Putting Palau on the global stage with Digital Tourism

Putting Palau on the global stage with Digital Tourism

Category: Pacific/Regional News 06 Jul 2017

KOROR (Pacific Periscope/Pacnews) — Pacific Trade Invest Australia collaborated with Trip Advisor and the Palau Chamber of Commerce to deliver a successful Digital Tourism workshop to local tourism operators in Palau.

The tourism sector is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. It is recognized as an important driver of economic growth and employment opportunities in the Pacific Islands.

The way international tourists make travel decisions is changing. An increasing number of tourists use the internet as their main source of information. Deciding what to do and where to stay using their phone, tablet or computer with referral sites such as Trip Advisor playing an important role in the decision-making process.

David Murano, communications director, Palau Chamber of Commerce said the workshop was an important opportunity for Palau and its members. “As a small island nation with stunning natural resources, tourism is our major export. It gives opportunities to small business owners to enter the market and create jobs. Pacific Trade Invest Australia’s Digital Tourism workshop has provided smaller tourism operators with the tools that they otherwise could not have accessed.”

Edelene Albert, Air B2B operator, said as new tourism operator she found the workshop extremely valuable.
“The entire workshop was very informative, digital tourism can be daunting, especially knowing where to start. I really appreciate that Pacific Trade Invest Australia has come to Palau to help us. The industry is expanding and the impact of the workshop on my business is going to be huge. By applying what we’ve learned, we will be able to market ourselves not only in the Pacific regionally but also to the rest of the world.”

Pacific Trade Invest Australia has worked in the Pacific Islands for over 30 years and saw a gap in how local Pacific operators access the tourist market. Pacific Trade Invest Australia identified a need to upskill local tourism operators in their knowledge of digital marketing and provide practical steps to help Palau tourism operators increase bookings and improve their profitability.

“An online presence is essential to ensure success in the tourism sector, it’s vital that all Pacific Island tourism operators have a website” said Chad Morris, general manager investment and tourism, Pacific Trade Invest Australia.
Nowadays, networking is the way of the future. This is a great way for our islands to gain more ground on it quest to be a regional leader in tourism and hospitality. This will certainly set us apart and I see more doors being opened in the future for us.

When the newly improved internet connectivity underway, this will only allow for our tourism industry to be more efficient and innovative in furthering their businesses endeavors, climaxing the use of our modern technologies.

Kudos for a job well done. And many thanks to our many partners and friends, like Australians and many others, Sulang for your assistance always.


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