Join the rest of the world against United Airlines .

What you all think?


  • Well, United definitely got to taste their own dose of medicine by being so arrogant with their service policies. Damage done - definitely cheaper had they incentivized customer they dragged out and hurt with $2,000 or $3,000 than what United has lost $1billion with investors due to the violent treatment of this customer going viral. Isn't $2,000 cheaper than $1 billion lost with United investors. This lesson hopefully will overhaul United's rude employees and policies to customers.
  • UA has been an arrogant airline since ever since. See what it does to the micronesian leg of its operation. It pains my heart every time the waitress says "thank you for choosing UA as your connection to the world". Didn't they know that we didn't choose? We are forced to choose it, sanababej.
    The doc must sue it for all its worth.
    Not ashamed.
  • I just hope that United doesn't jack up the fairs in places where it has a monopoly, like the FSM.
  • Pick your fight. Until we have choices, we better leave United alone or the fares will be increased. Let us talk about dual citizenship and the need to reintroduce another bill for 2019 Election. We have to keep at it every two years.
  • Sandman, you hope? - where have you been? We, in the FSM, have been paying one of, if not the highest per mile air fare rates in the world because UA has been a monopoly so many times over. FSM Dept of TC&I, through its airline taskforce, have issued numerous RFP's and have met many airline companies inviting them to consider servicing our islands HNL/GUM routes or any other commercially viable route connecting to our islands. Even if Hawaiian Airlines could provide once a week island hooper service HNL/GUM and return, it would do us lots of miracles.
  • no other airline is intrested in this micronesian route, where is Palau air that the state so much investeded got Air Nauru that just quite Chuuk and Kosrae, Air Nugine only fly chuuk and Pohnpei. no other airline wants to fly these island routes,which are not marketable.
  • It may be true as you think. But there are a few that wants the route but do not wants to compete with United couple years ago. Few changes in the pacific can make things better in Micronesia. The problem is, no one wants to look into the deep operation scheme of United Airline.
  • we should look in to our National Government scheme rather then focus on airlines problems. lets wait and see what the result of the investigation comes up with ant the end of this month.
  • I agree with weedman72 that the market for airline competition in our area (route) is so lean and does not warrant that much competition. This was the reason Bank of Hawaii (Bankoh) in the early 2000's pulled out of FSM.
  • The best way to bring in a new airline is to attract more tourists. Airlines go where the paying customers want to go.
  • The reason why there are hardly any tourists coming into the FSM is because airfare is too expensive. It is more expensive than an all inclusive weekend vacation booked from Japan, China, Vladivostok, South Korea, Taiwan to Guam and back.

    United Airlines flight schedule is also one way street to Hawaii one day, and the next day is one way street to Guam. The justification is that there aren't many passengers to fill the seats despite the fact that flights are often overbooked with many passengers on stand-by every day.

    We need to lodge a formal complaint against the airline through the FAA or the US State Dept for unfair business practices that undermines tourism industry in the FSM.

    Are we getting the lobbying services we paid for through that lobbying firm we recently retained? What have they done for us so far? Anyone got any reports or updates on this?
  • Wasn't it the feds that dragged the guy off?

    Now, talking about airline in Micronesia. Do we have the passenger base to lure in other airline? The number is just right for now for a single airline. Additional flight(s) may do on an as need basis.

    The need is to have ways and means to increase the number of people travelling into our islands.

    Prepare houses for the visitors and they will come. Have recreational activities ready for them to enjoy and they will love to visit us. Assure that they will not be shot by daggers and they will invite more of their friends. Give them a clean place to dress their scratches after a long hike on the hilly terrain of Piis Paneu and they will feel on and so forth.

    Fly United
  • Feds with UA employees instructions. No matter how UA tries to dress it, UA is written all over the pages.
  • The three thugs who removed the passenger were security guards working for the Chicago aviation authority. They have all been suspended. They acted at the request of United Airlines.
  • True, UA requested assistance, but not in the manner that the feds carried out. There must have been resistance that warrant for the action on the feds' part. Anyway, the feds are suspended for the unfortunate incidence.

  • Thank you United for still flying the island hopper. my kids are able to go to school abroad, family abroad can return back to the islands, our sick can go for medical referrals abroad cause island hospitals. thank you again
    for your commitment in serving the islands. " STILL FLYING UNITED 2017"
  • We are still flying big time weedman. We have no choice but it doesn't mean we just sit biting our nails and don't say a word.
    Let's raise awareness to better service.
  • a leader from Hawaii brough up an idea.. nottoo long ago.. any news about the idea yet?. has it survive yet?.. or is it DEAD idea?..just for verification only?.. Tha was a a good idea to star with? bad at all!!
  • How many more years are we going to held hostage by this piece of shit Airline. By that I meant us ordinary citizens who have to put up with outrageous airfare while our government leaders - who are suppose to protect us from such unfair practices - chose to be oblivious about it.

    It must be the special treatments, lavish gifts from UA, and off course traveling free paid for by the government funds. Take away all these and you would feel the heat, agony and struggle we endure as average citizens.

    This whole scenerio is quite synonymous to a dysfunctional relationship whereas a wife has to live and suffer with an abusive husband. If she has the will to find peace and happiness, she can be free. She cant't be blame for her sufferings.


  • A win for the hundreds of Micronesians employed by United Airlines.

    "...a majority of workers at United's catering kitchen at DIA are immigrants or people of color. Moreover, approximately 210 of the workers there are Pacific Islanders, who have formed a community in Denver specifically around employment at the kitchen, since jobs come with flight benefits that allow workers to travel at low costs back to the Pacific Islands (mostly the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands).

    Using the company's “buddy pass” perk, Pacific Islander employees have flown in relatives who can work in the U.S. indefinitely under the Compact of Free Association..."
  • Great news for the pacific islander community in Denver, nice!
  • visafree, stop distributing stupid information and lies
  • no lies and all info are legit. i know for a fact cause i used to worked there and conditions are kidding
  • United Airlines my ass. Still no competitor airlines who has the balls to challenge UA? All the airlines and shipping fairs are high as shit. No fluctuation! FSMers are suffering because of the Gov't Leaders in both National and States. They are taking all the beneficiaries leaving the ordinary citizens suffocate in defecation, salary-wise speaking. How come FSM doesn't have a "Price Control Committee?"
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