Thanks To Fake News CNN Ranks 13th in Ratings

(Hahahaha) what's more fox news is ranked 1st has most watched News Network in America and coming in at second is liberal controlled MSNBC. The most trusted name in News as CNN claims to be is no more. This all came about because CNN kept pushing the now debunked Russian- Trump Collusion narrative. Not to mention its own executives caught on hidden camera admitting the Russian story being pushed by CNN is all fake and is pushed to get ratings. Hahahaha the complete opposite of what they are trying to do. And guess what more people watch cartoons then they watch CNN. Nick at nite cartoons ranks 11 while CNN ranks 13th. Hahahaha


  • Pussy grabber in chief
  • Still CiC for you
  • PGIC pussy grabber in chief
  • McConnell postponed 2nd timeheath care bill. Losers, will never pass it. Repeal and replace another fail. But then again promises is what orangutan fake tan is all about .
  • Its only 6 months out of 4 years plenty of time for repealing it. And Trump or republicans need not do it because obama care/ACA is dying and failing on its own. Major insurance companies are ditching it, millions of americans have opt to leave it on their own occurd and its losing money. And it will take time but it will happen for it to be repealed. 3 months ago the house passed a Trump healthcare bill another nail to the coffin that obama care lays in. And like the travel ban the democrats will resist but in the end it will be approved. Thats the cold hard truth.
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