Liberals ARE MAD That Trump didn't attack North Korea

The liberals WERE MAD that Trump send the striker group to the Korean Peninsula. But now it turn out to be a misinformation they are mad AT Trump for for not sending it.


  • Lol@misinformation. Yeah...everything this admin says and does is to misinform and misdirect. Enjoy ur weed buddy!
  • The "striker group" is still going or heading in that direction but thru Australia area first. By not rushing there, it gives everybody a breather. US will not be boxed into attack by any NK's provocation. China will have time to work its diplomatic and economic pressure on NK. NK will not feel threatened by the presence of the armada. More talks and more vocal threats will and could be expressed or exchanged from all sides.

    Let's hope this will give a chance for diplomacy to work first. NK's ICBM might be able to hit Guam. Too close to our home in the Pacific. We'll hope and pray that peaceful resolution could be brought about even if President Trump is willing to not label China as currency manipulator which is a reverse of his earlier commitment. If this designation is a big deal for China and its trade agenda; and could be given up by Trump in exchange for China's help regarding NK's nukes, then, I think that is a good thing. IT will be a small sacrifice by the Trump administration but a big step in the world politics. For the sake of peace, leaders should be allowed to reverse their political positions when new developments and new dynamics come into play in the world stage of international relations and international conflicts. Just some thoughts.
  • @SakaSaka , get over it your party lost. And when are you moving out of the US ?
  • Someday PS, ill be heading home. What about you, when u moving out? Lol
  • It's being reported that the US satellites over N Korea have observe NKoreans playing volleyball at the nuclear testing site area. It does not seem to make sense given the recent days ratcheting up of threats from NK to turn South Korea and US cities to "ashes". Or, maybe it does make sense. Clearly, NK officials know that US spy satellites and high altitude flying aircrafts are observing and studying the area for any sign of preparation for detonating nuclear test #6.

    So maybe the not-so secret volleyball games are a message to the world that either NK is ready to detonate with their atomic bomb all set to go. Or, it might also mean that NKoreans are not seriously preparing to detonate their #6. If this latter option is correct, then, maybe the pressure that have been brought to bear by China is somewhat working. On the other hand, NK has in the past ignore China's advise and admonitions. Let's see what will happen today or in the next couple of days. Just some thoughts of this nice and cool evening here in Kolonia--far away from the troubled world yet not totally out of reach of some bad consequences if NK were to detonate their nuclear test #6.
  • @SakaSaka I am home. Im here in Micronesia, Guam, where Americas day begin.

    I hope that fat little man Kim don't go crazy on us.
  • No worries...he is having too much fun to simply take his own life by being so ubsurdly stupid.
  • So, it's being reported that the vehicles lining up for gas in NK capital are getting longer; that the government's State owned/sponsored gas station are limiting buyers to diplomats and international programs; that the local drivers are being turned away or being advise to look for other gas stations.

    If this is true, the speculation is that China might have already been limiting gas export to NK--which is totally dependent on China's supplies of gas and other petroleum products. It is hoped that this one of the pressures that China is imposing on NK; with the hope that NK will not be so bold and reckless with its program on nuclear test and satellite testing, especially ICBM type. Just hoping and praying for peace in our side of the world on this nice rainy Sunday morning here in Pohnpei.
  • Tuesday is the 85th anniversary of the founding of Korea People's Army, one of the important days that NK observe by taking actions that could be dangerous.

    As such, it would be prudent for the "armada" to bid its time; to arrive in the Korean Peninsula, after, not before, Tuesday. NK might act up again, as it has been in the past, during the anniversary celebration; it might test ICBM or it might do nuclear test #6. If these were to occur, there will be a chance of reaction from the "armada" group--by design or by over-reaction--which could lead quickly to escalation between NK and the US/Allies.

    However, if the "armada" were to arrive after the 85th anniversary and NK decides to still show its muscle by performing the tests, then, the US would be justified to take whatever action that it deems necessary in reaction to it being threatened. Let's just hope that this scenario does not come up; let's hope that China's influence will temper NK's unpredictable actions. We'll see by Tuesday. Let's pray for peace.

