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What is going on with the services? I have seen couple comments regarding late or slow delivery of mail in Chuuk. Does this only happen in Chuuk or all four States?


  • Yap too. I have sent packages that take weeks or even up to almost two months until it gets there. I don't know what the issue is but would like someone shed some light on this matter.
  • There was a Chuukese man who send mails (boxes) before he came to Chuuk in February. All his boxes arrived except 1 box of clothes and 1 box of beach tent. Until yoday no words of the missing boxes. What happen?
  • Now that is news to hear and I know it shouldn't be happening as discussed. In Pohnpei, mail has been good. Especially from off-island.
  • With respect to your experiences, Oalong, I've had hit and miss experiences with the FSM Postal Service in Pohnpei State. I order material from Sweden and the United States about once per quarter, and usually 1/3 of my boxes simply never show up. I'm still waiting for a couple of boxes from March 2016, May 2016, September 2016, and most recently February 2017 and April 2017. It's exclusively personal material, but what it means is a collection of photographs are gone forever, or that a gift I bought never brought a smile to a five year old's face.

    I've never had any problems with any of the staff, though.
  • Whoever the Post Master General is should aware his/her staff in Chuuk about the tracking system. People are monitoring their shipments (mails) from the departing point to its destination. Too often the clerks/staff at the post office tell customers their package(s) have not arrived when in fact the tracking codes indicate that the item(s) is inside, as WITHIN the building.

    In other words, keep the staff up to date on technology because they look like fools when the recipient(s) of the package(s) know too well the package is there according to the tracking system using a scanning device to indicate the whereabout of the package, unless of course it is given to the wrong person.

  • So what happens when packages just disappeared despite being tracked to said destination..be P.O in Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae or Pohnpei? Who is monitoring those inspections? Can someone list the step by step process of receiving incoming shipments/packages via sea or air at each seaport/airport and from such to the actual physical Post Office building?
  • The postal services system is consider one of the very important link of our Nation to the outside world. If the link is fault up seriously without any immediate fix, should I say it is an extra ordinary move forward or backward of services in our nation?
  • If my understanding serves me well, the shipment is brought to the post office of origin. The clerk at that post office scans it as received. Upon sending it out, it is also scanned. Every stop or link between the origin and destination, the package is scanned letting the sender and receiver know where the parcel is, whether at the airport/seaport or postal facility. When it arrives at the airport of destination the handlers scan it to indicate that it has reached the airport. Postal clerk pick up the parcel or package from the airport where it is also scanned as cleared out of the airport facility. When arriving at the postal facility, the clerks there also scan it to make known to the shipper, receiver and all concerned that the packaged has arrived at the facility of destination. When issued to the receiver, that's when the package is taken off the system, meaning it has been issued to the receiver which will be substantiated by documents signed by the individual who has picked up the shipment.

    So you see, Saka, there is no way for a clerk to tell the person who monitors his/her package that it has not arrived the facility when the person claiming the package knows from the tracking system. As we all are aware, each package has a unique assigned number or code so there is no way it would get mixed up with another.

    But then again, we are only humans. And when one gets pissed off at the clerks, nothing we can do, WE ARE ONLY HUMANs.
  • I think they're practicing some kind of magic back there cuz plenty packages have been disapearing lately...lol
  • The only solution is for the manager to fire all his staffs and resign!!!
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    if one cannot manage by leading or controlling his or her staff then might as well step down...
  • The problem also exists in Pohnpei since German time especially in the Kolonia main office. You come to the office with your Tracking Number indicating that the mail has arrived three-four days earlier, you are told that the mail has yet to be sorted. How long does it take to sort the mail? I am convinced this has reached an epidemic level.
  • @Machew, no no. not the employee. The manager should be fire not the employee. The manager could not dealt with such problem. Not make sense to change employee but the problem is a management problem. He/She can not dealt with this long due problem. The manager
    may have known this long time if he/she does his/her job. But he/she does not done any thing cause don't know what to do. If its happen in all four post office then fire the Post Master. Period.
  • 80% of the time "ese mwo kan war", is the response given by those clerks down at our postal office-Chuuk. 20% of the time when your package is missing, "ina epwe ekena chon angangen custom". I have heard first hand by a custom agent that all they do is just check and clear out.They do not open the packages, unless required which rarely occurs. All the time (100%)"Kosapw aoumwesiei" when confronted by customers who track their packages and know that they are sitting somewhere at the back. Customers we have to understand that "being at the back" is a good thing. Compared to sitting in the containers for months and maybe years.

    Leaders, please Lead!
  • Uwa nukuw pwe ei osukosuk a fen affectini chommong aramas me non Chuuk tori aramasen non FSM. Nge uwa fen pwan nukuw pwe a i tori seningen chommong nouwis non State pwan tori National government. Uwa fen pwan nukuw pwe epwe ne wor mine ach na munap epwe ne ani ootot. Amo repwe fen moni jok kana mwesinen cheki masowen non kana boxes pwe epwe mutir ar angang.
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