Official Communicarion to FSM from US regardin present situation.

I wonder if the FSM people received any communication regarding the FSM people security for the present situation for an attract on Guam from N/Korea. If there is such already received, then what are the security plan put in place for FSM people.


  • Esananap, you have brought up a very important topic. The US needs to provide FSM assurance that we will be safe if anything happens.
  • U.S is fully responsible for FSMs, RMIs and Palaus security/defense. All three FAS nations lack tge resources to adequately plan for any looming conflict over any part of the Micronesian region.

    Guam can be a scrificial lamb to justify an all out assault on NK to force regime change. Thousands of people in NK, SK, Japan, and perhaps Micronesia can perish within first 24hrs of bombardment from both sides. No upside whatsover for our Micronesian region.
  • There is evidence that FDR and Churchill knew about Pearl Harbor but they needed another "remember the Alamo" or "remember the Maine" in order to get into WWII. Same argument goes for 9/11. I hope Guam will not be the next. Guam is in Micronesia and there will be erratic missiles that will be hitting Chuuk, Yap and even Pohnpei as well. Under the Compact, U.S. is responsible for defense of the islands as pointed out by Saka. I really hope that we are not used as sacrificial lambs by Trump. Trump needs to be removed so cooler heads can deescalate the situation. Even GOP McCain disagrees with his rhetoric and saber rattling. Kim Jung Un is doing is job of saying bellicose words because he faces destruction daily from three directions and the skies. Getting nuclear is understandable as a deterrence. Every administration in the past had let him talked and he will continue to talk. With Trump holding the helm in Washington now, it has become very scary for us Micronesians. Not for Trump and millions of Americans. Just thousands of Americans and perhaps our entire survival.
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    In the face of threats and provocation of North Korea, the United States do not have in front of you any good options. image
  • REgardless of who's at the helm of which ship, both ships will sink one way or another no matter how big the arsenals each may hold. Pray for second thoughts on both sides.
  • The short fat kid from NK got brass balls...Lol
  • With all due respect, how would one go about in the idea that "Trump needs to be removed". I thought he was elected based on the US political process. So that option is off the table at this time. Maybe at the next election cycle but that might too late if NOKO's President and the US President are not seeing eye to eye at this point.

    Yes, cooler heads are needed. I think the Sec of State and Sec of Defense are doing their job well in regard to this North Korean threat. And it is the role of President Trump to be very clear--without ambiguity in his words--about the nature of conflict that will ensue--if NOKO were to bomb Guam or any territory; and allies. And I would want to think that that includes our FAS countries. Yes, I like the President saying that NOKO will be met with "fire" and "fury". It's very clear. NOKO should not miscalculate US resolve under President Trump.

    Susan Rice has said that she's willing to live with a nuclear state North Korea; and that is what you get as a result of appeasement policies of the past several presidents. NOKO was able to get other former Presidents to close their eyes and ears while giving NOKO money in order for it to comply with UN resolutions re nuclear development and missile technology. And he clearly did not. No appeasement worked for him.

    So this is where we are today. Intelligence Reports are saying that NOKO was able to miniaturize its nuclear bomb that could be fitted to an ICBM--about 3 years ago. And Obama administration knew it but decided to kick the can into the future.

    So Trump is now having to deal with it. He has said he does not want war. But if NOKO were to try to nuke Guam or any US territory or allies, it will be met with destruction the world have never see. I hope the NOKO dictator and his advisers are listening; and listening good; and know that Trump is not Obama. He'll do it. He'll push that button; not because he wants to but because he does not want the US to be hit by nuclear bomb.

  • marc, i cannot believe that came from you but my comment was obviously about a democratic impeachment process. I hope that Mueller and his group do find obstruction of justice evidence for Trump to resign or face impeachment.

    Guam residents were told "not to look at the bright light." I did not hear that from officials yesterday here in Pohnpei yet were are but right next to Guam in missiles language. When nuclear weapons start exploding hundreds of miles away (closes FSM soil in FSM lands in Yap and Chuuk are just a stone-throw away from Guam), our distances will be nothings. Fish will be wiped out mostly or contaminated. Should't U.S. defense systems be showing up here.

    We are by U.S. law and FSM law (treaty/compact) were guaranteed protection. Our neighborhood is being threatened with extinction-level rhetoric/bellicose statements. We are but just short distance away from the epic center of the threats. Is the Pacific Command going to talk to our President and governors also? Guam is not worried because missile defense systems are there. What happens if these North Korean erratic missiles start coming this way and they only have 10 defensive systems are left to protect Guam? We are just a byway in U.S. defense system and if so, is our affiliation making us vulnerable? I guess we just have to wait and see if our compact is truly worthy.

