To all serious Micsem forum readers, I am proposing that we create a new forum to keep people like Pawnstar out. Whoever has computer skills here should go and create one then post the address here so we can all sign up.



  • Not wanting to rain on your parade, my friend, but if the address was posted here, how exactly would you keep Pornstar from signing up? He would just torment two forums.
  • Easy: The administrator(s) will not allow PawnStar in or any reincarnation of him which would be be obvious.

    This brownie's brown-nosing of Trump and the GOP echelon is bordering crazy. To me, it looks like that he just learned the phrases "conservative" and "liberal" recently. He seemed obsessed with the dichotomy. He needs to occupy his time with efforts to get a college degree.
  • I disagree completely. It's our duty and responsibility as micronesians to bring porn star out of the backwards ass woods he hails from. And make him realize a billionaire and him have nothing in common. Trump would not have a clue why undereducated people flock to him and worship him. He's actually dumber than porn star but because porn star is such a celebrity freak, he is in love with trump. And we should allow porn star to stay in love with orangutan butt hole mouth. We all know he wants to kiss that butthole.
  • What happened to you supposedly literate individuals, why do you let one Pawnstar get the best of you? Let him enjoy the forum while he still can. Who knows maybe he will run his own course out and then pau.
  • Let me suggest a name, snowflakes forum. Haha where snowflakes can be snowflakes. Its mission statement should be, a forum where facts don't matter, where feelings are highly priced than facts. I suggest factsmatters as the administrator along with sakasaka and sarem chuck. Where anti semites and closet racist can be who they really are. Where political correctness and American haters can gather. Hahaha
  • me Stop being a punk!! You talk too much shit wt no balls to remove that waiting ..Sept..COFA meeting in Tx with ur face n tell us freeloaders what u want us to do. Otherwise stfu!!!
  • I say we flag all his posts.
    The first Micronesian Trump University BS(6u\\ S#!T) degree in the world according to trump.
    He is the undisputed valedictorian. here's your sign.
  • Cowards talk loud and act big to compensate for what they lack in the manly department. So don't get all too worked up over this coward faggot punkstar.
  • Bravo to pawn. Just like his idol, who has roused and riled up the crowd. I guess the star apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
  • The snow 2 da flakes R butthurt like a virgin tranny first time taking it anal. Its no wonder they are called snowflakes. Easily melt even in negative 35 degrees condition.
  • SakaSaka im i live and work in Guam, i dont need to go to a cofa meeting because i already know how to survive in the U.S without freeloading off the US government. It depends on how you are raised. Your parents no disrespect but they slipped and dropped the ball on raising you. You are doing the same thing with your kids and family. The cycle never ends does it? You and folks like you are not role models, living off the government for decades is a embarrassment to you as a man and a father if you are one and anyone like you who do. Freeloading is freeloading, it makes you dependant on the goverment and become a welfare slave. I broke my chains when i graduated high school, bought my first house when i was 27, now 2/4 years in for my graduate degree in psychology, after that a doctor's degree in it. Chose this field so i can understand how people like you operate.
  • I own the manly department in here. With a combat infantry badge,Parachutist Badge, iraq campaign medal with 2 stars, Afghanistan campaign medal with 1 star, Purple Heart,Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal,Global War on Terrorism Service Medal,British Army Parachutist Badge, German Parachutist Badge.
  • Lets flag him for speaking the truth. Hahha
  • LOL @ " 2/4 years in for my graduate degree in psychology, after that a doctor's degree in it. "

    Your hero needs your professional help. image
  • How about you find a solution to your obsession over this clown and leave the forum out of it. We can catch up with you and your "Keeping up with Donald Trump" reality show on rest of Social Media. Please leave the Micsem forum out of this catastrophe that you seem to have a lot of interest in.
  • Not a doctor of medicine but a Phd in psychology. Hahah

    I like how all these new users who signed up in 3-5 days are wanting me to leave. Sorry factsmatters but im saying. Too many clone accounts but still the same person. Haha
  • all them accolades wasted on supporting the donald. the audacity to judge a person's geneology. now your a socialogist? behaviorist? clinical psychologist? those people you call freeloaders are your people. some of them legitimately need the extra help. open your mind YOU.

    Doesn't the Army offer AER for soldier's in need too? Wait. I see. your the prick nco who guided the soldiers to apply for the help, while at the same time, you talk about them behind their back for receiving such assistance. Your an open book YOU. take out the sty in your eyes before you judge other people.
  • For 5 years yeah but living off welfare for 10+years is ridiculous. Thats leeching and freeloading. You ever wonder why the african Americans will never move forward as a people is because they depend of welfare so much. Yes if you are new arrival then being on it for the first 5 years is a must to get a boost but being on it for a decades like@SakaSaka is a embarrassment. Welfare does not help it makes you dependant on the goverment.



  • Hahaha@my friend PS.. who is paying for your school buddy? Same system that feeds, clothes, and houses the so called free loaders. Still waiting for u to show up tough guy.

