Conservatives are now playing fire with fire. REZA ASLAN was recently fired by CNN for his anti Trump tweet. Which the Muslim called trump a POS, After Trump called out the Muslim Mayor of London during the Muslim terrorist attacks on London couple of days ago. Trump called out the Muslim mayor of London for Muslim mayor tweet in which the MUslim mayor said that Londoners should accept terror attacks as if terrorist attacks are normal because its part if living in a big city. After Trump called him out, the CNN TV host called trump a POS. Why? Because he is defending another Muslim who trump scolded.

When CNN didn't took action conservatives boycotted the sponsors of REZA ASlan show. The sponsors are the companies that pay CNN to have their commercials appear on CNN. Without the sponsors CNN lose money. Only after conservatives boycotted CNN where it hurt that's the pocket did they fired REZA Aslan. The Same thing happened to Cathy Griffin, that stupid liberal female who took photos with the head of Donald trump. Same thing happened to that quarterback of NFL team the 49ers Colin Kaepernick. Now all 3 are all jobless. Cathy shows tour all over the country have been canceled, Colin was dropped by the 49ers and no team wants him. Now its REZA Aslan turn.

The lesson is even the gun owners and god believing folks of America can play fire with fire. Sooner or later the conservative militias across America are going to step to antifa and BLM if the cops won't. These militias own half the 300 million guns in the US.


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