King of the troll award goes to pawnstar

You sir are beyond compare, you are witty and mighty, you sir put f
flakes into snowflakes, the liberals tremble with hate when you put them in their place, you sir are a gem amongst coppers, liberals cry when you post, when all but fails they call you names, but here is a thing, you sir are the troll king, when liberals whine you laugh, when they post fake stories you admonishes them, they fear o mighty troll king, over 20 discussion have been posted for your removal, yet you held on like the wise and mighty king you are. King Kong ain't got nothing on you sir. May your reign be always be filled with the tears of liberals. Long live the king!


  • I wonder how much the Trump Administration pays you, Pawnstar..You are truly committed to what you are doing lol
  • Here-Eeee!! Here-Eeee!!! It's official. The baton has been passed. It's no longer Jack Norris, but the mighty indestructable Pawnstar. And so here it is:


    The floor is yours your hindness,! Preach!
  • Porn star must have no sisters or mother because he is ok with a trophy wife hunting, pervert, and pussy grabber who makes fun of women and is threatened by any woman who rejects him. He goes apeshit with nastiness to women. And he's porn stars hero.
  • ^ @redsnapper, you are taking this personally and i pity you. Say Hi to your mother and sister for me.
  • Interesting post... image
  • Maybe the First Lady, mrs orangutan's anti online bullying campaign should start with number one online bully in the country. What a joke of a first family and campaign to stop bullying. What a stupid incomprehensible White House. Or should I say zoo full of orangutan's and apes and monkeys.

    It's the level of unsophisticated, talk first think second and react before reason and total lack of doing your homework that has orangutan coming looking like a complete fuck face on tv.
  • Damn you must have it in for trump. Hate is not good, it makes you age faster and turns ones face uglier.
  • FactsMatter, why did you post that statement by Rothkopf? It is offensive. Do you really believe in his statements? Your postings in the past were always uplifting but I don't agree with this one. Millions of people who voted for Trump are not that stupid or ignorant.

    Voters had different personal reasons why they voted Trump; and not Hillary. It's not a matter of ignorance. In my opinion, another Democratic candidate could have beat Trump easily; and that would have been okay. Let's try for less hate for Trump and his supporters. Electing a person to a political office does not require a PhD. It's a common sense process--that a common person will elect a candidate who can best explain what's in it for him or her.

    You don't need understand "vaccine" in order to qualify you to vote correctly. A simple man or woman, even without formal education, can and are qualified to vote. That's how it is all over the world. Same for us in the islands. Just my thoughts on this nice Sunday morning.
  • Marc why do you act surprise at that picture of Rothkopf? Hate is all the left has now to describe the reason they lost.
  • Congratulations! It is cool
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