Russian collusion & Obstruction didnt work now democrats are seeking 3rd way to Remove Trump

Prediction on this: It won't Work!

Some Democrats are seriously pushing for a commission that would evaluate President Trump's physical and mental capability for the office of the presidency. This commission would in all likelihood be a political tool for the Democrats against Trump.

Here are five things you need to know about this proposal for a commission measuring Trump's fitness.

1. The commission, which would be titled the "Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity," would consist of 11 members that would evaluate "whether the President is mentally or physically unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office." Here are more details about the proposal from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD): In order to guard against the abuses and excesses of partisanship, Raskin’s plan would have the speaker of the House, the House minority leader, the Senate majority leader and the Senate minority leader each name one physician and one psychiatrist to the commission. Two more members would be prominent retired officials—selected from a list that Raskin suggests might include former presidents, vice presidents, secretaries of state, secretaries of the treasury, attorneys general, and surgeons general. Once constituted, the 10 members of the commission would select an 11th member to serve as their chair. "In emergency situations,” suggests the assessment from Raskin’s office, “Congress could pass a concurrent resolution requiring the Commission to examine the President, determine his/her ability to execute the powers and duties of the office, and report its findings to Congress. If presidential incapacity exists, the Vice President would immediately assume the role of Acting President.”

The commission could determine that the president is mentally and/or physically unfit to handle the duties of the presidency.

2. The commission would be an excuse to invoke the 25th Amendment. Here's the relevant text of the 25th Amendment: Section 4 was written specifically to be used for cases "where the President is injured, or has a stroke, or develops dementia," per Steve Kurtz.

This section of the amendment has never been used, so if the Democrats were to pull it off it would be unprecedented.

3. Removing Trump through the 25th Amendment will never happen. A majority of the president's cabinet or Congress would have to determine that the president is physically or mentally unable to assume his presidential duties and the vice president would have to approve of it. It is highly unlikely that Vice President Mike Pence would ever sign off on such a move, but even if he were, President Trump could appeal the decision and it would take a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress in order to completely remove him from office. The Republicans likely wouldn't go along with the vote; it's hard to imagine the Democrats having that kind of control in Congress any time soon.

4. Nevertheless, Raskin has been pushing this bill since April and it's now gaining some momentum among Democrats. The newfound momentum seems to be due to Trump's recent attacks against Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: So far, 23 House members have co-sponsored Raskin's bill; they're all Democrats. 

5. Raskin's proposal has even received criticism from those who are typically sympathetic to the Democratic Party. Former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich argued that it would backfire on the Democrats:“It’s a political statement, not a medical statement,” said Kucinich, a Fox News contributor. “I think it’s destroying the party as an effective opposition.” He continued, “People want political parties to be focused on America’s economic needs, jobs, wages, heath care, education, retirement security and peace -- and they want American politicians to be constructive, not destructive.” Kucinich speculated that some in his party are having a tough time trying to “reconcile” the results of the November election with their own politics but called for lawmakers to find common ground.  “What’s happening here is not good for the country,” Kucinich said.

NBC's Katy Tur, who has previously faced the wrath of Trump's Twitter account, said to Raskin: Democrats are losing governorships, they’re losing state legislatures, they’ve lost all the special elections––at least four of the five special elections thus far. They don’t control the House, they don’t control the Senate, they don’t control the presidency. Is this basically giving the sense that this is an anti-Trump, anti-this president bill and not something where the Democrats are saying "Here is what we believe in, here is what we are gonna do for the American people." Are you risking just giving more fodder those who say that, you know, the deep state or Congress is doing anything they can to make sure that President Trump doesn’t succeed?

Raskin's proposed commission is no different from the Democrats' cry for impeachment; it's nothing more than an attempt to rile up their rabid base which is still refusing to accept the results of the election.


  • I have to admit the democrats are relentless in their vain attempts to get rid of Trump, they tried impeachment, Russian Collusion and obstruction of justice now this. If they gave the same amount of effort the last 8 years they wouldn't be where they are now. Such poor losers. Like I predicted the outcome of the travel ban and lorreta lynch issue im also predicting that this latest move won't work. Sorry democrats but you guys are out of touch with reality.
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