Obama: I wont help those fat cats in Wall Street, yet accepted $800,000 from a WS firm

Remember when Obama said during the elections against Mitt Romney that Romney was for the rich class while he/Obama was for the working class? And how he said he will never help those fat cats in wall street? Well during the past 2 weeks Obama has been paid more then $800,000K to by 2 wall street firms to go and speak at the events held those 2 wall street firms.

He/Obama said he was against the cpaitalistic cats on wall street yet he is accumulating $400,000 dollars a gig for speaking at partys being held by those fat cats in wall street. The so called anti capitalist has turned to a pro capitalist to Amas millions from those fat cats.



  • Lol...greetings PawnStar. Pray for peace in this world, pray for this Admin to be successful. Pray for FSMers to be stronger and more determined to do better both back home and abroad.
  • I hope Obama go back to Chicago and and see whats happening in his city. 10 murders a day. Even with all those gun laws. Go clean your city Mr and stop accumulating money from those wall street fattys you hated so much.
  • I think Democrats were hoping that Obama would come back to the DC politics; and would provide the much needed leadership to guide the Party as it tries to regain its footing after the 2016 loss. Now that he has accepted $400,000 plus the new $400,000 from the Wall Street which he always lectured against, he has lost, forever, his moral authority to lead his Party. As such, it's now projected that the Party will be lost in the wilderness of confusion and irrelevance for years to come while the new crop of leaders are being groomed to take leadership roles. But with old guards such as Pelosi, Shumer, Warren, Sanders and the DNC's Perez holding tight to their turfs, it's not clear if the D party will be able to recover soon enough for the 2018 races. Just some thoughts on this nice evening.
  • What morality? Never knew he had any. Obama is a good orator, like every good orator from Cicero to Cina to Ceaser to Augustus to Hitler they had one thing in common they knew how to play to the masses emotion. I dont like the guy and think he was a piss poor leader but I have to admit that he is one one of the best orators of this century.
  • Rasta, I think you're quite right--what morality? His ability to talk up the storm made a lot of people to say that he was a "saint" or something like that description. After getting his Nobel Prize, at the beginning of his presidency, he went to prove that his talks of "hope and change" were shallow since he and his administration did not reflect those high goals.

    It's clear that he intentionally lied to the public, for example, about the Obamacare and others. And he did it with straight face. I liked him at the beginning because he was born in Hawaii and I thought he would be like islanders.

    I have nothing against him. He last year bought an expensive mansion in DC area; and I think a lot of Democrats and his followers thought that he would settle in DC and be a force to lead his D party and lead the opposition against Trump presidency. He had always portrayed Wall Street as if dirty; and that the Republicans and anybody who dealt with Wall Street were equally dirty.

    As somebody said, "St. Obama is just as dirty as us Capitalist". Many looked up to him to have moral authority to be a statesman; to lead his Party back; to be a force in the community organization roots that he started his career with. However, all of these have and will change now that he has accepted a huge pay by the same Wall Street that he railed against. Good for him. For many of us, it explains the duality or the multiplicity of his persona. Just some observations; but do I know.
  • Got the Nobel prize while at the same times he dropped bombs on 7th Muslim countries.
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