Forum Administration Action with Respect to PawNStaR and FactsMatter

After lengthy deliberation--too lengthy--and discussion with forum users and long-time advisers to the forum, we have issued the following notification to the users labeled PawNStaR and FactsMatter. This is intended to be a community, so we'd invite any users who have been impacted to take this opportunity to bring forward topics of interest and import. For those who feel this action has been too-long delayed, we agree and we apologize, and we encourage our formerly active users to make a special effort to reinvigorate the forum as a relevant and useful form of discussion about issues relevant to the islands.


When we decided to continue this forum it was intended to promote dialogue based on the original ideas of Forum Members, and in relation to issues of relevance to the islands. We've had periods of greater and lesser success, and greater and lesser relevance, but, primarily driven by your posts, we've hit a nadir over the recent many months, where relevant discussion has been measurably suppressed. At the same time you've increasingly posted non-original posts provably sourced from third-party sources and of negligible relevance to the islands. Your posts have had the unwelcomed effect of hijacking the forum.

Therefore, for at least the next forty-five days, the following action has been taken:

(1) I've deleted your last 50 posts so the home page of the Forum reflects issues posted by the collective community.

(2) You are no longer able start new discussions. You can contribute comments to discussions that were started by others, but our expectations are that those comments reflect original ideas, avoid vulgarity and personal attacks, and are consistent with the Terms of Service pasted below. If you continue to simply spam the forum with copy/paste content from other articles, you'll be treated like a spammer and deleted completely. Alternatively, after a 45 day cooling-off period, you can request that we review your account and our decision to suspend your ability to create new discussions.

I'm pasting the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up for the Forum below. Note the last paragraph.

-Forum Admin


You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this community to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you.

We at this community also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. We log all internet protocol addresses accessing this web site.

Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on this community.

We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason or no reason at all. We reserve the right to terminate any membership for any reason or no reason at all.

You must be at least 13 years of age to use this service.


  • So the second paragraph is for the so called factsmatter. Yes, i agree with it he or she has been posting fake news in here a lot.
  • Only posted trump news/positive ones to counter fake/negatives ones from factsmatters. Thats all.
  • Tsk tsk.. @PawNStar, looks like you've pissed off lot of folks here. Lets go to RT forum my friend lol
  • 14 is not a lot. @Dezi, Stay away from RT its a russian propaganda machine. They hate the U.S more than the liberals in here.
  • I don't agree that the Forum Administration should try to silence PS. You assume that we Micronesians should not worry about international issues especially US issues; and should just focus on local Micronesian issues. While that sounds like a feel-good thing to do, I don't think this is the way to address concerns by others against PS. After all, US federal government policies--whether good or bad-- will eventually have impact on everybody including Micronesians and the Micronesian countries.

    If other posters have posting on non-international issues that they want to post, then, why don't they just go ahead and post them. They don't have to react or reply to PS postings.

    I lived in the states long enough to became tolerant to views and expressions of other people opinions--that were diametrically different from my point of views. At first, I found that hurtful and offensive. However, over time, I learned that that is what freedom of speech is all about. You express yourself. Other people express their views. If you don't like it, it's okay; just respect other people's views of things.

    It sounds to me that people who are saying things against PS don't like Trump and his policies. Sure, they have the right to their own feelings. But why knock on PS. He is expressing his feelings; and his views; and it appears that he supports Trump Administration's views of things. So what his wrong that.

    So if PS were to post 10 of his postings that you don't like, why don't the rest of posters go ahead and post 100 of their own postings; and not complain about what PS is posting. I found his posting to be informative and mostly in line with Trump Administration's policies. What is wrong with that.

    I would suggest that you restore all PS postings--for the sake of freedom of expression in this Forum. You don't need to screen anything except porn stuff or personal attacks or outright lies. You don't have to read PS postings; you don't have to comment on them. Just post your own and let PS be. Just my thoughts.
  • A vote with marc on this.
  • Take it easy on PS. Lots of the MicSem users are now switch to Chuuk Ranalim New.
  • edited August 2017
    So shall we continue discussing more on current and local issues (Micronesian Issues)?

    Thank you Admin!
  • Will miss you porn star. Had lots of laughs with your fake news.
  • Since they banned me from posting there has been 0/zero posts or new discussions posted on "Micronesian" related topics. This Forum is dead. As for admin, i won't be suprised if @SaremChuuk is the new big wig admin. Liberalism has won in this forum, for now. Whats happening in This forum is no different than whats going in American universities across america, liberals shutting down the rights of others to express their views.

    Xavier is my grandfathers alma mater, he was right the standards have fallen Xavier HS. Bet that old gaffer is rolling in his grave knowing that his School has succumbed to liberalism.

    Keep sheltering these liberal babies in their cuddle bubble, who don't want to know outside world news. Guess what North Korea just released a statement that it will fire 4 nuke dipped missiles at Guam which is in Micronesia. But according to the liberals it is not news worthy because its not micro related. Dont be suprise when a mushroom cloud appears Guam or Saipan Guys. That liberal cuddle bubble i hear will protect you from nuclear fallout.
  • My friend PS, you played a role in the deteriorating interest to discuss serious Micro related/focused issues on here.

