The Bottom Line

President Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement. He disappointed a lot of world leaders, to include a lot of his own citizens in The States. Most of all, every island nation leader and most of its people shun him for doing such a selfish act.

And yet, pawnstar idolizes him like his the greatest President in the last couple decades. Well, just to let you know you are not fooling any rational being in here. You are blinded and led astray, advocating you are informing us when we can get a lot more on the actual primary source on the internet, rather than someone who has a little too much time copying and pasting without any real agenda.

You are on the unpopular side my friend. You need to drink some coconuts, stop jugging the 5 hour energy, they are alienating you from news of significant and immediate importance in our islands. may the gods help you see the light.


  • Its not a populatiry contest mu friend. Look where that got obama who is listed has one of the worst and weskest president ever in the History of the U.S.

    The climate study that influenced world leaders was manipulated for that purpose. One of the scientists who worked on it came out and say his colleagues doctored it up.

    Trump was and is still willing to reenter the Paris accord but the other countries dont want to renegotiate. Why would they when the agreement signed by obama got the U.S has the major money contributor to it. Why would they renegotiate when they wont lose jobs like the US under the present agreement. It would cost the US Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs, America would be the biggest loser than the others. Trump campaign slogan was "Making America Great Again" not "Keeping America Weak Again".

    And you are wrong when you say most of his citizens dont support his action to pull out of the paris agreement. By that you mean the liberal democrats who are part of the problem not the solution. A 67 percent majority of Republicans support Trump’s action, but that drops to 22 percent among political independents and 8 percent of Democrats. Just over 6 in 10 independents and 8 in 10 Democrats oppose Trump’s action.

    Trump is doing what he promised his constituents about doing. Which is negotiating from a strong position not a weak one which this agreement has the US in. The Paris climate agreement violates President Trump's campaign promise to the American people that he would create, not destroy, jobs for U.S. workers. An "America First" energy policy does not allow European bureaucrats to determine how much energy Americans can use. The Paris agreement was joined in haste by President Obama in a way that imposed hefty costs on Americans for the benefit of other countries. I remember Mr. Trump saying on the campaign trail that the United States pays billions of dollars while China, Russia and India will contribute nothing.

    The agreement was bad for the US but good for Russia, India and China. A economic strong US is good for the stability of the world not a weak one which the Paris agreement would have it. Our enemies want a weak america not a strong one.....let that sink in.
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    Shows to prove PawnStar does not know any thing about Trump. That's the bottom line! hahahahaha
  • I don't claim to know him...hahaha i support him. I like how many liberal arts degree holders are snowlfakes.
  • Well then go post your political propaganda in the AP forum or Wall Street Journal where you will be silenced by them heavy hitters. I bet you cannot last if you enter their discussion forums. They will eat you alive. Rather than misfiring your tracer rounds in our direction.

    We are friendlies YOU.
  • Hahaha @Belas ive had the same results in American forums like this one here. They get all mad and call me names and ask for the moderstors to kick me out not to mention being called a white supremacist like the micros in here too. By the way tracers can kill too if you aim at center mass exhale and squeeze not pull (like the pogs) the trigger, a M855A1 5.56mm tracer can also penetrate body armor or a windshield and still hit the traget.
  • Give him a break, Belas. He is a sad example of PTSD - Pawnstar's Trump Stress Disorder.
  • Screw tracers. I'll make it rain with HE 155 rounds on your blogs. Thus, I do mind yoga so it has calmed me profoundly. You're not worthy!

    You talk center mass, I reflect on the center of the universe. SeeMyFar (Palauan Urban Pidgin Proverb).
  • You are right FactsMatter. We are becoming enablers. I will move on as always. Time is too precious. Peace.
  • @Belas your brought tracers up like a pog who dont know tracers can also kill. I see that seemyfar and raise it with ActLikeABareacuda (Pohnpeian proverb) unseen, fearsome and attack with audacity! Swift, Slinet and Deadly.

    As for 155 well my gun bunny pog friend.
  • those pogs are the reason why you don't have pay issues and those cooks are the reason you have a warm hearty meal you delta alpha.

    Plato said everyone has a role as if you are involved in a theatrical presentation.

    BTW, them pogs also sent you on your one way trip-------------------so powerful are them pogs. you a trump pog. takes one to know one. you a blue falcon You. you ditched your roots.
  • The butthurt pog belas is. Pogs were created by god to support us grunts.
  • ooooohhhh. be vewy, vewy quiet. u civilian u smuck. n ur profile pix look like a german nazi kermit the frog.

    trump university future alumni. wata- waste.
  • no taste. no clue. no friends. no money come, no btik lekong.

