Gender Equality in Micronesia

Why is the Mormon church sending in 99.9 percent all male missionaries, when the whole region is trying to promote Gender Equality? And why are the missionaries in Micronesia 99.9 percent Americans? According to the Mormon website, there are 15 million Mormons worldwide, does this seem a bit strange to you?


  • There's a standing Mormon Church teaching that discourages females​involvement in church leadership or active participation​ in church activities unless specifically sanctioned by church rules.
  • Well then that means that their policy is discriminatory in nature and they should be confronted officially about it.
  • The Mormon Church (emphasize Church) cannot be confronted officially about its teachings because it is a Church. Freedom of Religion constitutional stuff.
  • Plus their teaching is supported by Scripture.
  • Mormon leadership is in Utah not in MIcronesia. Take the beef there.
  • imagecoconut, what can be done here to prevent this happening in FSM??
  • From the Peace Corps Volunteer Manual for Micronesia:

    "Depending on where they are placed, female Volunteers may find that being alone increases the possibility of being harassed. Besides receiving more unwanted and inappropriate attention from men in Micronesia than men in the United States, female Volunteers may have to work harder than male Volunteers to gain the professional respect of colleagues in the workplace.

    Female Volunteers may also experience resentment from Micronesian women for attitudes and behaviors that the women see as traditionally male."
  • This will happen someday but the Day has not arrived. What is needed here are more educated Women. Still, there are less educated Women in FSM than men. As long the status quo remain unchanged, the Gender equality in the FSM is far from complete. As for the positive trend for realization of this endeavor? I personally think FSM is far better than before. And, the positive trend continues. We must all remember that the first Congress Woman in Micronesia happened in the Marshall Islands and that is a long time ago. It took a very long time before the first Woman on Pohnpei became one of the State Senators. On Pohnpei so far we have had 3 women in the Pohnpei Legislature counting the current Active member of the Pohnpei State Legislature from the island of Nukuoro. Still, there are 22 men, that are members of the Pohnpei State Legislature. Now just the last election the first Woman I heard in Chuuk became a Legislature. Just this scenario, shows the whole picture of what I had shared. Gender Equality is far from complete. It may take another 200 years or so in Micronesia to realize this dream of Gender Equality in the FSM.
  • In FSM, Chuuk in particular, the culturally accepted distinction between a man and a woman and their respective stance in society is there and is there to live. Of course we have LGBT in Chuuk. And they know very much where they stand. We had female legislators in Chuuk in the mid and late 1970. Two very fine and beautiful Chuukese women.
  • Certain tasks and posts are meant for specific gender in Micronesia. Mormons realize that, thus the missionaries assignment. SIMPLE.

    In Pohnpei, why aren't the women sukusuking the sakau? See? IN Chuuk Lagoon, men do the sukusuk for kon while in the outer islands women do. See?

    Why do men wear the thu in Yap and women wear lava lava? You follow?

    Gender equality cannot and should not hamper our culture. Period. It is not indigenous.
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