    I actually know an Army vet from PNI working for the U.S Marshals he knows how many islanders actually with work for the U.S Marshals Service..probably very few.

    U need more than a PHD in Psychology to understand " people like me".. who went to school on our own merit, studied hard to earn full scholarship for colleges, busted asses to pay for own expenses while in colleges, still busting asses to earing a living, raising decent Micronesian families, busting asses helping family members in the U.S Armed Forces and those back home, busting asses helping fellow Micronesians and never once collect a free penny from Uncle Sam or talk trash about fellow disadvantaged Micronesians or those you call freeloaders. What people like me lift up our fellow Micronesians when they get knocked down. We push those infront of us with good hearts and intentions to keep moving forward. We teach oue Micronesian children to be humble but not afraid to speak their minds respectfully. We tell fellow discontent Micronesians there is still hope. And we do it all for free!!! What you do...beside trash talking!!
  • I earned my G.I bill with 15 years of active service in the U.S Army. It aint free! Never heard of you but ive heard of ratior, Joachim, jitner, liem, inocenta, who are doing things for cofa migrants. Never heard of you.

    Living off welfare for 10 years like you is a embarrassment. Not something to boast about in here. By the way i was part of the team that investigated those guam cops who along that asian who were using chuukese women has prostitutes in the blue house case. Also helped 12 micronesians whom 7 were chuukese, 4 pohnpeian 1 yapese who were about to be deported for non deportable crime. Also involved with working with at risk micronesians teens here in guam. Also involved with the big brother program in guam. I take on micronesian kids cases that no one wants. Helped a couple micros here to study for the asvab and proud to say that 5 passed (2 navy, 3 army) 4 in active 1 in reserve. I do this with one purpose in mind and that is do get them down the path of self dependency and self reliance and be productive memebers of their new home here in guam. Also proud to say ive helped 3 micronesians to pasd the U.S naturalization test and these 3 are now US citizens. I dont talk politics with them or try to influence them to lean conservative. Never did this with the micro kids ive worked with. I put in work where it matters at the roots and with the kids. I dont waste my time try to attend no cofa can or climate changr forum because all they do is talk and no work.i walk as i talk.
  • Thats true..nothing is cut the shit out about Appreciate you helping those in need. Those community advocates u listed have done a great job and do have my utmost respect, many many others do volunteer services without much fanfare as their choice. You have my email, if u want to know worries, i can tolerate our philosophical difference. Cheers!
  • PawnStar is , in my opinion, a terrorist. He spreads lies and propaganda about Trump and floods this forum with junk. He has become everything that he fought against as a US soldier. Such a shame that he is so easily corrupted by Trump and wishes the people of this forum to align to his washed out beliefs.
  • Snowden i was never politcal when i was on active duty. I had my opions but i kept them to myself. Never broke the i oath took which is to protect and defend the constitution. There are 16 intel-agencies in the government and not one has ever give solid evidence to corroborate the "Russian" narrative being spewed by the media. Not one. Its been 10+months and not one of them say the same damn thing. From my undertanding all it was wikileaks that released the info on hillary not russia. Second you cant hack the US voting system. Its not even connected to the world wide web. And if that was possible it would mean 65 million russians voted and 300 russians controlled electorals voted for trump.

    And the most important thing is Trump is the LEGAL PRESIDENT OF THE US. If he was illegal the Supreme court and the courts in the U.S wouldn't address him by his office title which is "The President". The constitution recognized Trump as the President. And i swore a oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic. So long has the constitution says he is the president i will support him.

    This We'll Defend
  • PawnStar, I forgot to mention this earlier - you do not want to mess with Saka. He was was classmate at Xavier and he will rip your grunt/tar-head behind in 10 seconds flat despite your youth. He is fully educated and very smart. He is my friend and in-law as well. I can meet with you on Guam during the last week of September. I will be there as proxy for Saka. I'm your huckleberry. We will have coffee. I am booked at Wyndham Gardens. I will be driving a Hertz car rental.
  • One of many things i learned in the Army is always fight dirty, either physically and verbally. Never fight fair if you want to come out on top. Here in guam we have the castile doctrine. Also being in law enforcement i always carry on my person a.40S&W and a glock 27 for back up. So be warned cause i take this as a threat.
  • Genuine invitation to talk. Also it is called stand your ground or castle doctrine and it refers to one's right to protect oneself with deadly force in his home, office, car, etc. where one is expected to be his/her castle/home/safety place. A public place such as a coffee shop, one has a duty to retreat before using deadly force. In other words, if you are threatened in a bar, you are to leave but may not use deadly force unless your opponent does not give you the opportunity because of her attempt or actual use of deadly force. (I did no look that up. I am the real thing). But why worry about fighting dirty, we will have coffee and talk about my smart friends like Saka and Saram en Chuuk. Trust me, you will never get a chance to consult Smith & Wesson. Also, why is such a proud American be carrying around an Austrian weapon like the glock?
  • hahahaha! lol-ing at Smith & Wesson
  • Amazing the tolerance from these liberals.
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