MAGA: TrumP Administration lower Deficit by 3 Trillion

When obama and the democrats left the white house the US deficit amounted at $19 Trillion. Now on its 7 months in office the Trump administration has lowered it to $16 trillion.

Presidential Administration
Donald Trump's estimated deficit of -2.6% of GDP in 2017 is close to the average of his administration average of -2.5% when compared to other years in his administration. On average, the budget deficit was smaller during the Trump Administration than in other presidential administrations (average = -3.1%).

The media is not reporting this and like Trump said they won't because its against their agenda to show how his administration is doing good.


  • But there's still an assclown orange haired orangutan surplus in the White House
  • We are free to say anything we want about America and President Trump--even very negative and disrespectful comments.

    But I think a lot of people, including rich and poor people, just need to remember that Trump is a billionaire--as in "b". His assets are valued about 15 billion dollars.

    He did not get this rich by being stupid as some seem to allude. He made his money by working hard and being a great businessman; as having an MBA from a great business school. He's driven, a good strategist, a showman, intelligent, etc. He speaks the language of business and commerce like not many politicians can.

    It's easy to take cheap shot thru this Forum; and we're free to do so. But these cheap shots are empty and seem childish. But then, everybody has the right to say whatever they want--if it makes one feel good or feel better than Trump, which will never happen. Just some thoughts as I try to understand why some are so bent in saying negative things--for what reason.
  • If you consider using the bankruptcy system being successful then I guess by your definition he is. If you consider countless fraud cases of the bigger pocket sticking it to the small business or individual successful then I guess by your definition he is. In my personal opinion, he may have outsmarted the system, a very broken system, but he is not successful. There are many successful business men out there that did not have to resort to that. For once, please do not come back at this with a mention of democrats or Hillary or Obama. Or even that people are still crying for losing the election. This has absolutely nothing to do with that.
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  • the national debt under Obama will have grown by about $9 trillion, or an increase of 86%.



  • People are mad Trump know how to use the system but forget that same playbook Trump used can also be used by everybody elese. Ohh he is not successful says mike p but reality says otherwise. Ohh he is a bad person because he know his way around but forget to add that the same system is also being used by the democrats with deep pocket. Outraged at Trump and Republicans for using these "legal" avenues yet turn a blind eye when the democrats use it too. Trump didnt get rich while holding a elected office, he did that as a private citizen not like Hillary, Obama, Bernie, Maxine waters, Bill clinton etc etc etc. I find it ironic when democrats use the system yet blame the republicans, and when these democrats get money they turn around and say tax the rich and entrepreneurs but forgetting they themselves use the tax laws to get rich yet sticking to the rich who actually create jobs.
  • Truth is these snowflakes hate to see a underdog doing good. They cant stand it. But who cares just as long has his base of support approves that is all that matters.
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  • Mike P, for your info, "bankruptcy" filing does not mean the business had collapsed nor that it involves fraud or anything bad. It is an orderly process where the court allows the business to restructure its debt; or make new arrangement for its payment plan.

    Under bankruptcy protections, the court allows the business to continue operating if it presents a plan to still pay its loan. It allows the business not to be forced to close or taken over by hostile lenders. It is a legal mechanism used when the business falls behind its payment plan.

    It does not mean Trump's business collapsed. He simply asked the court for legal protection for a certain amount of time--so that it can rearrange financing; so that the business can continue. It is done all the time. That's how you accumulate wealth in the private sector.

    I hope it helps explain why declaring bankruptcy is a normal part of business development, financing, and risk taking for multi-million projects. That's how it is in the real business world.
  • Is that the long way of saying it failed from poor management and bad leadership? That it was never able to deliver on promises Mr orange haired orangutan made? You're getting the reason why it went bankrupt and the protection offered by the bankruptcy laws confused. Settlement is sometimes used when cheaper to pay out than fight. Orangutan said he would fight and win, then settled. What a joke. And you trump Baffoons inprobably think obama was born in Kenya. Delusional at the highest order
  • It's not always "poor management" or "bad leadership" that cause companies to seek bankruptcy protection. Even some of the best run companies do run into cash crunch or reorganization pressure from time to time. In the business world, there are many things that are beyond your control.

    Price of oil, when it increases a couple of dollars, could cause transportation-based companies into trouble or to thrive. Sometimes, a company that promised to supply you the most quality product could end up selling you bad products. Sometimes, the stock market's fluctuation which is often based on emotions of investors can cause values of companies to tank--some permanently but also many temporarily. Tax structures can cause companies to experience difficulties.

    However, all of these and more, are expected in the real business world, especially when you deal with multi-million dollar deals or multi-national corporations. As such, legal protection such as the filing of bankruptcy is just one of the business mechanisms--to allow the company some breathing space--to regroup or refinance or divest or agree to be bought by other big companies.

    In short, there is nothing wrong with bankruptcy laws in the US. They are part of the tools that businessmen, example Trump, could use to ensure that their company can continue to operate even when the environment turn different than was originally planned. IN short, there is nothing wrong with it. It does not reflect anything bad. It's just a very acceptable legal mechanism--accepted by all in the business community. It sounds scary but it is not--if you understand how it works. Just some thoughts.
  • I just wish people would make as positive an effort in their communities equal to the amount of effort they invest in defaming and ridiculing Trump. Maybe they will then start seeing some positivity in their communities. I'm not a fan of Trump by any degree but it kind of fascinates me how an all consuming dislike of the man reduces positive input into society.
  • Envy beget jealousy and jealousy begets hate. This is the answer to red snappers riddle.

    That aside the media and their sheeps will try to smear but the economy i.e the stock markets have been at all time high ever since Trump won. 500,000+jobs have been added to the economy and its still adding many more not to mention the amount of foriegn investments pouring in. Illegal crossing at the border is at a history all time low. Wasteful goverment spending towards useless programs have been slahsed and diverted into other programs that work and 3 trillion have been erased from the deficit. This is all in under 6 months. All these happened even with the BS russian story and during comeys firing.

    Trump will go down has one of the greatest US President in history. His name will be remembered and his deeds will echo in history not because he was love my the press and media or that he tried to be popular by agreeing with gays or by being politically correct but because he did it his way and fought a uphill battle and still won.
  • Pussy grabber child molester president orangutan orange haired. Wife won't even hold his hands in front of the world to see. What a joke replace and repealmore like no idea, no plan
  • No idea well the economy and 500 thousand jobs says the contrary to thay dear. Hahaha

    Not in public eh?




  • I love making liberal look the fool they are. Wonder why factsmatters aint commenting or the others liberals who used to becuse they have realized trump is here to stay and that they now realize they have been sold a bill of goods by the media. Hahaha
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