  • So, it's reported that NK is conducting "massive live-fire drill" while a US nuclear-fuel submarine arrives at one of SKorea ports. I hope the drill--as massive as NK President wants--would be sufficient for his desire to "show" the US, SK, Japan and allies that what NK can do. I also hope the US/allies will continue to show restrain. It's already Wednesday in this side of the world, one day past the anniversary of the founding of NK, so let's hope that continued threats for nuclear test #6 or ICBM tests to show NK can reach US do not materialize. Just hope and pray for peace.
  • So far so good in NOKO (North Korea). US is still talking about putting military pressure to go alongside diplomatic efforts. NOKO is still talking about major destructions to US, S. Korea and allies. China must be doing something right--putting the right pressures on NOKO--not to do crazy things to US and/or allies.

    Let's hope and pray that cool heads will prevail so that talks on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula could be started. Just some thoughts and wishful thinking and hoping for peaceful neighborhood at our side of the world.
  • imageboth north korea and trump are mad!
  • I disagree with you radada. If trump was mad like you said he would have attacked N Korea a long time ago. He is using the diplomatic route at this moment. No mad man does that.
  • General Harris, during the exclusive briefing at the White House for the 100 Senators, said "We want to bring Kim Jung Un to his senses--not to his knees". I think that statement speaks for itself: not belligerent, not soft but enough to stress the need for diplomatic solution, backed by the awareness of US military strength, but not focusing on war yet. Just some peaceful thoughts on this nice Friday morning here in Kolonia.
  • marc, you sound like you can answer my question. is there going to be a war between US and NK?
  • errr, nobody can answer that question now except Kim Jung Un. Trump will respond militarily if Kim does not listen to China's advice regarding nuclear testing. I think NK President is smart enough to know that he will be killed once the US begins to attack--because the attack will be overwhelming and will result in a lot of casualties, not only for NK but also South Korea. China will be overrun by NK's people crossing the China/NK border for fear or for freedom. It's an ugly scenario. So I think China will take action and put a lot of pressure to stop NK from going further to create a destabilizing environment. Let's hope that China will be able to keep the war from happening between US and NK.
  • I don't see one iota of evidence offered to support the OP's claim that "liberals" are mad, but, since that is what is insisted, it must be true, correct?

    I normally ignore nonsensical rhetoric like this as it really serves no purpose but this is getting ridiculous. This thread doesn't seem to encourage a level headed, informed exchange, but rather feels like it's intended to incite liberals to engage conservatives in a pointless exchange that, in the grand scheme of things, will have zero effect on the outcome of anything. I'm confused. Mr. OP, what is the point of this thread?

    Why do I get the feeling the reply will have nothing more than more politically charged rhetoric?
  • He says they were mad when he sent those ships and when they found out it was a misinformation they got even more mad. It was all over Facebook and Twitter and the news media.

    War is imminent trump is sending ships to Korea. All the comments were about how he is a warmonger and that he as no legality to attack Korea.

    Trump lied he didn't sent ships to Korea. All the comments were about how he is a lying piece of shit and not a truthful president.
  • So Kim's NK went ahead being rogue and tested a scud type of missile which broke up inside NK territory, not the usual location such as the sea near Japan. President Trump was notified. However, he had not issued any war threat yet; instead, he's focusing on how NK's Kim was being disrespectful of China's Xi. Looks like Trump is really focusing on China to lead in the denuclearization efforts of NK. It sounds like a good strategy since China really cannot afford to have Trump go in and bomb NK. Here's hoping for peace on this nice evening in Kolonia.
  • China if it really wanted to stop this it could.
  • David did not have nuclear bombs. Oh Shit we have a person who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
  • There is a difference between Kim Jung Un's perspective of nuclear bomb and his father and grandfather's perspective. Whereas his grandfather and his father viewed the nuclear bomb as deterrent to potential attackers, this 28 years old Un is using the nuclear bomb to threaten other countries especially SK, Japan and US. As such, I think if the US were to bomb NK because of the threat, then, that would be justified. But I hope not. I hope Kim Jung Un will stop at the brink. Just my thoughts.
  • Secretly the democrats are rooting for Kim to attack south Korea. Kim is mad man and he way too paranoid. Killed his own uncle and brother. That's says alot about how unstable he is.
  • Trump says Kim Jong Un is a "smart cookie" and Trump would be "honored to meet him."
  • ^ your party lost get over it.... there is always next election.
  • So, NK is now reported to criticize China saying China had better be careful, etc. for expressing concerns about NK's nuclear ambitions. This is history! NK has always felt covered by China at these years since the end of the Korean war; this is a new development. So maybe China is doing its part in pushing NK to ease up in its nuclear program; and NK President Un does not like it.

