The Prime minister of Iraq just declare that the ISIS caliphate has fallen and is no more in Iraq. This has come after 3 years of fighting to retake the defacto ISIS capital of mosul in northern Iraq. True to his campaign promise Trump is destroying ISIS quicker then the last president ever did in 8 years.


  • Should give some credits to Obama since most of these successes started during his watch.
  • @noname hahahaha. Under Obama ISIS flourished. It was a Obama policy that brought ISIS into existence. Namely pulling out troops out of Iraq. It was also another Obama policy of arming the resistance to Assad that gave millions in weapons and trainings to ISIS. Only credit he deserve is creating ISIS.
  • Good job President Trump!! Whatever amount of work Obama might have done, this elimination of ISIS takes place under the watch of this current administration, so the credit is due Mr. Trump. Hope this is the end of ISIS, at least in that area. Good to hear that, PawnStar, thanks.
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    ISIS is everywhere though. Best strategy against religious terror is to go after them like Gorda and Mossat did after the 1973 Olympic attack in Germany. Good job Iraq!
  • You got that right Tokyo. Only way to fight this terror ideology is fire with fire.
  • You're right -fire with fire. I also like that the last few years CIA and Mossat are digged in with ISIS. Israelly and CIA intelligent par none.
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