Chuuk Youths Appearing at RMI Youth Conference July 2017

WOW! Now this is new! or is it just me? All my life I have never heard rumors of Chuuk Youths (Young delegation) going off island to attend International Youth Conferences. I must say, in my own opinion I think this is the first time? (I stand corrected). I only know of the Student Exchange Programs, Close-Ups, Religious Youth Gatherings, or work related matters that involves youths, etc but NOT THIS! Has this been happening ever since? If yes, why are we finally hearing rumors about it now? If no, then I applaud the efforts been made by the individuals who made this possible (if this rumor is entirely true). Although, I wonder which youths that are going? Chuuk State Government Youth or a Non-Government Youth Organization? or a mixture of both? Either way, I see a positive occurrence happening for our dear youths of chuuk that they are finally being granted the opportunity to expose themselves to such exciting and productive events internationally which will only lead them to brighter and better future! I hope everyone supports me in thanking the individuals who've made this possible for our future generations!



  • Not new. There were others before, but been a while.
  • I heard that COM recently organized a regional youth development program conference in Guam attended by youth extension agents from RMI, FSM's 4 states, ROP, CNMI and Guam. Based on the notes and agenda of the conference, youth program experts from USDA, UH and Oregon were invited to provide ideas and recommendations. It appears that the participants of the conference agreed to put forth renewed emphasis on young people who had dropped out of schools; and also explore ways to provide school enrichment programs to supplement the existing curriculum of the schools--from elementary to high school. It sounds like a good effort to focus on the potential of the youth throughout the region. Let's hope that they will have success in providing useful programs to the youth groups. Just some thoughts.
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