    You should use this 45 day cooling off period to rethink your strategy. Your excessive reposting of mainly Pro Trump propaganda or extreme right leaning news, all of which are readily accessible via the web, drove many forumers away.

    While many differ in opinions regarding the decision to temporarily restrict your access on this forum, all of us signed up with full understanding of the terms/conditions. Your attitude exhibited in the manner in which you repeatedly convey such absolute disregard to basic norms of meaningful engaging debates puts u at this juncture where all u had done just gone to waste.

    Many forumers enjoy hot topics. But not at the expense of intolerant mockery of our intelligence. You my friend must regroup yourself and come back ready to contribute with genuine intent to solicit productive and mraningful engagements from your fellow forumers. Cheers n no worries about NK, i think we have many cool-headed leaders around Trump who will keep him focused..long term.
  • Porn star, why are you still posting?
  • @SakaSaka, i don't need any advice from a biased hack like you. You were not complaining about the nevative Trump posts but complaint about the Positive Trump posts. From observingthe I.P addresses that visit this forum its clear that only 100 to 125 and a hard core 68 visit this forum daily. Facebook is the reason 100 still visit and a core 68 still come here.

  • @redsnapper, hot out the grill

    Milestone for Trump: 1 million new jobs in six months
    By Patrick Gillespie August 4, 2017: 11:37 AM ET
    America has added more than a million jobs since President Trump took office.
    The U.S. economy added a strong 209,000 jobs in July, more than economists had expected. The unemployment rate fell to 4.3%, matching a 16-year low. Just after the Great Recession in 2009, unemployment peaked at 10%.

    Even CNN/Fake news Central acknowledged it:
  • Still havent hack. U r way too stoned out buddy.
  • And the fake news continues....
  • @SakaSaka you missed what the admin said my dear friend. I can't post discussions but i still can post comments. You are lacking in the reading comprehension departments. And you are biased to boot pwipwi, you were tone deaf with all the left leaning anti trump post yet cried wolf when i post the opposite. Look in the mirror buddy cause you are a walking meaning if biased.

    @redsnapper, according to libs like you its not fake when CNN writes it. And the story came out of CNN itself. Lol
  • Admin,
    Rather than suppress free speech, please work on improving the site to provide registered users the choice to block or hide other users or posts. This will address the PS & FM "problem" while also improving utilization of the site.

    Thank You.
  • Admin, I support your decision 100 percent.

    PawnStar was basically flooding this forum with just about anything he wanted to post. If we all look carefully at his topics of discussion, very few if any, comments were posted.

    Thank you for biting the bullet and doing what was necessary to keep this forum interesting and alive.
  • I wonder what orangutan did to create those jobs? Oh that's right, nothing. His economic plan no one knows anything about it yet. So this is all obamas doing.
  • red snapper, why are you being so hard and negative on Trump? What did he do to you or your family or your plan or your lives? Why being so disrespectful by calling him "orangutan"? Do you want people calling you by that kind of name or reference? Let me know so that I don't get offended by reading your post. In Micronesia, we try not to be too personal even when we don't agree with other people.

    Secondly, as far as economic plans, I believe Trump administration has laid out future plans as well as have taken actions that have boosted the confidence of people--to invest, to look for business opportunities, to look for investments that can bring better return for their money.

    As a business person, here are what I see from Trump administration as contributing to my interest in getting into business or investment in the US: reduce regulations for small business to allow them to grow and keep their income; proposal to reduce income taxes; proposal to create a tax system that will attract the billions of dollars that are parked outside of the US by multi-national corporations; etc., etc.

    Trump Administration does not have to create jobs itself. What is does is to create a business environment--a positive and growth potential business environment. And then, let the people who are interested in business development and investment create their own business enterprises and make money; and hire more people; and look for competitive edge in marketing; in product development; etc.

    So that is why the stock market is at the highest level now. Investors believe that under the Trump administration, the many regulations that were crushing businesses are being pulled back. There is optimism. This leads to people to invest in stocks of good companies, thus the rise. It also attracts entrepreneurs to begin to develop new businesses, etc. That's what it is all about.

    This is different from the Obama years where a lot of regulations were put in place; in order for the federal government to control many things; and in doing so, choked up business opportunities and entrepreneurship spirit. Just my thoughts.
  • Hate is all left has that they lost elections.
  • Thank you, Thank you, admin!! But..What about Rastaman?
  • Here comes another idiot Mr. Wang_Lung.why don't you guys just mind your own selves and leave those men mind theirs.
  • Only if you heed your own motherly advice. You have no business calling me names. You don't know me and I don't know you except for the fact that you like to write in italics.-:) smile
  • Thank you Admin. Main reason why I took a long time off was because of those fools who flood this forum with propaganda and nonsense that I can easily find on the web.
  • Forum Admin, I have tried to contact you via email to no avail. My request is very clear in the emails so I will continue to be patient and wait for your response. Hopefully you can resolve the issue.

    Have a wonderful day.
  • Of course I don't know you Wang and I don't have to but please know it that my business is mine only, italic or not, diba.
  • Thank you Admin, sense prevails.
  • Yeah what about me? I agree with what ps was saying and postings so ban me too. Ridiculous.
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