SO MUCH WINNING: Trump Celebrates 'Total And Complete Vindication' From 'Leaker' Comey


  • Comey Testimony Blows Up New York Times Russia Collusion Report

    Former FBI Director James Comey's "Testimony of the Century" turned out to be not just disappointing to those who have been calling for Donald Trump's impeachment since before he was even inaugurated, but devastating to some of the key anti-Trump narratives, most importantly the Russia collusion conspiracy theory. The person who came out looking the worst from the hours-long testimony wasn't Trump or even the FBI director he fired, but a Democrat darling: Barack Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Another major casualty of Comey's testimony was the establishment media, in particular, the New York Times. 

    In response to a series of questions from Republican Sen. James Risch about false reports based on unnamed sources, Comey exposed a widely cited New York Times February 14 "bombshell" article alleging that "Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence." The article, Comey made clear, was almost entirely false, apparently based on sources who either simply didn't know what they were talking about — a trend Comey noted among many of the leak-based stories coming out of the media. 

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