In One Week The Trump Administration has Killed Well over 2,900 ISIS Fighter's

The United States and Iraqi Security Forces have killed 2,900 ISIS fighters in one week alone. You can tell Trump has turned something loose that Obama was holding back.

Amongst those killed is the right hand man of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Iraqi forces are making huge gains in their mission to wipe out the jihadi virus from Mosul.

Backed by US airstrikes, the troops are working to clear the remaining districts of the death cult.

Thousands of Islamist extremists were taken out during fierce clashes with the Iraqi army in the disputed Tenek and Abar districts.

Both districts are now under Iraqi government control.


  • 2,900 in one week! Weew. More than the previous administration did in 5 years. Mr.MAGA wasn't kidding when he said he would wipe ISIS out.
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