'You're going to be extremely famous': Trump gives Guam governor pep-talk phone call (Video)



  • “Mr. President, as the governor of Guam…and as an American citizen, I have never felt more safe or confident with you at the helm,” Calvo told Trump.

  • Davy Crockett became famous from the Alamo when Mexicans tried to drive our white trespassers from their country. He did not survive. But again, he became famous. This brown GOP will become famous but unlike Crockett whose "legacy" lived on with most Americans (including those marching in Virginia as Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, etc.), this brown Guam Governor will only be remembered by a few like Senator Rubio, AJ Clarence Thomas, the pizza dude, the handful of GOP minorities, Guamanians and other Micronesians living abroad if Trump continues to use unnecessary military rhetoric and our lands are laid to waste by nuclear exchange and hundreds of thousands of Micronesians disappear from the globe. Also, if this is how official exchanges are done between governors and the White House (lots of background noise from the President's side like golfer) then it is sad. But if it is not, then it should remind Calvo that he is nothing - just a caretaker of humans shields around Trump's military bases. We are all nothing out here. Just bases and buffer zones.
  • I admire you micro, but "brown"? Say it ain't so; it ain't coming from a Micronesian!
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    Good job Calvo. image 
  • Someone needs to call CNN and the other TV news stations and demand that they also show Micronesia in the maps.
  • Four missiles be heading to Guam waters.
  • Hopefully, those missiles wont be tipped with nuclear warheads if Kim decides to fire them to Guam.
  • That will be his final mistake. US will only have a couple of minutes to react to try to defend Guam; so it will not have time to figure out whether the missile has or doesn't have a miniaturized nuclear warhead. So the NOKO missiles will be shot down; and several US, Japan and S. Korea plus submarine missiles will hit and decimate Pyongyang and Kim' regime. Ugly and so final; so I hope he does not miscalculate Trump.
  • No one in the Micronesian region should ever wish for war...no matter what. Every diplomatic efforts, sweats, tricks, etc should be at play especially in this case where our islands and our people are nothing but war collateral damage.

    It took yrs for Japan to build up our isands pre ww2...they actually built the infrastucture to meet their military strategy. The U.S afterward selectively picked only certain parts to build up for future military conflicts...i.e Guam and Kwaj. The rest of Micronesia gets incremental mini gifts to keep the hunger for perpetual dependency on a new foreign idea called Democracy.

  • The U.S has pretty robust missile defense system. Satellites that monitor from space, thaads systems in south korea, japan and soon will be place in guam. Not to mention radars at Kwaj. Lets not forget NORAD!

    Blaming America for micronesias shortcomings is ignorant. The americans offered micronesia the choices of commonwealth or territory status and they choose the third. Also we have to blame ourselfs for wasting funds.
  • Are you ok with a war to break out between U.S and NOKO regardless of who draws first blood?

    You are naive to think those U.S negotiators then were not given a clear objective? Read the COFA carefully.

  • SakaSaka this isnt the first time noko has threatened to send nukes towards the U.S and will not be the last. If Noko thraws first blood it would be their end, they know this.

    I read the cofa. Blames goes both ways. The US and micronesia. How many millions have been misused by our leaders in FSM? Blame ourself not the US, cause we keep voting for these guys.
  • First trump, orangutan said if the North Koreans threaten Guam, it will be fire and fury. North Korea replies that orangutan's bereft of reason and issues another threat to launch 4 missiles in the plans. Orangutan was called out and he did squat nothing. Instead then says if NK "does something ". So we went from "threat" to "does something " in a matter of 24 hours. What a joker of a commander in chief. Talks shit and does squat. Bravo to your hero porn star. I remember him talking shit about obamas red line. What a hypocrite orangutan monkey ass clown.
  • Red Snapper Trump has a cool head. Thank god he didn't follow through because if he'd have we would have nuclear war.

    7 hours ago the Chairman of the Joint chiefs released a statement saying that the U.S Military is "Ready" to act if sanctions fail. As of now U.S Miliyary forces in the Pacific are at DEFCON 2 (Defense Readiness Condition), It means US Armed Forces are ready to deploy and engage in less than 6 hours. As of now the U.S has 3 Aircraft Carriers, 2 Cruisers and 12 destroyers on standby for snap orders in regards to NOKO. If Noko attacks south korea, japan or guam it will give be their end. Trump is not afraid to act. What you don't get is he does not care about his legacy like obama did.

