To Make Chuuki Great.....

What shall we do first, now. Not later.


  • Reshuffle the cabinets and executive branch state and municipal as well working together to put chuuk up in a higher level in any way around beautifully,socially, politically and get rid of the chuukei chok style if its still going that way cuuk will doomed no matter what. .....
  • Agreed 2000% to get rid of the chuukei chok mentality.
  • Thanks brother for your points. Hope things get better than before.

    ngaan, If I may ask. Some of the Administrative departments in the Chuuk st6ate government have a lot of legendary discussion about how the department are under the former administration directors. We have seen lots of the unconfirmed accusations od missed use of funds and abuse. Are those discussions can be verified by the legislature confirmation committee or should it not? Can we consider that as the Chuukese way of Chuukei chok?
  • Don't do anything to further damage what's already broken. Just slowly pick up the bits and pieces collaboratively and move forward. I see a lot of criticism without workable solutions. That will get us no where.

  • What is this "great" we are aspiring for?
    May we have some examples please.
  • Less talk about secession, more work on MOUs between Chuuk and FSM and FSM and JEMCO to get compact funding moving. Start the painful but necessary reduction of state non elected with Chuuk FSM congress delegation to rid of the district authority entities to change the way representation funds are spent...focus on the bigger district or regional projects rather than individuals...freeze all travels for non essential offices.
    Raise wages for all public safety employees and invest in training. What else...there are more. Im fully aware that armchair quarterbacking is so much easier than real life execution of stuff...but talking can lead somewhere
    Our Chuuk govt got lots to worry about..hope it starts at home with staff reduction, amending const to have just one house, then moves to tackle tougher issues such as tax, fee revenue sharing, etc.
    Deteriorating hospital and amenities, Absence of dispensaries in all voting districts or regions in Chuuk, the need to improve the dept of public safety and the never ending educational challenge. With all these, where does Chuuk start?
    Should the priority be on cost/waste cutting and revenue improvement for the next 4yrs or, Chuuk puts out as many fires, big and small, as possible and tackles what needs fixing now..infrastructure, COFA funding, education and healthcare system?
  • pwipwi kinen, mei wor ekkoch kana mettoch SakaSaka a kapasen mei murino sipwe satuni ne nenengeni ika repwe tufich ponuweta. Iwe nge merei ikkei pwan soposopun.
    1. Kich chon Chuuk sipwe tongnei pusin kich pwe epwe tongnei tufich ach sipwe pwan tongei emon.
    2. Sipwe achocho ne pusin opungu pusin ach angang pwe epwe wor chon opuru kich.
    3. Sipwe aucheani fonuwach Chuuk me ach kewe eoruni mei murino pwe epwe pwano ach echeni manawach.
    4. Sipwe anapano auchean sukun ach sipwe tipachem non angangen ei napanapen muun sia nonom non, me pwan pusin sukunen ach kewe eoruni me nonomuch ren ach sipwe pusin manaw (survival).
    5. Sipwe awateno osukuna angangen pekin anganger pau me tufich seni pusin ach angang.
    6. Sipwe anapanao ika shift ini seni government an epwe fori ekkoch kei angang (services) nge sipwe ngeni contractors me kei local nonprofit repwe wisen fori pwe epwe chommongono chon angang ngeni private sectors pwe epwe wateno moni tonong ren government (local revenue).
    7. Sipwe anapano osukuna met pekin agriculture me fisheries me epwe ifa usun an epwe anisi fonuwach me aramasen neniach an epwe napano moni ren aramas me government..
    8. Sipwe anapano aiti ngnei aramas repwe achocho ren fori mine repwe pusin manaw ren, nge resap chok nongonong won ei government me nouwisin government repwe amwongonir me awora nour moni.
    9. sinbad sopwei mo. Kinisou.
  • A men amwarar fen puan atakirikir ami kei anchang SakaSaka me last94 nge nape-ngeni chok "pön and pön". Be back when time permits.
  • Lol...ina ina fokkun anchang ooo non osenimwuu
  • Let's be realistic and fair here. "Less talk about secession", how could that make chuuki great? I thought separation was entertained to help cushion Chuuk's eventual fall comes 2023.
    There's been mous after mous on paper, no results. No can make chuuki great.
    Reduce Chuuk's non elected positions.
    Who will be in the classrooms with the kids, who will be in the hospital for the patients, who will repair the roads, etc? Most everyone is crying, NOT ENOUGH MAN-POWER. What's the thrill on this reduction thing? Difenetly it won't make chuuki great.
    FSM Congress is very territorial. It won't jeopardize its mode of survival. National gov't already declared, NO CAN HELP state govts. Yeah we hate their travels but that surely won't make chuuki great.
    Why only cops, what happens to the rest? Sorry I don't know what "armchair quarterbacking" is. In the past, I thought the one house legislature would be ideal for Chuuk and easy to tackle. Little did I know, no one is keen to tackle it.
    Pwipwi SakaSaka with all your efforts and my counter efforts, I think Chuuk is already great in her own little ways.
  • last94
    Your points are very sentimental/touchy and deep reaching but will not hold water when taken to the test.
  • I, therefore like kinen conversions cause its not bias. He keep on pondering on the subject of discussion to make it alive. Keep it up pwipwi. Keep the conversion alive. lol
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