One dead after antifa clashes with alt right at Virginia

Sad to see whats going on in america. For over a year now the left supporters of antifa went on a head on clash with alt right in a legal sanctioned rally in Virginia and one person a female was killed. The media is blaming trump for this. Sad indeed to see the media blaming trump for the neo nazis who had acquired a permit to hold a rally and the antifa showed up and things went south.

The media is blaming the alt right neo nazis who got permission to held a rally but don't blame the alt left antifa who showed up to disrupt the alt right rally. Trump condemned both side yet the media lays the blame on him. Trump is right both sides are to blame and yet no one is asking why the antifa alt left showed up with bads and weapons to disrupt a legal protest. Sad to see a person get hurt or killed. But this is what happens when antifa tried to shut down others from using their right to protest.

Another point is when black lives matters activist burn and loot and killed a couple cops during obamas days obama did not condemn black lives matters. The media didnt bring this up and when trump condemned both sides and blame both the media went ballistic.


  • In this video posted by the virginia chapter of antifa you will see clearly that the antifa hoodlums circling and taunting and then attacking the alt rights.

    Is clear that the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia ok'ed the march that was being held by the alt right group. The constitution gives them the right to have a rally even if they are neo nazis. Yet the antifa which is a liberal organization like BLM chosed to go the the rally and attack the alt right group. You are right the media is not reporting that the antifa group escalated the event by trying to shut down the other groups right to rally and when that didn't work you can see in the video that the antifa started throwing things and attack the neo nazis. Which led to that girl getting killed.
  • This is crazy. White men fighting over who has more rights on a land that does not belong to their fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, great great grandfathers, great great great grandfathers.....mothers. Stupid whites.

    No wonder shy baby faced Kim hates USA.
  • Thanks for video. image 
  • "This is crazy. White men fighting over who has more rights on a land that does not belong to their fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, great great grandfathers, great great great grandfathers.....mothers. Stupid whites."

    This is the most ignorant thing ive heard from a Chuukese thus far. Its America, Named after a White European. The Natives were conquered by a more advanced people. Thats how human history is from the beginning. The weak get conquered and incorporated to the victors society. Micronesians live in a goverment that is copied from the stupid whites.
  • lol....Thank you Rastaman for the history lesson. Thank you indeed.

    By the way, you've just supported my above statements. lol.

    Ignorant, huh? lol
  • If sinbad open his or her eyes and see the footage and pics of what happened in Virginia he would see that there were browns and black folks there too in the antifa and BLM group that was attacking the alt right group.

    Antifa is a group with blacks, whites and brown folks.

    BLM is a black predominant group.

    BLM&Antifa were trying to shut down the alt right constitutional protected rights to assembly.
  • Are you a Nazi, White Supremacy sympathizer PS? How many millions have Antifa and BLM killed?
  • @SakaSaka according to @spiritallyinsane im a Zionist. Whatever the heck that is. @SakaSaka the point i was making to @sinbad was this that he is ignorant to think and imply that the incident at Charlottesville, Virginia involved only whites, which he says it was which is was not and is wrong to which shows how sinbad is gnorant while claiming others to be.

    Antifa is based of socialism and is inspired by Marxism or Stalinism. Marxism/Stalinism has killed over 20 million people in the former soviet union itself not counting Communist China or the Khemer Rogue.

    BLM is the blacks version of the white KKK. Its a black supremacist group that hate whites, who think whites a inferior to blacks. No different then the KKK.

    To think that Antifa and BLM are sweet little cookie scouts and non violent is stupid. Both are no different then the KKK or white supremacists.

    Antifa memebers flying the flag of Marxism/Stalinism on US soil.

    Tell me whats the difference? They all look the same and pull the same stunt.

  • Protesting for equality and supremacy are too different animals. One usually ends in genocide. Nothing wrong with being proud about your race. Hating other races is simply wrong. Being brown and hating yourself is even worse.
  • What BLM and Antifa are doing is not fighting for equality. Its the exact opposite of it actually.
    Videos of BLM memebers attacking people

    Videos of Antifa attacking people

    In Brandenburg v. Ohio the supreme court of the united states agreed that even the KKK had rights to freedom of speech and assembly. The constitution gives peoples even alt right groups the right to protest. What BLM and Antifa are doing is shutting down the rights the U.S constitution gives to people or groups. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and trying to shut others down because their views differ from yours is a attack on the constitution itself.
  • At least we agree that all men are created equal? There are also enough media available to show the violence from the other side.

    We as common, decent beings must learn to tolerate each other differences. History has taught us about the holocaust, slavery, the Oklahoma federal building bombing, many abortion clinic bombings, mosque bombings, and recently a driver plowing into a crowd. These are all acts of violence which are intended to suppress and oppress opposing views also.


