any update on former governor John esah's accusations on indicted in alleged fundings

can someone update on the current status of john esahs allegations,


  • Finally something worthy to discuss.
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    What is John Ehsa alleging, microlegend?
  • The verdict? Losing electability eternally.
  • Maybe worthy but incomprehensible. Specifics please.
  • The original charges were reported in The Kaselehlie Press in February. Neither the FSM nor Pohnpei State has ended up pursuing extradition on those charges. The February charges are the most recent information.
  • I blame the Pohnpei State Legislature for this sneak getting away. Had these allegations been added to his current list of items for impeachment, he would not have gotten away.

    From what I know, Pohnpei State Legislature had the information but they decided they could get him on other counts without going too far, as bullshit tradition would dictate, so they chose to side line the harsher allegations.
  • Where's president and governor to do their jobs? Enforce the laws.
  • Goal and objective achieved. The instigators of John's fate have successfully toppled his place in the political arena. Now John has got no where to go. He has been defaced and destroyed politically and that is and was the main purpose.

    In short, mission accomplished. One down; more to follow.
  • Hasn't the charges been dismissed by FSM AG?
  • Have they? WEll, regardless whether the charges have been dropped or a court hearing still awaits, John has lost his electability
  • And his political influences. Does he have traditional influence? Poor John.
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    Poor John.... image 
  • Everyone who breaks the law and uses their elected office for self interests should be investigated and prosecuted if there is evidence that can prove the allegations. I think we have to remove the names and focus on the facts of each case. No name, nobody should be above the law and the punishment absolutely needs to fit the crime.
  • Hello MIke P and good to see your name in here, been a while, isn't it!

    I agree that there should be investigations. If this were to be something that is done properly, I am sure our government offices will all be affected since most of the people there will be guilty.
  • John is said to be a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Something you all probably know nothing about. I once heard a story where he used a pencil to sign a check at a bar - A FUCKING PENCIL!
  • And while we dwell on this "history" of the past administration, here is recent event that is making history in its own right:

    Chief Justice Rodriguez resigns from CJ post to avoid impeachment tribunal. In a carefully written letter (many suspect his female lawyer is the author), he states something to the effect that he resigns voluntarily to prevent hardship to the State in trying the impeachment case.

    His impeachment hearing at the State Legislature passed unanimously, with no one objecting to his impeachment.

    He is facing more than 10 counts of felony, criminal charges. There will be a criminal trial since his resignation negated the need for a civil one.

  • This is the beauty of private newspaper like Kaselehlie Press. Well-done BJaynes. We need more like this in the FSM especially in Chuuk. One day news in Chuuk will fill up your newspaper.
  • Noname, what story in Chuuk do you want to read about? With or without a written medium in Chuuk, revelation of all that happen will be made known by word of mouth. Anything written will be edited by whoever the news is about. So Bill I suggest you don't establish your press here, you will be wasting your time because we, Chuukese, don't believe in contributing to the press the way it should. You might end up getting the KPress discredited by your readers which in turn discredit your journalism profession.
  • The Pen is mightier than the Pencil.
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