How the heck SeaAir company owned by FSM President became agent for PetroCorp

SeaAir has become agent for PetroCorp for major undertaking around the FSM on purchase of coconut from all producers in the States and outer islands.

SeaAir also agent for Air Nauru, Air Nuigini, all the FSM Government vessels (Caroline Voyager and Four Winds).

President company or son connected to Lions company that manages PMU - US DOI suspended all FSM Infrastructure projects because FBI/US Department of Justice is investigation Lions.


  • Pitcher Catcher practice.
  • Corruption at the highest level, SMH.
  • This is what most people understand as POWER. And with it, comes many perks such as the POWER to steer public projects towards your friends, relatives, or political supporters businesses. And in return, you gain more POWER, which can be wielded over the masses and used to subjugate and make them bend and conform to your will.

    If you have any complaints in regards to this, then you're most likely living in your own little Goldilocks world (underneath a rock), although in most cases (in the Pacific) it is usually on top of one. And when you find yourselves confronted by these types of POWER related stories, most likely told by a disgruntled hopeless person, do not despair or wail like a child, just accept it, and move on.

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    most likely "Coconuts" is getting a piece of the pie.....are you one of the relatives, political supporters, businesses you are descriping? Well, when the leash gets tighter or castle comes crumbling down, just make sure you accept it and move on, do not wail like a child.
  • That is the exact kind of mentality/philosophy that nourishes corruption, coconuts, especially when the power seeker dwells on and out of the government to gain power. And that is worst than stealing.

    Whoever does that is a big time thief.

  • So what does the connection mean?Any other company bidding for the petrocorp job?
  • Sakasaka, from what I collected via coconut wireless, FSM Petro Corp publicly offered to out source some of its operations and no one seemed to be interested and not having the capacity to do so. Christian does have ways and means to extend that service to Petro corp, and so he counter offered with which has been considered.

    AT least not in the manner that coconut alluded to.
  • Something's fishy here when we know that the president is the sole proprietorship of the companies involved. This should require the Justice Department to look into these business dealings if there's a violation of public law.
  • Onofek,

    DOJ is at the discretion of the President, good luck with that wish!
  • Has any other company put in a bid proposal to do conractual services to FSMPC yet, beside Kirihs? Anybody else interested?

    Throw in your proposals at the FSMPC's respective offices in your state and let's not regret giving it all to Kirihs and his President Dad these services. This to avoid complaining that the president commits conflict of interest dealings or board members having relatives or associates connected to dealings with our own public corporations, like what Snowden reveals in the case of FSMTC.

    Speak/move or forever rest your
  • Sinbad, I agree with you, I believe everyone has the opportunity to do business with PetroCorp however it may be that SeaAir has been the only institution that took advantage of submitting a proposal.

    As for FSMTC, I am not a whistle blower, I am merely the medium to which certain whistle blowers are utilizing in order to get their message across for fear of repercussions.
  • Snow,

    So far the only whistle sound blown is by you, my friend. lol
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