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  • I like the videos. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. In video, it can provide a much better view of what is being videoed. It is informative. If you don't want to watch them, just ignore them. My thoughts.
  • My bad Marc, just had a brain fart thinking it counters Micsem's User Terms of Service with copyright and spamming. I might be wrong and I'm guilty also of embedding such media that does not belong to me. Don't get me wrong, I share my photos on FB, Twitter, and etc but I control who has access: friends, friends of friends, or the public. I have yet to see a share button on any major news outlet for sharing directly with Micsem but I have noticed that you may share your own post from here to fb or twitter.

    Thanks to those who risk their lives to take videos, edited the video, and uploaded the videos for us to enjoy. Thanks for your thoughts out of a beautiful Pohnpei sunrise.

  • PawNStaR, by any chance you're Chuukese? You seem to have "dear black majic" favor on your side. I wish I was you, jealous me.
  • You cannot cherry pick which part of the constitution to enforce and which not to. SCOTUS made that clear ON Brandenburg v. Ohio.

    So whats next stop pawnstar from using Trump has his avatar? The alt right have the same amount of rights as any americans. The events in Charlottesville are clear, the protest by the alt right was peaceful until the left oriented antifa and blm showed up and started attacking. When a right wing militia staged a open carry in Charlottesville where they carry fully loaded weapons on the streets nothing happened, they didnt shoot up the place but couple housrs later when the alt left groups appeared thats when violence started popping up.
  • Those videos shows us all that everytime antifa and blm show up to a legally sanctioned rally by trump supporters or groups that have different views then the left violence always flare up. The media is covering up these violence by antifa and blm.

    I'll always side with the constitution and ill always defend it. And lets not forget what Malcolm X said: if you are a person of color and you vote and support democrats, you are a traitor to your race.
  • Where's the leadership from orangutan?
  • I forgot, he doesn't know how. Just complain and keep dividing USA
  • The republicans are just realized what a fool their supporting
  • Economic council, they already bailed because orangutan's an idiot
  • President they made read a script about denouncing nazis. But the truth is he loves them. Porn star has a flag outside his home?
  • Nazis, a scourge that murdered millions, being sympathetic to by orangutan
  • This is the flag that is always flyin on my heart and mind

    This is the Flag flying outside my Front Yard.

    This is whats on the rear window of my car on my ride

  • "The republicans are just realized what a fool their supporting"
    By @redsnapper

    Sorry to break it to you honey but you are pulling unsubstantiated claims out of your butt.

    Here are the FACTS
    And a new CBS poll released Thursday (8/17/2017) morning showed a large majority of GOP members even back the president’s response to and handling of the Charlottesville, Virginia,
  • Pawnstar,

    Nothing wrong with organizing a protest or a march and participate in the event. We all do that for different reasons and to send a message across, sometime with very incendiary and blustering ways of delivering that message. But hey, they are not parades so we can expect a little dose of raucousness. Here are the messages associated with each group as I see it.

    ANTIFA- anti fascism, oppression, dictatorial

    BLM - demanded equality, fairness derived from perceived unfair treatment of blacks by law enforcement officials. Since you are a video man, YouTube has an abundance of police brutality videos taken with cell phones that you might want to watch.

    Million-Women-March-protested trump's treatment of women; eg: groping pussy tapes

    Alt-Right - protested the removal of general Robert E Lee's statue. Sent a perceived message of hate through racist symbols and remarks. An ended with extreme violence.

    As a brown ass man, sorry, I just cannot support the message of the alt-right if the message is to promote hate and dominance over another race. If the message was to protect the the statue for its historical value, then count me in.

  • Trump is right you can't change history by removing statues, they are there to remind us of the past and its our job to not let it happen again. By taking down those statues you are trying to erase history and trying to act like it never happened. Those who don't know their past won't know the future.

    Here is what antifa really stand for and its a socialist system. Where one party control the masses. Think USSR.

    BLM has been hijacked by alt left black power movement. A founder BLM said: "Whites are sub humans and need to be killed." So tell me how this not different then what Hitler said?

    Videos of BLM leaders telling BLM followers to kill whites.

    BLM and Antifa and KKK are the same and no different then one another. They all promote hate. The difference also is the BLM and Antifa go out and look for and start troubles. I don't agree with the alt right but they have also the right to the first amendment and I will protect their right to assemble and protest because the constitution gives and guaranteed them that right. What I will not stand for his trying to take away their rights to protest. You say you are a military vet but you support those who try to tremple on the constitution.
  • Wow, You have given me hope in humanity. For a while, I thought you were deeply doped into the far right, drinking too much of that moonshine. I agree - I think for the first time - with you that this world has no place for extreme hate groups like ANTIFA and KKK.

    I've been thinking about drafting a letter to my congressman to introduce a resolution that would require all FSM citizens abroad to go through a vetting process, and I mean an extreme, very, extreme vetting process to root out potential radicalized individuals from reentering FSM. But because you seem to exhibit some sanity and humane tendencies, I might put an hold on that.
  • Like the
  • BLM is a hate group. Just tan version of the KKK.
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