Philippine's President Duterte Slam Clinton over criticism

Then US President Bill Clinton and the 18 year old intern he was fucking in the Whitehouse while His wife Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton were in another room sleeping.

Rodrigo Duterte uses Monica Lewinsky to slam Chelsea Clinton after ‘rape joke’
JUNE 1, 20176:49AM

Duterte uses Monica Lewinsky to slam Chelsea Clinton after 'rape joke'

APNews Corp Australia Network
PHILIPPINE President Rodrigo Duterte has attacked Chelsea Clinton after she criticised a comment he made about soldiers raping women.

In an expletive-laden speech at a navy event, Mr Duterte asked Ms Clinton if she also criticised her father when he had an affair with Ms Lewinsky in the White House when he was president of the United States.

“These whores, they hear “rape”. Like, like Chelsea, she slammed me. I was not joking, I was being sarcastic. Listen to the speech. I do not laugh at my own jokes,” said Mr Duterte. “I will tell her, when your father, the president of the United States, was f***ing Lewinsky and the girls in the White House, how did you feel? Did you slam your father?”
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