    Obama put forth his red lines in syria and when syria and russia crossed them he was afraid to carry out his red line policy. Trump enforced the red line policy when Russia and Syria crossed them by bombing a russian and syrian air base in syria.
  • If the US cannot even detect a jumbo jet flying into the pentagon then not sure if they can detect a missile flying at the speed of a bullet.
  • Why don't we just respect the security and dream handed to us and stop this US this Trump that and be merry. Kinisou mang pue ààmi.
  • pwns, you need to reread and study the history of cofa my friend, especially that of Palau. david vs goliath as they put it. your recollection to our history is poor and incorrect. there was a lot going on in our politics.

    why you think it took us 8 plebiscite to succumb to our cofa? check your facts buddy before you open your mouth and spread lies.
  • Belas, what did PS say in this post that made you lash out against him with respect to Palau compact?
  • If the US cannot even detect a jumbo jet flying into the pentagon then not sure if they can detect a missile flying at the speed of a bullet.

    @militegu, this has been going on for years. We fly over their bases they fly over our bases. This a agreement both countries (US&Russia) signed decades ago. Its part of the nuclear reduction deal both signed decades ago. We allow them to inspect out nuclear facilities and they allow us the same courtesy, this is called on sight inspection. For evey jumbo jet flyin over US military facilities we have our own flying over theirs.
  • @Belas, i don't have clue what you talking about. Don't debate cause we all know your kind, when facts hurt they start using profanity.
  • what profanity? he speaks without clarity, that's his problemo. cofa can be blamed for both parties? isn't that what pwn wrote? so I refuted (lashed out if you call it).

    debate, this is far from it my friend. don't go there.
  • Belas, I thought PS was referring to the FSM COFA, not Palau's since he was discussing it with Saka.
    Yes, Palau's COFA is different; and I hard that not many leaders are pleased with the way the US has been treating Palau under the Obama administration since the Palau's second financial provision was approved. Palau's renegotiated 2nd financial provision was not picked up by the Congress yet; so Obama's administration asked Department of the Interior to fund the Palau compact until now--with administration budget; not appropriation like other COFA nations.
    Fast forward to today. I believe the Republicans in the Congress are ready to introduce a bill for approval of the Palau's second financial provisions. And in fy18 Trump budget, they will most likely include line items for the Palau Compact. In short, there are problems with the compacts under the COFA. So we'll just have to learn and be prepared for whatever outcomes will come.

  • Yes, it has been stagnant for some time. The bottom line is a contract is a contract. Honoring it with actions and not just words means the world to us.

    If the comment above was really not directed towards me, then being a reasonable man, I apologize to Mr. Pawnstar. I think my compassion to my Palau speaks for itself.

    Let us continue, shall we.
  • @Belas, chill out girl friend. No one was talking about youre palau. Jezzuz the route people take to get attention these days.
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  • Mwa kinen, met sipwene kinisou ren? Men naf siwinin an Merika ei anganapei neniach? Setich, Fan nang?

    Nge fen Merika ese naf an kinisou ngeni kich.

    US hasn't done enough to build Micronesia compared to the amount they've benefitted from Micronesia. The scale has neither been leveled off nor dipped toward Micronesia. They've only been throwing stale crumbs of their loos pocket change that wont even make a sound as it drops down the offering tray in church. lol - - -

    Way to go, Yankee!
  • Good morning pwipwi sinbad, usap esipönua your great wisdom I respect every ounce of it nge ità u chok mochen kopue chechemeni that the islands were given an opportunity. We got what we wanted or we were given something better than nothing depending on how we view it. I, myself, think our status negotiations were rushed on us to satisfy world interests. I think intend of negotiations was proper but dynamics were not properly understood. Our top notch negotiators were not equipped well enough and the bargaining chips were not in their favor. The Micronesia team was not united wholeheartedly causing rifts among members.
    Bottom line is, we got what we were offered, reluctantly or not.
    Let's all work together with hearts voice and hands to better our islands with what little gifts coming our ways.
    What's the departure fee now, please pwi?
  • Sinbad smoke some weed drink some sakau and relax.
  • Lol@Rasta....smoking weed is for u and Pawn
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