    Now that NK has gone public with its criticism of China, it'll be difficult for China to publicly back off in its position. So most likely, the souring relationship between NK and China will continue in spiral; which would bring China to align more with Trump regarding possible intervention of NK. Scary stuff. Trump's strategy is working so far. Let's hope it'll result in something positive--to the region and to the world.
  • Recent intelligence coming out is that North Korea is putting "pedal to the floor" on its Nuclear program and is now preparing for another missile test.
  • Kim Jong-un Accuses CIA of Assassination Plot and Promises War Will “Begin Immediately”

    North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is back in the international spotlight. This time, North Korean officials are claiming the Central Intelligence Agency is plotting to assassinate the their leader with “biochemical substances.” The North Korean Ministry of Defense made the allegations, which were published by the country’s state-run media.

    The move to assassinate Kim Jong-Unis being characterized as a “last-ditch effort” by American “imperialists” that’s “beyond the limits.”

    A CIA decapitation plot would seem unusual. Yet the Trump administration has ramped up preparations for military conflict with North Korea as the country continues to flaunt United Nations security council resolutions by planning and carrying out both missile launches and nuclear tests.

    The new claims argue that the CIA is working with the South Koreas Intelligence Services. They’ve “hatched a vicious plot” to take out Kim while he was making public appearances in Pyongyang.

    There is, of course, no verifiable confirmation of these claims. The “America-is-threatening-us” propaganda message is ever present in North Korea.

    USA Today published a translation of the propaganda message that said Kim was to be targeted by a bomb while “at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and at a military parade and public procession after his return home.”This particular parade occurred on April 15th.

    The mission was to be carried out by a North Korean national who had been recruited to work for the CIA, but his mission was supposedly a failure.

    “The murderous demons of the IS who conspired with the CIA ideologically corrupted and bribed a DPRK citizen surnamed Kim, the then worker of the timber industrial branch in the Khabarovsk Territory of Russia in June 2014, and turned him into a terrorist full of repugnance and revenge,” the North Korean statement read.

    The bomb this terrorist was supposedly going to use contained a “radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance.” The CIA supposedly paid this terrorist “over 20,000 U.S. dollars on two occasions and a satellite transmitter-receiver (that enabled) him (to) get versed in it.”

    Will North Korea tolerate such heinous assassination attempts? Of course not. They promise to “ferret out and mercilessly destroy the last one (of) the terrorists of the U.S. CIA and the puppet IS of South Korea targeting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.”

    Their bellicose rhetoric didn’t end their. They declared the assassination attempt to be a declaration of war. As of yet, no shots have been fired.

    Here’s part of the statement regarding their intentions:

    “Korean-style anti-terrorist attack will be commenced from this moment to sweep away the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the U.S. imperialists and the puppet clique, the most mean and brutal hideous terrorist group in the world.”

    “Even though we wipe out all those villains involved in the recent hideous state-sponsored terrorism, there is no vouch that the enemies would stop maneuvering as long as the chieftains and the plot-breeding bases remain.”

    “It is not a secret that the U.S. imperialists and the puppet group of traitors are getting all the more reckless with each passing day and their moves are spearheaded against the supreme headquarters of the Korean revolution.”

    “It is as clear as noonday that such heinous crime targeting the supreme headquarters of the Korean revolution would continue to be attempted, as long as the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet group of traitors remain unchanged in their hostile policy toward the DPRK and there are CIA and IS running amuck as a spearhead in executing the policy.”
  • As Trump said last week, Kim Jong Un is a "smart cookie" and Trump would be "honored to meet him." LOL
  • PawnStar,

    Don't you have anything better to do with your life? Sheesh... get a hobby or something. The election ended LAST YEAR, dude.
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