The copras is in the early deverlopment stage to turn into money making product.

What about the fish? The breadfruits? The bananas? The taros and the other local farming products and fishing products? Any ideas? Please share your good thoughts.


  • I see Fiji is exporting frozen taro and breadfruit to the US. Why can't Micronesia do the same?
  • We are thankful to FSMPC for taking a step further in making use of available resource to its and our advantage and economic benefit. Let's hope for its success which I believe will be.

    Coconut/copra has always been a cash crop ever since I can remember. Not just the sales of the dried copra as an export product, but domestic market of selling the coconut, the oil, an ingredient in food process, medicinal use, you name it.

    All the other products like fish, breadfruit, taro are being marketed at smaller scale. Do you think exporting what we have will sustain us, enough left for local consumption?

    We have to build up our local production first in order to be able to export and still have enough for our own. Otherwise we will end up buying very expensive kon and pwuna at the local markets. Pwan ew, kich sisap fen chiwen mongo kon pwe sia chok isoni ngeni enen ekkewe re nom nukun Chuuk pwun e fiti kamo. hahaha..apw fen ewer!

  • Who is doing the planting of more coconut trees, taro patches, banana trees, breadfruit trees, etc?
  • Good suggestion sinbad, without doing that first step we ain't gonna accomplish any. The land owner, with the help by the agriculture department and project coordinator from both state and National government should step into the rehab programs.
  • I would hope the FSMPC already knew what to do with the copra product when it received from the community. Another hope for Chuuk State to aggressively assist in rehabilitating the copra plantations​ around the state.
  • Thumps up to you my friend, pwipwi kinen ina pungun fos.
  • Rest assured, kinen, there is already plans ready for sales of finished products. Not only that but buyers as well. FSMPC's investment in this effort, thus far, would not have been made if identified finished products and buyers were not already sought and assured of purchases.

    Raw product would be a problem though if farmers are not engaged in the rehabilitation and continuous replanting of coconut trees. This is when I feel the government and the FSMPC should do more in promoting the replanting of trees.
  • Kinisou auchea sinbad. Si chok aurek pun mi wate competition won copra product in our regions. We are competing with top-notch producers. If we don't discipline ourselves well we could face unbearable obstacles. Let's try to do it better this time. Thanks each and all.
  • True that Sir Kinen...
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    Exactly, pwiwi kinen. Each and every able-bodied man in FSM should engage in the effort, either by actually farming coconut, buy/sell copra/coconuts, or at least tell a neighbor to plant and replant.

    Three years ago, I planted a dozen coconut trees in my backyard along the shore. Three of them are ready to give me copra. Can you imagine how many coconut trees there would be if 10% of FSM adult men plant each 10 coconuts within this year?

    Coconut, as I see it at the moment is one of our hopes in reviving our local economy and the 'constitution' of the islands.
  • I would encourage islands like Uman, Weno the Felapis to invest in the copra venture because they have the potential with their many coral atolls to develop. The other islands still can pitch in. There should be some gov't assistance in the getgo process for support and encouragement.
  • What are the best present methods of planting coconuts on a land where covered by lots of bushes in a place like the higher elevations like around Tonachaw?
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    Cut the bushes and plant coconuts, that's all. You do not want to use heavier farm equipment on steep slopes. One might end up rolling down the hill before even planting a tree.
  • No, no, no. not rolling down the hill. But can we plant first and cut the patch of bushes after the olant start to grow?
  • The fitaw and other bush will kill the coconut before it even grows.
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