New York Cops Turn Their Back To Democrat Mayor Of New York As Sign Of Disrespect

The Mayor of New york who is a Democrat was give the middle finger again today by police officers of New York. Its not the first time it has happened. The Mayor a known democrat is famous for siding with Black life's matter/BLM and inciting racial hatred against the Cops that put their lives on the line to protect New York. The first time it happened the Mayor denounce the Cops and praised BLM. Its also the same cops he denounce that protect him. Today while giving a speech for a female cop that was ambushed and killed in her squad car the same thing happened. Majority of the cops at the service turned their back yet again as the mayor spoke. Reason being is that when the female cop was shot and killed the mayor chose to fly to Germany to join the anti capitialist protest instead of being at the funeral of the slain officer. This mayor denounce cops but has about 100 cops that are assigned to him for his protection. Liberal hypocrisy!

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