North Korea's threat to bomb Guam as posted by PawnStar

A huge and scary issue which PawnStar first posted in this Forum a day or so ago--the NOKO's threat to attack Guam--is now getting attention all over. A couple of points: Guam Governor will be interviewed by a national TV, I think, FoxNews's Carlson Tucker show. Second, PS mentioned that Hawaii did not want to accept the US military to set up the missile defense system (THAAD) because it would make Hawaii a target.

I think of that saying about ostrich burying its head in the sand--while the rest of its body is sticking out--as if burying its head in the sand would make it not a target for hunters. Third, is this an appropriate subject for discussion in this Forum now that PS has been silenced? We need more guidance as to what would be acceptable and not acceptable to post here. I think any issue with potential attack by North Korea against Guam is a subject that is worth discussing since it will impact many Micronesians living in Guam now. Just my thoughts.


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    I do believe Kim and his cronies are testing the US defense system. Just rhetorics and posturing.
  • Dezi, I hope you are right--that it is just rhetoric and posturing. I saw in the follow-up news where NOKO is now saying they will drop the bomb about 25 miles away from Guam; and is saying it will have the damaging impact on Guam as intended. I hope they have good aim or else it will drop on Saipan or other Northern Marianas islands. I also hope that their missile guidance system is good or else it might be so off as to hit Yap, or Palau or Chuuk or anywhere else. I don't know how to read it but it could be that they are trying to tone down the rhetoric--or posturing as you say. Very soon the whole island of Guam will panic; and people will start to fly out. Hope not.
  • I wonder if any one knows how much of an impact the
    FSM will have if N/Korea bomb Guam and Hawaii?
  • I don't have any official document that would provide the full answer to your question. But some of the impacts are: many Micronesians might die; that includes Palauans, Yapese, Chuukese, Pohnpeians, Kosraeans, Marshallese living in Guam and also in Hawaii. There are probably around 10,000 Micronesians in Guam; and probably 20,000 in Hawaii.

    Additionally, Guam is the commercial hub for the Micronesian region; ships hauling food including fresh produce from the US west coast are transshipped thru Guam. Also, ships from Asian ports (Dalian, China, Japan, S. Korea, PI and others) also go thru Guam; and also doing transshipment services at the Guam ports to ships that go thru the islands in the region.

    Imagine if Guam's transshipment assets were closed for a month or more, there will be no rice or meat or beer or fresh agricultural products to the Micronesian islands. There will be starvation; a mass exodus thru Hawaii to the US mainland. All fishing ships will not be able to get their provisions of food and vegetables; so they will close their fishing boat visits to these islands. And more...... Just some thoughts.
  • The impact on FSM will be devastating should a nuclear bomb ever hit Guam. Personally, I am terrified just at the thought of Kim Jong Un 'plan on hitting Guam' with his war toy.

    Should a retaliation by the US go forward, our innocent states will be most affected unnecessarily. So the best we can do now is pray and ask Him to forgive us for our sins and besiege Him to take us in under His protection and free us from the threats.
  • The issue here sinbad is that Him is directing Kim to do it to salvage the world. The prediction as in "Sodom/Gomorrah", spelling check please
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    In the face of threats and provocation of North Korea, the United States do not have in front of you any good options. image
  • I believe there are many different option US can take. People who have been served in the military may have different view from those who have not. But I think the current administration need to be very careful with their position when presented to the President. Careful analyzes of every things, including the very wording use need to be review.
    I believe US need to understand the N/Korean moves and the reasons why they took certain decision to bomb Guam. The N/Korean decision can be base on economic reasons, political reasons, and even popularity. China on the other hands may like or dislike such action done by North Korea. S/Korea, Japan, and US roll may play a very big roll that may cause any positive and negative action from China. Do you think China would go for unifying of North and South Korea with a South Korean model of government? Should that be an option for negotiation or economic option would be best?

  • Oh, kill me quickly, kinen, PLEASE! I don't want to even think about that 'Sodom and Gomorrah' prediction. The thought of that has got my stomach go wildly grumbling like a you've just had me get myself quarts of Pepto Bismol, soiling my pants right now, man!
  • Just let loose sir. Everything will be a okay as predicted.
  • Noko will not attack no one. Its just same thing its been doing for 40 years. If noko attack it will be their hand. The end does not justify the means. China just said if noko attack they wont help them.
  • rules of engagement
  • Let's hope China reign in their little minion in noko.
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