother might be a huge boost to what I'm looking for. During WW2, from what I read, prisoners of war were often moved "up the chain of command". Therefore if the airmen were caught on Puluwat/Alei, I have a suspicion that they would have been moved over to Truk (Chuuk Lagoon.) I will message you directly to carry the conversation on from there.
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