Court System in Chuuk

Hi, everyone!

My utmost respect to all! However, to make this a short and brief paragraph, i humbly ask for your assistance on how well managed, organized, and sufficient the Court System is in Chuuk?

Note: All comments and/or facts is greatly appreciated.



  • Municipal courts, land court, or State court?
  • Who wants to know? And why? You visit their website and find out from there.
  • Hi, Sandman

    Was inquiring on CSSC?
    - Rules and Regs regarding Criminal Procedures, Probation
    I have did my research, i did come across the website. However, it does not indicate any, of such, that a criminal be placed on Probation terms, release conditions, Pre Trial Release conditions, Probation terms and/or Conditions, etc....

    - 7040
    I appreciate your eager and intense curiosity!
    As a female Chuukese Law Enforcement for both Police and Marshal Division, i find it in my interest to try and understand how the CSSC manages the system. Whatsoever, I am trying to conduct an out-reach to our people back home so they better understand the Laws, Judiciary System, Rules and Regs of such criminal procedures here on Guam. I thank you again for your comment.


  • It's not an easy task SORCEY, you will be frustrated trying to understand the two systems as a Chuukese working out of Guam. Although Chuuk's court system could be a mirroimage of Guam's which is western mirroimaged, there are distinctive differences. Since you are already in Guam's system, secure your footings and then invite yourself into the Chuuk's system for comparison or better understanding of the differences​
  • Hi, Kinen

    Thank You!
    I greatly appreciate that. Although, i do strongly feel that there is/might be a strong obstacle to face to better understand the differences between both court system. But unfortunately, i as an individual, i will not accomplishment such said mentioned, alone. There are a few helping hands that will help guide, let alone the funds, for the out-reach program. Furthermore, with the help of this Forum, I assumed that i would find more information regarding said status, other guides, or helpful tips.
    Above all, i hope that this out-reach can proceed in the near future successfully, for the better knowledge and understanding of Judiciary System, Laws, Probation Division, Sanctuaries, Youth Affairs, Corrections Division, etc... for the next generation of our people. So no confusion of any for uneducated or educated individual that may face the law in any circumstance.

  • The many wonderful and helpful out reach programs in Chuuk's court system are not fully developed at this time although they may be on the books for future references. Be content with your desire. Don't let anything discourages you.
  • Thank you! It will be a first steep step.
  • This might be a security concern
  • nope, no security measures involved or whatsoever
  • Sorcey, I'm not sure about Probation regulations, but the CSSC should follow the Rules of Criminal Procedure, which should be available on line. If not, it should be identical to the FSM's Rules of Criminal Procedure, which I know are on line.
  • thank you Sandman, appreciate it !
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