    I hope that we can all wake up and see our value in the region. China does not want to see a unified N/S Korea because U.S. would be knocking on its doors with presence. Same argument goes with our importance to U.S. We create a buffer zone to the U.S. If we had left completely in 1979 and began allowing military protecting from say China, there would be no buffer zone for U.S. in Guam. The U.S. saw that potential and made us agree to certain terms in the compact. Since then, U.S. duties had been scaled back (again did anymore talk about "don't look at the bright light" and JEMCO created to undermine the compact, etc.) while our importance to U.S. continue to be realized. Yet just like the residents of Guam, we thank the U.S. for "protecting us" when their military presence is the cause of all evil. Guam build-up is just a brick in the evil efforts to contain China in the Pacific. Hell, Korea and China are only on brinkmanship against the U.S. because the U.S. is there and is surrounding China and N. Korea with bases, nuclear warship and aircraft carriers. Let us reexamine the situation: what if China or Russia builds bases in Mexico, Cuba and other islands in the Caribbean Sea? Wait that happened and the U.S. nearly killed the world with nuclear weapons in those fateful 13 days in 1961. What gives U.S. the right to contain the entire world?

    People of Micronesia: we are but nothing to the U.S. in this standoff but some people that are occupying islands that the U.S. needs are buffer zone to its evil interests. Trump represents the worst of the worst U.S. hard-liners and war-hawks that will allow us (including our brown brothers/sisters of Guam) destruction as battle-cry for the purpose of achieving its world domination.

    These are my thoughts.

  • Kim Dong Un ate too much kimichii which led uncontrollable foul-smelling farts and heart burns. He is not in his right mind. Hopefully, sometime soon, he will comprehend the seriousness of his actions and cease all the tension between him and Mr. Trump. They are like two kids on the beach bragging to each other how big their sand castles are. But in reality, they are playing with WMDs and any miscalculations will result in countless of innocent lives.
  • micro, thanks for the clarification. Yes, we're stuck with Trump for now while the NOKO issue is simmering. As always, your analysis and comments are clear and spot on. Yes, we're sitting ducks out here in our islands which could be hit by an errant missile; and also we're not far from any nuclear fallout.

    Clearly, we are in danger if Guam were to be the target of NOKO. Let's hope that clear heads, as you say, will prevail as they navigate the US administration thru this this difficult and unpredictable situation. Just some thoughts on this nice Saturday cool morning in Pohnpei while worrying if the mushroom cloud might come this far if something bad were to happen; and praying that he will not push that button.
  • NK leaders are not oblivious to what U.S military is capable of doing. Not sure why The POTUS has to say all those....for what? Who in the World does not have any clue how strong the U.S military is.

    Im with Micro..we are pawns in the struggle of world domination between U.S and China. China. Military options are and will never be in our favor. Some cool headed adults in DC need to seriously reign in POTUS.

    That guy in NK is loving all these attention on him. Who dares to stand up against the mighty US...he his fantasy world and Trump is feeding it to him. So yes, where is the alert or warning for the FAS nations? Moral support through formal assurances via the FAS govts to the populous is the least U.S can do. But who knows whats going on since Palikir has been in the dark on information for a while now...SILENCE!!!
  • Did Palikir request information and was not given or is Palikir expecting Washington to voluntarily provide the information?
  • Tirow..eerie silence!
  • All this would never have happened if the president before trump never made the pivot to the pacific policy. Yes blame the current potus but forget that it was the previous president who shifted american policy towards the pacific and in doing so put a huge bullseye on Micronesia. But lets keep blaming trump for the last presidents inaction and appeasement towards noko that let us where we are now.
  • I think something wrong some where in our government responsibilities. A disaster is a disaster. No mater the size, big or small, some one should alert the President. If I am not mistaken, I believe our governments, State or National, already have such an agency which responsible to go for and gather sufficient information to energize the necessary action. Without a plan we can not do anything. Who should develop the plan? Under the compact agreement do we have any developed by both US and FSM government? If we do not have one, our compact is not consider fully implemented, ever yet.
  • Gentlemen:

    Please Google "OP PLAN 8010-12" read up on it to give you a better perspective on the situation. The USA may in fact be seriously considering a military strike on NK. This will all depend on troop movements as it takes around 1 month to stage military assets in place before a major strike.
  • Nuclear radiation and associated fallout doesn't recognise territorial boundaries or agreements written on paper. The only thing in the islands favour would be the direction of any prevailing winds should the S.H.T.F
  • So this is why we are the top prize in the whole region as far as strategic location. With a simple Kaboom!! from Mr. Atom and we are a cloud of dust.

