Kaselehlie Maingko

Mwohn ei pahn doula, ahi kaping oh wahu ong karuhsie me iang towehda forum kesempwal wet.

Hello to all forum members, before I move forward with any posts or discussions, I would like to give thanks to the Lord above and give a shout out to all the respected forum members in this arena. Let's stop obstructionism and try to find a healthy path for the people of Micronesia to take.

I am direct and I am ruthless in any debate so let's keep it real.

Thank you.


  • Kaselehlie Pwilidak, I look forward to debating with you.
  • Snowden, you might be surprised that I may side with you on some of your views.

    I may even have some information you might want to have. But yes, I am all in on a healthy debate if it starts the gears rolling.
  • Pwilidak,

    I've signed you up for a debate contestant at the Annual ECE Special Education 1955 Class re-union barbecue at Nankaw nude beach resort in the Enipein, Kitti. You will do well here.
  • Led Zeppelin: As a proud person from Kitti, I am offended.
  • Lol @ "I am offended". Over Kitti?
  • I would suggest that you start another post with a provocative title or a leading question so discussions can be more focused and to the point.
  • Kaselel Utero, I believe both pwilidak and uhdak basically have the same context however pwilidak is specific to an individual that is a native that is indigenous to Pohnpei whereas uhdak is one who considers himself a native to his homeland however I may be wrong in the specifics.

    You have brought up a good question and I do hope there are others who can elaborate on this.
  • "Pwilidak" - Key word "Pwil" as in Pwilido - emigrated here... Uhdak - indigenous..
  • Led, direct me there and I'll gladly volunteer to set up the debate stage.
  • Hello, Pwilidak. You are wrong in your sentiment. There is really no Pwilidak or Udak. 90% is mixed.
  • Pwildak,

    "Ruthless" and "Direct" are the preferred approaches to any exchange that is meant to be meaningful and productive. It's the unwillingness to address opponents with respect that I have found to become quite the annoyance in here. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been rattled in here and responded in kind although, I am not proud of it. I invite direct, ruthless engagement given ruthless means shredding the opponents position and NOT the opponent. I'm sure we can agree on civil discourse.
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