    FEEL THE BERN!!!!!!
  • Aww the pog is mad. No nuts no glory! Thats why you a pog. No nuts! Get some!

    Bernie is now being being investigated by the FBI for money fraud. Wonder why he is a millionaire. Yup bern is feeling the bern.
  • haha....NEVERRRR!!!

    trump univ. alumni. what a waste of VA benefits. lol
  • Where is Father Hezel? Doesn't he read this forum anymore? Who has admin rights? And why did they register a seperate domain name for micsem forum? Who registered it and why?

    Why don't Micsem staff ban pawnstar for flooding this forum with non-Miconresian related topics?

    Jason Abuchon is also an official staff of Micronesian Seminar, why don't they do anything about this guy?

    You know what? I am starting to suspect that this forum was specifically created to monitor and manipulate mass sentiment around important issues affecting Micronesia.

    This is most likely why they registered a seperate domain name for the forum when it used to be just accessible from the Micsem forum website.

    Now it has its own domain name

    Despite all the complaints about pawnstar, he is still allowed to continue.

    If Francis Hezel and Jason Abuchon are both reading this, you should do something soon about Pawnstar or we will no longer come to micsem forum. We'll create a new forum run by real Micronesians for real Micronesians.

  • As Belas has noted, complaints can be submitted to the admin of this forum by using the Flag button next to the name of each person who posts.

    You can also go to your Inbox - click the envelope icon to the right of your name at the top of this screen - and send a message to Admin.

    Will the admin pay attention? I don't know.

    So far, apparently not.
  • PawNStaR:

    I'm on your side because I am a Christian who believed that the World would end with/without the Paris Agreement. At least President Trump believed in God and supports Christianity and its values. We should all have faith in God and let him guide us all in these latter days. Climate change is inevitable as the bible foretold. Our island Nations in the Pacific will never be over-run with water but would be burned with fire when the time comes; again as the bible says.

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    I believe God created our high IQ to use it to its fullest capacity.

    With that being said, and with all respect to you Oalong, the rising sea-level is not a hoax. It's real and yes, there are already evidence of low-coastal island environments being submerged by water. Not being passionate about the significance of the Paris Agreement is a slap in the face to a majority of not only leaders around the world, but all citizens in the world, especially islanders, who are the most vulnerable.

    Support him as you wish, but from reading the posts, you can tell he is becoming a nuisance. It doesn't take high IQ to concur. The US is are main benefactor and ally, but you can tell our leadership from across the Pacific region are not tolerating its actions because by the end of the day, what is wrong is wrong, so you put your foot down and you condemn it. Applause to our leaders for stepping up in this crucial issue. Believe me, your children's children will thank them for it. Peace
  • Oalong and PawnStaR, you 3 are not alone. I didn't guite understand how these people could hate PawnStaR for exercising what he wants. This forum's is Micro-forum but it is not exclusively for micro news and micronesians.
    Again, let him be please and we continue reading and posting as we please.
  • I agree with kinen. If you want to read it, go ahead and read it if not move on to other web. sites. Thanks kinen.
  • Lets all be friends and stop all the narcissism s. We all have different views and perspectives to all aspects of life. And that what makes us all unique and special. Let us all be respectful and understanding. Thank you all

  • Todays liberals are tomorrows socialits. Its no secret liberals like belas and his friends in here are "snowflakes". Its our way of thinking or the highway. Notice how they hate democracy, christianity and ADVOCATE legalizing drugs in this forum. If you believe in god you are backward, if you are supporting Republicans you are a racist. They always demand the that their right to free speech should not be trembled on yet shut other right to free speech when its used to debate them. Yup this is the so called people who are democrats who say they are the party of tolerance. Except when it hurts their feelings!

  • It's official. You can move a pawn to a star, but you cannot make the pawn a star.

    Melvin n Kinen, you drink your mango juice, while I drink mine.

    And yes, Hermit_crab, you're the one who makes the most sense. 10,000 applause straight at you.

    My job is done here. Long live freedom of speech and opinion!!!
  • Yes long live freedon of speech please dont try to censor others who use the same freedom you praise because they are not in line with yours.
  • Thanks Belas for providing the rolaids for the forum.
    Pwipwi melvin, good morning and enjoy your coffee. Easy on the sugar.
  • NO! ___________________ needs to simmer down on Trump coverage in this forum. We've heard enough of the Greatest American Presidents, including the Trump. It's only been months and you, ___________________, are all over Trump's pitakatak butt, sniffing away the smell like a wild and hungry wolf.
  • Hmmm..What is up with all these Trump nonsense?
  • Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime".[1] Individuals may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth.[citation needed] Sometimes however, the individuals may be lying to make their lives seem more exciting, when in reality they believe their lives are unpleasant or boring.[citation needed]
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