L-O-L: Appeals court denies State of Hawaii's motion on travel ban

(CNN)The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the State of Hawaii's emergency motion seeking to make a lower court clarify the categories of foreign nationals barred from the country under President Donald Trump's travel ban, concluding it lacked jurisdiction.

Hawaii filed an emergency motion Friday in the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to immediately block parts of the ban, following a Thursday night ruling from a lower court judge who declined to clarify the scope of last week's Supreme Court ruling regarding who is and isn't permitted entry into the US.

In a technical ruling Friday, the appeals court said it did not have the jurisdiction to do what Hawaii asked because lawyers for the state of Hawaii didn't style their request properly -- but the court did say Hawaii could go back to the district court and say the Trump administration is in violation of the Supreme Court ruling.

Last week, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to begin implementation of the travel ban for foreign nationals from six predominately Muslim countries who lack any "bona fide relationship with any person or entity in the United States."

The law is on the Presidents side you poor welfare state.
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