I called the national office of the FSM Social Security Administration in town to ask for help and he told me to call my congress rep or a lawyer. He later suggested that I call the Congress and ask. I simply wanted to ask if the social security law could be amended and letting the old age recipients to have two payments within a month because of many justifiable reasons. His last words were, "we only print the checks and the Congress made the decision.

I then called the Congress office in Palikir and asked that I talk to a counselor and he responded. I asked him basically the same question if two payments could be made to the social security. I got fairly similar response ~ meet my congressman or a lawyer to amend the law. I asked if I needed a petition to be signed by retirees and/or should I recruit more supporters to back me up. Again, meet your Congressman and he'd guide you through... It seemed like I'd been put through the "paper chase" and until I find a good staff, I'd still be going around and around on a Merry-Go-Round. Who knows how to make IED (improvised explosive devise)?


  • That is completely BS and BSU (business as usual) especially, with the FSM Social Security System & employees at the HQ and in Pohnpei and Chuuk. Maybe worse in Kosrae and Yap but I just haven't had the chance to deal with them to know for sure. So, at least give Yap and Kosrae the benefit of the doubt. It should be noted that it has been ages after ages that hundreds of residual cases been filed away (File 13?) without any shred of light. On the other hand, it is fair to pull aside your Congressman, twist his arm and pull him by the balls, especially if he has big ones, and have him act accordingly.
  • Well, only a person in need would be going around for improvements. The Congressman, they are all well off and their needs are far far different than 90% of the folks elected them in and they, represent. Because their needs are above the rest, they would never prioritize the issue shared here. They only vulnerable time is when election is on the near horizon. This is when they could spare time to listen otherwise, ___________.
  • You are right Oalong but the bug does not start there with the Congress it stops there. However, it starts at our five respective SS offices in the Nation. Notice that I pointed out earlier that myriads of outstanding claims have been stored away in files, worse in File 13 without any action by the administrative arms at the state level. So, "we're stuck on both sides...........as the saying goes.
  • Utero, LukeNate and Oalong, are you guys senior citizens​ yet and legit recipients of FSMSS pensions?
    Those employees​are very right in their responses.
    Congress enacted the laws. Only Congress can amend the laws or enact new ones.
    See your congressmen.
    I am a legit recipient of FSMSS pension and have not heard of or seen a formal concern from my colleagues. The present law is ok. That is how it's done in most places.
  • Kinen, I see your point and I agree that the employees are right in their response but they are NOT guilt-free as I had pointed out earlier that there are hundreds of cases that those employees have been filed in File 13 (vanished) because those employees pointing their fingers at Congress did not do their homework where appropriate. A clerk in one of the field offices lamented once that her branch administrator, like Donald Trump, was mocking a destitute "wannabe" claimant after he turned her away. So, this problems start at the field offices as well.
  • What would be a good reason to advocate for bimonthly SS pension payment? The present monthly payment helps discipline clients to live within their monthly financial capability.
  • Utero,
    You know what? Split that one month pension and discipline the budget by making biweekly withdrawals from the bank account, rather than wait and wait for the "Congress" to amend the law and fo FSMSSA to implement the amendment.

    Besides, I don't think I've heard of biweekly pay on any of these kinda pension. Maybe FSM can be one of the few if ever there is any????? lol

    pwipwi kinen,
    Anyone suggesting a bimonthly issuance of pension checks? thats a killer, man!
  • I'm​ good pwipwi sinbad. I would advocate for it.
  • All

    The process the amend the law is there and it begins with your senator introducing a bill or the President sending a bill to be introduced by the Floor Leader through the "by request" method.

    The monthly payment is a statutory requirement (53 FSMC 801). You cannot just complain about government and it changes. You need to convince your senator to argue properly on the floor of Congress why/how the change will be beneficial and that the status quo is harmful.
  • That is a very interesting proposal you have there. I understand that US SS beneficiaries collect their pensions biweekly. Could that be applied to the FSM SS beneficiaries? I am still 30 years away from receiving my share of the FSM SS, but like many other forumers I agree that this could really help out the elder folks who are receiving theirs already.
  • kinen, do you mean semi-monthly? Just wondering because b-monthly would mean every two months. Man, I would not be that patient to wait in two months. The monthly one is already scooping my gray hair fast in anticipation for the next check. hahahaha

    Good Sunday, eeryone!!
  • Thanks pwipwi sinbad. I meant to say, I won't advocate for the every second week pension.
    No Ina Chok, we receive our USASS pension direct deposit monthly.
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