There are so many things to be thankful for that North Korea has not gone totally mad and fired nuclear ballistic missiles into Guam's territorial waters (US sovereign territory), starting a nuclear World War III which could eventually contaminate the entire world,(like the US hydrogen bomb tests in the Northern Marshalls Islands in the 1950s contaminated the physical environment and subsequent generations of Marshallese mothers and babies).

Three things need mentioning to be thankful for: (1) the US Constitution does not authorize big-mouthed US presidents like President Trump to go firing nuclear missiles on his own without provocation without a Declaration of War by the US Congress; (2) there are cooler heads in Beijing and Moscow, trying to restrain the mad, big-mouthed North Korean President (partly because, as a Russian general correctly pointed out, "North Korea will not stand a chance against the US military" and partly because both Beijing and Moscow understand that if North Korea initiates an attack on the US, all of the US strategic agreements like NATO, SEATO and ANZUS will come into play, bringing all of the NATO and ANZUS nuclear and conventional forces to bear against North Korea and possibly China ; and (3) most US strategists and policy makers think, as well as most rational people around the world do, that North Korea is not the "right enemy to risk blowing up the world over."

Truly, US President Trump's North Korea rethorics over the past weeks have been disturbingly irresponsible, lowering himself down to the level of Kim Jng Hun, a leader that most world leaders called "an outlaw." There are about 10,000 Chuukese now living in Guam, (extrapolating the 2017 Chuuk State General election turnouts), in addition to about 100,000 Guaminians and some 50,000 other FAS and Asian residents, more than the 90,000 that another major Republican, Henry Kissinger once said "nobody gives a damn about." The presence of the US B1 bombers fleet at Guam's Henderson Base already showed that the strategic value of the Micronesian region to the US has significantly appreciated since US Compact Negotiator, Al Stayman, seriously undervalued the Micronesian Region's "strategic value" during the Compact renegotiations to a total financial and economic assistance of about $1.5 billion for 20 years, (2004-2023), and forced our FSM negotiators, (President Christian, Speaker Jack Fritz, Floor Leader Urusemal, Ambassador Gerson Jackson, etc.) "to take it or leave", which they did with great humiliation. (I recently asked Speaker Fritz in a casual conversation why their Team accepted the Amended Compact Draft with all the unfavorable financial, investment and FPA provisions now that Grant Manager Steve Savage enjoys enforcing against us, and he says "it was Floor Leader Urusemal's and their legal staff's fault for rushing to go out to enjoy without going over the fine prints.)

But coming back to our present nuclear subject, most of our Micronesian families and governments should sincerely hold prayers sessions from Koror to Yigo to Kosrae and Majuro, in sincere appreciation to God that there is no nuclear exchange that would have wiped out our Micronesian island populations. Up to today, 2017, our Micronesian island funeral infrastructures are still inadequate to take care of such massive human disasters like an earthquake or a nuclear attack..(Remember the 2003 tsunami in Thailand and India, which caused so much deaths, the governments had inadequate funeral homes, they had to use ice cubes to refrigerate their deaths piling up outside!! Today, our Chuuk Hospital morgue cannot hold more than four corpses, and out of our three government ice machines, only the Ichimanton ice maker on Tonoas is functioning, and some stores on Weno are importing bottled water and ice cubes from Guam. Kim Jong Hun's rockets fired at Guam would also have caused large scale thirst on Weno and the entire Chuuk State!!)

During WW II, the Micronesians were caught between Imperial Japan's and American bullets and bombs because the League of Nations in Versailles, France, agreed following the WW I that Japan should take over administration of the islands, which mandate Japan liberally took to also include militarization of the islands. Today, Micronesians are again caught between the threats of North Korean nuclear missiles and American military might because Guam wants to be "where America's day begins" and the FSM wants to cash in their strategic value with US Compact dollars. Certainly, in today's complex geopolitics, there no longer is any "free lunch." For smaller nations, national survival comes with very heavy prices. But we must continue to work with the stronger nations to help make reason prevails in our mutual relationships because, as the Rolling Stones once sang, "You Can't Always Get What You Want!!" And as President Kennedy said during the first nuclear stand off against the Russian over Cuba: "we need to make wise and responsible decisions in nuclear war matters because if something goes wrong, none of us would be around tomorrow to remind us we were all wrong.!! "

Let's keep praying for sanity.

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    Thanks for info... image 
  • this is a very good news for Guam and for everybody as obviously nobody want the world war III
  • I'm disappointed. I think the world needed nuclear population control and dictatorship reduction.. what a blown opportunity.
  • All I know is we are a peace loving people. All the wars and atrocities in the world are foreign to us. I wish they would elect a Micronesian to be Presidents, Prime Ministers, and all Heads of State in this world. We would definitely achieve world peace.
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