    Make love, not war. And for the one who said the last President is the reason for all of this, you are so wrong my friend. Obama is as intelligent as they come. He deserves a lot more credit than what some of the media and them bloodsucking hard right liners paint him to be.

  • Mr. Trump will bomb NK after the fat kid wiped out Guam....Lol I was going are you serious!
  • This is all headline bs. noko knows better. they just like a bastard child craving for attention. every once in a while they throw a fit just to be a nuisance. nothing more, nothing less.

    intentionally, they want to thwart world attention towards them. that's is all. noko is just a bully. end of story.
  • The media laughed at Trump when he said all options are on the table for noko. When i heard him use that term "all options" i knew he wasn't messing around. It means The U.S is prepared to carry out, psychological warfare, conventional warfare, Surgical Strike, guerilla warfare and nuclear warfare on NOKO.

    Obama and those before are to blame for this. They saw this building up yet did nothing. Appeasement! The same situation the world is having with NOKO it will have with Iran. If iran achieve nuclear capability they will act like how NOKO is acting. And when they do remember that it was that intelligent man named obama that gave iran money and time and space to build a nuke with obamas iran deal.
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    obama took out bin laden. saved millions of soldiers lives in iraq and afghanistan by bringing them home.

    he was brave enough to do all of this. this is another definition of bravery that does not exist in your dictionary because you don't know anything about it.

  • Of course, blame Obama..why not. POTUS has no balls to own anything.
  • "Mission Accomplished" remember that rhetoric on the destroyer? hehe.
  • I intentionally post this as an inquiry for the subject. Because I can not find any direct answer, I amuse that that there is none. Thanks.
  • @Belas, The unit that found bin landen was created by Bush Jr. All credit belongs to Bush Jr for having the foresight to create a combined task force to hunt for Bin Laden. As for Iraq Obama brought no one home, he just reduced the numbers of U.S troops which led to the rise of ISIS and 4 years after reducing troops Obama had to send them back to iraq to fight ISIS in Iraq&Syria. Also under obama the U.S footprint in Afghanistan was enlarged. And also under obama US involvement in the middle east was widen to 9 countries.

    @SakaSaka Trump has not own anything because he has yet to commit a single foreign policy. He is cleaning up obamas mess in syria and right now ISIS is fighting for survival because of Trump action of killing them and taking no prisoners.
  • #Go Trump!!!, nuke that short, fat and spoiled little bastard out of existence. Do not listen to these none sense noise coming from these leftist sand bar people.
  • ngaan what is wrong with you. You throw around "nuking" like its some good weapon. One nuke exploding in NOKO will kill thousands of people if not more. Why suggest killing innocent others. Why a nuke when conventional missiles are there? Any nuking NOKO without them doing something first could be met with Sino-American confrontation that will wipe your out you and your utt in Chuuk. Please don't throw around phrases like that. Even is NOKO preemptively strikes Guam with nukes, we are toast. Especially Chuukese western islands and Yap's eastern islands. The long-term would be devastating for us all. If the Fat, Yellow Childlike President sure nukes NOKO, Russia and China might respond with nukes if their territories are affected/hit. You see, there is no way out of this except for cooler head. Trump does not have cooler head. Obama, Bush, Clinton all had cooler heads. Trump will not survive Charlotteville. He will be removed.
  • Hahaha Trump will be here till 2020 and will run again. A new poll released by Monmouth University in New Jersey found that 60% of Trump supporters would continue supporting the president no matter what. Overall, that’s equivalent to about 1 in 4 Americans. If Trump is removed i predict that there will be another civil war in America. As of now conservatives are stocking up on weapons and ammos all over America. The sales of weapons have went up 90% in America, and majority of those buying guns and ammos are conservatives and Trump supporters.
  • Dude, how can you say all those within the same breath as "Hahaha"? You are one afflicted puppy. How can
    you romanticize killing like that. Perhaps you need counseling? Or its shortcut - a traditional beat-up by your mom. With coconut broom so the piercing pieces can shake you out of your misery. If your mom is passed, then you need to be beat up by someone there in Guam. A relative so you can think properly. But if its too late for you because you are so f*d-up, then you ought to move in with those "Wrong-Turn" or "Deliverance" products. You know, the ultra conservative buddies from the Ozarks and the Shenandoah that were molested beyond repair. Wait a minute, they will kick your brown wannabe ass and run you over with a ho (sorry I mean backhoe).
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