Wallacea was the gateway to Oceania

I as a Moluccan must stand up for the rights of the ancient Wallacean people.The people of East Timor and the Maluku Islands are the missing link and the key to the whole Asian and Pacific Islander argument but our history is being covered up by the Indonesian governement and the American government.Here are some videos:





  • Now here are some old photos of Indigineous Alifuru people of Ceram island,Nusa Ina:





  • The Moluccan people have got the be the key to the Austronesian theory.

    These are the refugee children of Maluku

  • The islands that Columbus was looking for before he found America were the islands of Timor and Maluku,yet people in America think he was looking for India.Why?Why is my peoples history getting erased and an entire chapter of the Austronesian expansion is to be forgotten?They must have played a pivotal role the Wallaceans.
  • The Maluku islands and Timor is also known as Wallacea,named after the scientist Alfred Wallace.These islands are a biodiversity hotspot,one of the most diverse on this planet and the people and culture are more and more being proven genetically and historically to be the gateway to Oceania and the South Pacific.This map along with the genetic evidence shows that this criminally understudied and misunderstood region of the world is the source of the peopling of the Pacific.East Indonesia was the gateway to the Pacific.Maluku is the last chapter in the sage of the Austronesian expansion and genetics and history proves what my people have known all along.

  • @moluccan please elaborate more.. this is interesting
  • So everyone knows what "Asians" look like and what they stereopically consist of culturally:Buddhism,Confucianism,and Hinduism or all three in Southeast Asia.And of course,Mongoloid physical features and eating and farming rice.Then all these features coincide with Geography and tectonic plates and certain fauna and flora.Also,Sino Tibetan and Austro Asiatic languages along with the Asiatic Austronesian languages.

    First,when I say East Indonesia I will exclude West Papua and Sulawesi,and be talking specifically about Nusa Tengarra(Timor,Sumba,Flores,Sumbawa,etc) and the Maluku Islands.All these inbetween Sulawesi and Papua,south of the Phillipines.Now on more than half of these account,Eastern Indonesia fails at.Eastern Indonesian islands are not only VERY heavily admixed or even mostly Papuan in ancestry like certain Timorese and Moluccans from Seram or Kei or the most isolated and mountainous jungle tribes,but quite a few languages in East Indo are not even Austronesian but belong to or are related to Papuan languages.Up next is the fact that Wallacea has never even been part of the Asian mainland nor Asian tectonic plates,which gives Wallacea extremely unique fauna such as Komodo Dragons,Birds of Paradise species,and Marsupial species.Yes,you heard that right.East Indonesia,such as the island of Seram,the biggest and most isolated Moluccan island,has FUCKING KANGAROO species.The isolated tribesman there such as the Masuane and Nuaulu even hunt eat them.And this comes to another point,religion.Wallacea is the only majority protestant region in Southeast Asia,with a minorit6 of Catholics and Islam.Wallacea never really had any influence at all from East Asian philosophy such as Confucianism and Buddhism,and had even neligible influence from Hinduism unlike West Indonesia.Physical appearance,East Indos and Timorese seldom resemble any East Asian Mongoloids as well.And my last point is East Indos just dont "seem" very stereotypically Asian.In general and from even my own family and anecdotal exp.,Moluccans are very warm,extroverted,religious,family oriented,passionate,musical and creatively inclined,and also temperamental compared to any other East Asians.Just look at the history of the Dutch Moluccans RMS independence movement and protest and terrorism and riot history.And speaking of family,Moluccans have gigantuc families,average family size being 4-8 kids.Lastly,Moluccans and most East Indos DONT use rice as a staple food but instead use sago,taro,cassava,and breadfruit as mainstays witn rice more an afterthought just like the South Pacific.So what is yalls thoughts?Anecdotal experience is welcome.
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