Chief Magistrate of Sokehs Impeachment????

Word in the street is that the Sokehs Council attempted an impeachment of the Sokehs Magistrate, Lieman and someone said it did not pass? Can anyone share the details? I believe Sokehs Government has been in serious financial trouble as shown in numerous audits and which also moved the traditional leaders to try and remove Magistrate Lieman. What's the latest in Sokehs? Are they still protecting their familial ties? Even if they need to be replaced?

Words have it also that the there are no staff in the Treasury Office because the Treasury from Mwalok village ran off island after it was audited that more Sokehs Government money was stolen by the Executive Branch. If there are no staff in treasury, does this mean the Chief magistrate is also the treasurer?

Can anybody share the details of the impeachment please. The people have the right to know.


  • If you want to know, you should go to Yuki Susaia's market in Sokehs, this is where the gang of bandits assemble to plan their next move.
  • All true what you stated Inemenlo.

    I hear (therefore hearsay and not necessarily true) that criminal proceedings against the CM and at the State level are underway based on the audit reports.
  • I just heard this rumor today as well and will be pursuing it. Right now what I have is as Juliet said, hearsay, but pretty informed hearsay.
  • Thank you Mr. Jaynes:

    As the voice of Pohnpei, you need to cover these kind of corruption stories that many Government crooks are getting away with because the public does not know what is happening. No local news to cover these serious corruptions. You should pursue this as soon as possible so not only people from Sokehs but Pohnpei as a whole needs to know what is happening. You are doing good in covering the impeachment of the State Supreme Court Justice....this miniature municipal government should not be an exception. We look forwards to your report in the KP soon.
  • Bill Jaynes, how about some coverage into the FBI investigating Lyon Engineering in Hawaii? This is BIG and its impact is huge to the FSM people and its small economy.
  • hmmm...interesting. Isn't the Lyon issue relating to the FSM President's son?
  • You guys will have to forgive Mr. Jaynes, he is unable to address sensitive issues which is very unfortunate.

    The press should able to address any issue whether sensitive or not? A strong freedom of speech press will be able to strike a balance with the Government of the FSM and its people.

    Only with transparency can this nation move forward. Without it, we have leaders of organizations and governments that will continue to hide behind a fog of denial and hearsay.
  • Does anyone have any new info to add to this thread? I feel for Mr. Liemen, a very humble and intelligent person. This will surely leave a stain to his political career, especially being a relatively young public servant. If the job is too tough for him, maybe it's time to resign and step aside.
  • They say he was removed from the board of NORMA because he was accepting bribes. If that is the case then of course he has been dipping in to municipal government funding.
  • Talking about humble and intelligent person? Very dangerous nobody knows his moves. ....

    Feel sorry for sokehs government and the people.
  • The Sokehs Municipal Government is deteriorating every day as we speak. Unless, they remove Chief Lieman, things will worsen when subsidies from the State and FSM Gov'ts are tightened up. All Chief Lieman does is sit and wait for subsidies (free money) to come. He has no vision to better the revenue. Since the Council tried to impeach him without success (7 votes in favor and 5 not in favor, did not gather the 3/4 votes), it is now up to the people of Sokehs to to come forth with a petition. Before it's too late.
  • Mwa met mwa, pwal chungairu ah...
  • Asaf, I think sokehs need someone like you, .....don't you think so?

  • Sapwelimatail deh atail tungol aramas me wiewia pwa rie kesempwal brother.......Let's pray for improvement, my friend. God bless Sokehs.

    Ni wahu,
  • How is Sokehs always scrutinized. There must be an unbiased prope into this. All I see is bullshit namwamamw v pwilidak as the cause. If you check your predisposed notions you'd laugh at yourself if not your kids. Sokehs is OK, they are just pressed by Pohnpeian extremists who are well seated.
  • Well seated, nativist, and ignorants.
  • imagehave no idea abt it just heard it!
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